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Dec 6, 2011

FOTM: December's Flavor of the Month

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My right arm is stronger than my left arm!

Hey everybody, it's time for another Flavor of the Month update!
FOTM, otherwise known as Flavor of the Month, designates which heroes have been brought into favor with the gaming community and thus are getting increased play whether through new buffs or simply through high level play. On the flip-side of the spectrum, of course there are those poor saps that have fallen out of favor with the gaming community for no fault of their own.
Now without further ado, our champions!

Tryndamere: If you haven't guessed already from the fact that he's the splash art at the top of the blog post, Tryndamere is the new QQ flavor of the month. With his AOE damage reduction, sustained laning, and frustrating random crits, he's been giving forum-goers much more to complain about than just his unkillable passive. This combined with the cleanse buff has really made FOTM.

Riven: Formerly sleeper OP, Riven's been seeing a lot of play. One of the only heroes that can match up to Trynd in lane combined with her powerful scaling on all her abilities makes her a force to be reckoned with. Switching over from Tanky DPS Riven into Talon-type builds has also made Riven incredibly strong in burst damage. Despite her small stuns and small blinks, many attacks make for big damage.

Tristana: Chaox has been playing large amounts of Tristana lately. This, coupled with her ridiculous late game potential has brought Tristana back into the "playable realm" to the "overpowered" realm. Her burst damage in lane and pushing power is intense, and this coupled with good ward coverage means a winning bottom lane.

Vladamir: After his nerf Vlad was shunned to vampiric darkness. However, with the new release of his legendary skin, we've been seeing a lot more vlad action, especially at mid~higher elo's. He's still got very strong pushing power and lane sustain, which fits in with the current meta for solo lanes, which is to ward up and go super aggressive in pushing to try and deny your opponents farm at the tower.

Falling Out of Favor
Graves: Still incredibly strong after his nerf, fewer people are banning or picking graves simply because other FOTM champs like Tristana are stealing the spotlight.

Janna: Her massive amount of utility and CC aren't sparkling quite as much as a result of the very passive bottom lane meta right now. Even with good ward coverage, it's difficult for a Janna lane to beat any other lanes simply because without a heal, having a Janna punishes failed harass very heavily. This is mostly as a result of the HP pot nerfs.

Talon: Formerly a top ban and top pick, he's starting to fall out of that spot. There's no particular reason for this, except possibly more Rivens and a need for a tanky DPS top and a powerful ranged caster mid.

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