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Dec 10, 2011

Dodge Rune Refund, Patch Preview, and New Runes!

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Ah...the refunds, they come!

The long awaited dodge refunds will be issued with the next patch along with a massive number of hero buffs. In addition, Riot will be releasing some brand new runes in the next patch!
Greetings Summoners!

As previously announced, we will be proactively refunding Dodge runes in preparation for phasing this stat out of the game. After overcoming some initial challenges with distributing such a large number of refunds, we’re excited to confirm that we will be refunding all those Quintessences and Seals associated with the Dodge stat and removing them from your runebooks starting on Friday, the 16th of December. We estimate that all summoners will have received their refund by Sunday, the 25th of December, but many players will receive their refund over the course of this time. Once all refunds have been completed, we’ll make another announcement to let you know the process has been completed.

Remember that this refund is only phase one of the plan, and will take place before we are finished with remaking all of those champions and items that still utilize Dodge. For this reason, Dodge runes will remain available for purchase in the store until we have completely finished with champion and item changes to completely remove the Dodge stat.

Once all remakes have been completed, we’ll issue a second round of refunds for any Dodge runes that you might have chosen to re-purchase. So in the meantime, you will be able to continue to enjoy all those champions and items that previously utilized your Dodge build if you so choose. There will be no IP lost in the process!

So if you have Dodge runes, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a chunk of IP coming your way! And if you’re looking for some new runes to fill out the space in your rune book, we have awesome holiday runes coming up to celebrate the Snowdown Season as well as some brand new rune types becoming available in the upcoming patch.

In case you're too lazy to watch the entire video, here are the main points:
  • TF will be gaining attack range and more control over his pick a card targets.
  • Tryndamere will be recieving a nerf on the rage health regen on his bloodlust.
  • The perseverence mastery in the utility tree will be change of strength of spirit.
New runes: Hybrid armor/mag penetration, gold over time seals, spell vamp, lifesteal, and bonus percentage health.

By far. the most interesting things in this next patch are the Tryndamere nerf, new runes, and the dodge refund.

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