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Dec 27, 2011

AD Carries Review 2 - Ashe, Miss Fortune, Corki, Kog'Maw, Sivir, Urgot

Why aren't I on the list?! I am manaless AD surpreme!

This is part two of my review on top AD carries. I'd like to also note that while they didn't appear in the last review of top AD carries, in the hands of the right players they can be just as deadly if not more so than the previously mentioned AD carries. These do however, require a little more than simple right-clicking to fully utilize, but if you can master any one of them, give yourself a pat on the back.

Anyway, without further ado, I'd like to present the final series of the AD carry reviews, minus Twitch, and Kennen.

Name: Corki
Expertise: Corki's best used for his burst damage, massive range on his blink, and for his poke. He's basically like an improved Ezreal, and really does surpass him in every way. Even though his kiting ability might not be quite as good as Ez's due to the nature of his gattling gun, his ultimate is extremely strong in poking and safely farming. He also has the longest range travel distance for his escape (Valkyrie), and adds a fire trail as a bonus.
Best Support: Sona or Alistar would be your best bet. He's closer to a mid-game champion, so having a support hero that can choose to either play defensively or offensively would allow your the flexibility to adjust.
Top NA Players: Arcknight14 from RFLX and Imaqtpie from Dignitas play a pretty mean Corki

Name: Kog'Maw
Expertise: Long range projectile and one of the best built-in steroids for any AD carry. While he doesn't have a built-in flash like a lot of other heroes do, his damage output and poke can make up for it. His damage is deceptively high, and his slow has the potential to turn a teamfight around. He also has a built-in madreds, which allows him to take down tanks swiftly. While he's not as strong as Vayne in the heat of battle, his ability to safely attack from a distance makes him excellent for 5v5 comps where they can protect their AD carry.
Best Support: Soraka allows him to spam his abilities in lane, which is really what a Kog'Maw loves to do. However, due to his lack of an escape, Jannas are also very welcome for any Kog'Maw player if the Janna is skilled enough.
Top NA Players: zelpharz, aka v8 aphroomoo (thanks for the anonymous comment!)

Name: Sivir
Expertise: If there was one AD carry that should have been in the top 5 that I didn't place there it'd be this gal right here. Her utlimate is basically a free Shurelia's for your team, and this combined with her new passive makes her chasing power unescapable. Her burst damage is also extremely high, and with the new ratios on her skills I'd definitely say she's become a top contender. Despite not having a flash, she has a spellshield that can save her from most early game jungle ganks and her passive also allows her to kite with ease.
Best Support: Sona or Soraka would be your best bet as these two compliment her early game harassing potential very well. For the first few levels she'll be more of a kiter than a pure burst damage hero, so although heroes like Alistar and Taric can allow her to safely land both shots on her boomerang, a skilled Sivir would prefer a Sona or Soraka for the task.
Top NA Players: Chaox is definitely the most avid streamer of Sivir and is pretty monsterous with her.

Name: Ashe
Expertise: Her utility is theoretically the highest of any AD carry since she has a very long range scout, a global skillshot stun, an aoe slow, and a single target slow. However, with all this utility she's been nerfed quite a few times, and her damage output isn't quite where it used to be. She also sacrifices an escape mechanism, which allows her to be ganked quite easily compared to other AD carries. However, she's still sometimes seen at high level 5v5 compositions where they can take full advantage of her kit. In a solo queue game however, she's rarely seen nowadays.
Best Support: Alistar or Sona is probably her best bet simply because Ashe needs to take advantage of any situation that might crop up where she can kill her laning opponent, but should also expect laning phase to be played very defensively at the same time in fear of a jungler capitalizing on her lack of escape mechanisms.
Top EU Players: Lamia from Fnatic (EU) 

Name: Miss Fortune
Expertise: Although she has an extremely strong laning phase as a result of her impure shots and double shot damage, she also suffers from a lack of escape mechanisms. She's also got a poor scaling on her ultimate, which is also easily avoided and leaves her vulnerable to counter attack while she's channeling it. Her passive also means that while she can dish the punishment, she can't take much, since as soon as they start shooting back she'll lose most of her advantages. However, if she can get ahead in a lane she'll stay ahead, especially against sustain lanes like Soraka and Sona.
Best Support: Any support will do, depending on your playstyle. Janna might do best just because MF is a very harass intensive hero and needs to win early to be of use.
Top EU Players: Genja from M5 (EUW)
Top NA Players: Chaox from TSM

Name: Urgot
Expertise: Urgot's really much more commonly seen in the EU metasphere. He's sometimes placed as a solo to counter certain heroes, and just as often placed bot as an AD carry. However, he doesn't get picked up much in NA since we love having our AOE heroes dish the damage. He does however, have a very strong chasing and poking ability, and his ultimate can turn the tide of a teamfight if he grabs the right target.
Best Support: Alistar is Urgot's best bet, since with the two of them combined, they usually have enough CC to kill just about any target that's dumb enough to get within range of their skills.
Top EU Players: Genja from M5 (EUW)

If anybody has input to add on who some of the top players are for these heroes please comment below! :)

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  1. WHAT ABOUT AD KENNEN???????????

  2. Jiji used to main Kog. Sure it was AP kog, but i believe he played as CLGs AD carry with kog a few times in a tournament and the other teams were forced to ban it.

  3. zelpharz, aka v8 aphroomoo recognized as best kogster by many pro players including tsm and eg

  4. Also, dyrus plays a mean mf probably more consistently than any other top player, including ad players and jiji was once heralded as the best urgot, albeit mid, player

  5. Thanks for the comments! I completely forgot about jiji's Urgot. I remember watching a video of his Urgot for the first time and I was like holy crap. I want to play Urgot now.

  6. AD Kennen is viable. Passive on W which adds damage every 5th attack, skill shot Q which resets his attack timer for early harass. His E is great for getting in an out of combat and chasing down wounded enemies, oh... and he has an AOE Ulti?? Sounds like a good AD carry to me.

  7. I play ashe daily, and out of any AD carry I have seen she is the most HELPFUL for a team. She can slow the whole team with one skilland that can really turn things around while still putting out a notable amount of damage. Try outrunning a good ashe, it wont happen. Plus, she can be built several different ways to counter the enemy (ex. Armor pen, build ap if needed)

  8. Here is some words from Chaox himself: Sivir is THE best solo que champion in the game. Her ult is like a free "start the fight now, and we'll win it" skill. I defenitly think that she should be placed in part one, over ezreal and tristana, maybe even vayne.

  9. At the moment I'd say all the AD carries are on par after Riot's balancing. Rephrased the article to reflect that :)

    This was first written prior to buffs on several AD carries, and nerfs to others.

  10. Been quite a while since this was posted, but it helped me out with a few unanswered questions. So thank you for making these. I wish you'd include Nunu though as he's been used more and more as a support, especially to Kog'Maw and Kennen. Not sure if he's viable to other AD's or not.

  11. Nunu's been highly used lately, especially with the sustain nerfs. He's a very good all-around support at the moment :)

  12. sir how about TRYNDAMERE?


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