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Dec 6, 2011

Pulsefire Ezreal - Legen...wait for it...dary.

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Looks like I'm getting an upgrade...

Riot has just released news on the Pulsefire Ezreal skin, originally in store for 975 RP. Apparently it's being changed to a legendary 1820RP skin. Ooo..Shiny!
Hey everyone,
Earlier today one of our Ambassadors mentioned that Pulsefire Ezreal would not be a Legendary skin. Unknown to them were the secret plans of our amazing Skins team, who just recently decided to make some changes to Pulsefire Ezreal … for the better! 
We had originally intended to release this skin this month, but during a brainstorming meeting with our artists, we decided that there Pulsefire Ezreal was such a great idea that we should take things a step further and fully develop him as a Legendary skin. However, that means Pulsefire Ezreal needs more time to create than a regular Epic skin. 
We know that Ezreal fans have eagerly wanted a skin of legendary quality for some time, and even though he won’t be available for a bit, he will feature new sound effects and voice overs in addition to other goodies. We’re sure he’ll be worth the wait!
Pulsefire Power!
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  1. Lame, now it's too expensive for me to justify paying for a skin :(


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