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Dec 19, 2011

Season Two Week 4 Champion Rotation

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I awaken in the night...

Here's this week's free champion rotation! As per usual, I've highlighted champions which I think are definitely worth playing this week just because they're either not seen often or they're high in IP value. Enjoy!

Ezreal - 6300 IP AD carry, all skillshots, good if you can land all your skillshots and very fun to play, but missing shots diminishes your power greatly...
Fiddlesticks - 1350 IP, Generally used as a jungler, he has a 2 CCs and a game-changing ultimate.
Karma - 3150 IP, Slightly underpowered at the moment, she's generally used as a support. Incoming buffs might make her seen more though.
Katarina - 3150 IP AP assassin, very strong ultimate, but susceptible to CCs, which basically reduce her damage down to nothing. If you're playing Katarina be sure to jump into the fight last after all the CCs are down.
Galio - 6300 IP AP tank with an AOE taunt as an ultimate. Used to be played a lot, but other heroes have taken the spotlight as of late. 
Nunu - 450 IP Support/Tank/Jungler.
Rammus - 3150 IP Jungler/Tank. Extremely good ganker, and can still get kills despite a lane being warded due to his intense mobility from powerball.
Ryze - 450 IP caster, extremely strong tank as well since he just has to stack mana to get strong. Items like Frozen Heart aid him greatly.
Teemo - 3150 IP, possibly the game's cutest champion. He has great mobility and is usually seen top solo as a counter to most bruisers. His main role is split pushing, and his Move Quick allows him to escape many ganks with the aid of his mushrooms. By cutest, I also mean most annoying. He has a passive global taunt that makes every enemy hero in the game subconsciously want to kill you.
Warwick - 3150 IP, Strong sustaining jungler, sometimes seen as a top laner. His ultimate is a suppression, very easy for first time junglers.

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