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Dec 19, 2011

Viktor's Skillset Preview + IGN Commentary

For those of you interested in following the unreleased champion Viktor, IGN has released a video clip of his skills in-game with a commentary to go along with it. It's a pretty bad commentary in comparison to Phreak's, so you might want to fast-forward through parts of it where they just rewind the same clip over and over, zooming in and out... But for those of you die-hard information gatherers, here ya go!

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  1. I concur on the blandness of the commentators. His skillset looks pretty interesting too, but I wonder how easy it'll be to control during the heat of battle? It doesn't seem like he has enough range to just manipulate his cloud at a distance...

  2. Seems super skill intensive, but the mobility in combat (not having actual casting pauses for at least some of his abilities) probably really helps smooth things out for him. The versatility just looks awesome - really interested in what exactly the item does for him, and how bad it's going to hurt in the late game that you're unable to replace it. Probably not going to scale well into the late game, as with many mages, but at least his crowd control will always be relevant.


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