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Jan 29, 2012

Phreak Gives Reginald One-Day Forum Ban

Earlier today Phreak (Riot Employee for those of you who don't know by now) was streaming normals/ranked on own3d tv. A few posts later Reginald (team captain of TSM) called Phreak out on his forum post with:
Phreak is not a very good player nor is he a good caster. His knowledge of this game is very limited. You can learn more watching my stream here: http://www.solomid.n...estream.php?s=6 He does a very beautiful voice though.
This resulted in a 1-day forum ban for Reginald.

Phreak retorted with:
"He is not entitled to navigate to my stream thread, libel me, and advertise his own stream on my stream thread."
However, he later deleted his post and switched it to "Keep the thread on topic please. Thanks."

Each of his posts received over 200 downvotes each.

Sure watching Reginald is definitely a much better learning experience than watching Phreak, but it seems to me like Reginald might have stepped out of line a bit. Also, having hundreds of people posting every time you make a mistake or play poorly probably makes Phreak feel pretty bad about himself!

Just remember, he's a caster and a balance team member, not a professional gamer!

On the other hand...Reginald may have been retorting to this comment Phreak made on stream:

RandomPerson: why is regi so bad at kat : (
Phreak: i dont think regi is that good as an individual, only as a captain

Either way, it's one thing to respond to a direct question with an honest opinion, and an another entirely to completely go out of your way to post on someone's forum thread telling people not to watch his stream.

Reginald did also later admit that maybe he retaliated a little hard, and told his viewers:
"Don't make trouble for Phreak, It's his livelyhood and I dont want him to get fired."

What do you guys think about the posts, the ban, and the reaction of the community?

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  1. Kind of dumb forum drama. Phreak seems to have blown things out of proportion (especially with the "libel" thing), but to do nothing would have people saying special treatment is given to pros.

    Yes, Reginald probably wasn't being malicious, but still.

  2. It would be nice if these "pros" started having class and not acting like children.

  3. It would be nice if other people just didn't care so much for such irrelevant things.

  4. Besies of that what Falleth said, it's still dumb of Phreak to cry..

  5. Oh, I get it now. Phreak is like all those assholes who constantly spam "What, no MIA?" during a game when they die but then as soon as they fail to call an mia and someone points it out they flip shit.

    Perhaps, if Phreak can't handle people having an opinion of him, he should not voice his opinion of others. On a live stream. That a ton of LoL players are watching. When the player you just insulted posts a well-written response that is not over the line but merely a response the the thing you just said about him, it is really immature to flip the table and say "LIBEL LIBEL YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED!". Yes, it was a dick move to post a link to his own thread, but Reginald should have at the most had his post deleted and receive a warning, NOT the backlash of a child who just got caught. Perhaps it's the way Phreak carelessly tossed out a "big word" to make himself sound tougher without actually understanding what he himself said (to prove libel in America, one must prove that the statement was false, caused Phreak harm, and that the post was intentionally untruthful). At it's core, what Phreak did is no different than SOPA: censoring what others say on the internet that you yourself do not like under the guise of another wrong (in the case of SOPA pirating, in the case of this drama thread derailment).

    Oh, the hypocrisy!

  6. It's a 1 day ban from the forums. He made a post on a Rioter's thread saying he is not a good player.

  7. @Falleth - That, sir, is where you err. If you are a fan of eSports, which many people are (as the recent IEM Kiev and Kings of Europe tournament viewer numbers can demonstrate) then it is very relevant.

    If the "pros" of the League of Legends eSports scene ACTED like professionals on and especially off the Fields of Justice, then eSports' road to mainstream legitimacy would be much easier to travel.

    See, the sponsors, like Intel, Razer, even PepiCo are companies full of professionals who don't act like social media is their own personal high school cafeteria.

    Is this incident world shattering? Of course not. But it is an example of the deportment which has most likely prevented would-be corporate sponsors of eSports from parting with their dollars.

    That, is why it's relevant.

  8. ... yeah, because Pro Sport athletes in Football and Soccer are uber professional... LOL!


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