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Dec 9, 2011

Morello Hero Buffs in Upcoming Patches

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Mmmm buffssss

As you might have seen from the forums Morello, the lead champion designer has given us a glimpse at the future buffs for champions. Apparently since Riot's a very fan-based company, they want to keep the champion owners happy!

Despite getting a buff already a few patches ago after a massive nerf in S1, Shen will be receiving another buff in the future. Morello says "Didn't get into next patch, Guinsoo is still trying out some new Feint ideas." They basically want to make him into a support tank, but don't want to give him ratios that are too high for his shields, since as everyone remembers from Season One, that's anti-fun.

Morde will be getting a buff next patch. Morello says,"we're going to let Morde stay in his role as a mage/fighter, we will not be giving him any CC (Morde is not a tank! "

Twisted Fate
TF will be getting changed next patch, but Morello is staying secretive as to what it's going to be. Most likely they haven't thought of anything yet. We'll probably see a change in his 3rd ability, stacked cards, since nobody really plays him as AD anymore and the ability does magic damage...which doesn't make sense since it's only good if you have attack speed.

Kat's got a couple things in store, but not for next patch. Morello says, "Not next patch, we do have a couple things FeralPony is testing, but they're not ready for prime-time yet."

Evelynn on Twitch
Stealth is pretty tough to balance apparently, and Morello's position on the matter is that they're working hard. Eve's got to a pretty decent place, Twitch still needs a lot of help, but neither are coming up in the next patch.

Looks like next patch is going to contain some pretty big changes! Don't forget about the Lux buff as well. If things work out the way they seem they will, we might be seeing some FOTM shifts in the near future.

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