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Dec 9, 2011

Mark Shift: AD vs Arpen

I have my marks, but somehow I still can't hit...

If you've been stalking the profiles of some of the top gamers like I have (sorry guys) you might have noticed a switch in doublelift and chaox's rune pages.

We've all been using AD Quints over Arpen Quints for a while now on our AD carries. It makes our early game stronger and our last hitting much easier. But how about for our marks? Generally we thought that the 410 arpen marks would be ideal and the 210 attack damage marks to be near worthless. However, with the new mastery changes that include 6 arpen and the 10% arpen in the tree, it seems like with some AD reds, our late game doesn't take too much of a hit, and our early game becomes exponentially stronger.

Conclusion: Rejoice if you haven't bought your runes yet. Attack Damage Marks are half the price of Armor Penetration marks with even more effectiveness. Enjoy your last-hitting and be sure to pack some armor yellows...or else get 3 shot by Vayne.

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  1. Switching runes right now :) thanks for the heads up

  2. Glad to be of service :)

  3. can u show mathematical computations?
    Correct me if im wrong you mean we should buy
    ad quints
    and ad marks?
    i have 1 ms quint and planning to buy 2 more, should i stop and buy ad instead?
    And i have complete arpen marks, should i buy ad marks?

  4. There is a full calculation sheet on "ROG"^^

    I believe Arp marks start to become stronger around 150AD or something like that. Basically going AD marks will make early game easier and wont really effect late game so much that you will be able to really notice.

    Just to note, Top laners usually stack armor and have skills that do not scale hugely with AD but the Arp will effect the damage of the skill greatly. I.E. Garen. So i'd only advise AD runes on bot lane or certain top lane champs that want to be strong early and use auto attacks more than skills to do damage.


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