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Dec 6, 2011

Season Two Week 2 Champion Rotation

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"A sword mirrors its owner"

Good morning Summoners, Riot's switching up the free champion rotations today and surprise! It's free Riven week! Here's the champion rotation breakdown below, with champions that are either 6300 IP or simply very rarely seen in champion rotations highlighted :)

Alistar - Support tank, he's best bot lane, and you can get him for free with his skin.
Caitlyn - 6300 ranged AD. Longest auto-attacking range in the game.
Corki - 3150 ranged AD. Not played very often, but still fairly strong.
Leblanc - 3150 burst caster. She hasn't been free for a long time and is definitely a lot of fun to play. She drops off later in the game, but her ability to counter almost any other AP hero mid makes her a deadly snowballing hero. I'll be practicing her this week :)
Mordekaiser - Long past his glory days, he's not complete garbage if you can snowball hard with him. Maybe this rotation will give him a comeback he sorely needs after his nerf. He's a tanky caster that gets a shield when he casts spells and deals damage. His ultimate takes over an enemy hero's ghost (minus spells) if the enemy hero dies under its effects. Best either top or mid solo, but he can also jungle with the new changes.
Riven - 6300 IP Sleeper OP, she counters most melee champions top lane including Garen and Tryndamere. Secretly of course. Shhh! She's got a high learning curve, but after some practice she is in my opinion definitely one of the top 5 top laners in the game. If I didn't already buy her last week I'd be playing her all day every day. But again, shhh it's a secret. You'll probably see a lot of bad Riven's this week.
Shen - Best top or in jungle, he's a tank with an AOE taunt and a global shield for an ultimate.
Sion - One of the best AP heroes available right now, but very much a one-trick pony. Luckily for him, it happens to be a very good trick. More on Sion here.
Swain - 6300 IP Tanky caster, plays almost like a bruiser and is often seen as a counter to bruisers top lane. He is a bird. His ulti heals him while damaging enemies and he has an aoe snare.
Zilean - His ultimate, if cast on a hero will bring them back to life after dying if they die while they glow yellow. His bombs can be very annoying, which you'll soon find out. Some people play him support, but he's best played mid-lane as a caster. He's also got a passive that gives a global experience boost, which combined with his other abilities make him one of the best team picks in the game.

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