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Dec 21, 2011

Top AD Carry Review (NA)- Caitlyn, Graves, Vayne, Ezreal, Tristana

This team only has room for one...

AD Carries in today's metagame are generally found bot lane with a support hero due to their need for farm and the squishy nature of their character. In this blog post I'd like to go over the most popular AD carries in today's metagame and go over in which situations each carry does best in, and with which support.

This guide is mainly for the North American metagame, since I'm not all too familiar with the EU AD gameplay. If anybody has input, feel free to comment below!

Part 2: Is available here with Ashe, Corki, Kog'Maw, Miss Fortune, Sivir, and Urgot

Name: Caitlyn
Expertise: Caitlyn's main role is as an early game hero. Her harassing ability with her passive headshot, her pushing ability with her nuke, her zoning ability with her traps, and most importantly her harassing ability with the longest level 1 range in the game make her laning phase easy breezy.
Best Support: Soraka - Caitlyn's ability to push and harass in a lane is extremely high, and when she's combined with a Soraka she's pretty much unstoppable in lane with replenishing health and mana. She might not get many kills in lane, but her main role is to zone the enemy carry and deny him/her as much farm as possible. The armor that her heal provides also allows Caitlyn to win almost any trade-off if it's just autoattacks.
Top NA Players: Doublelift

Name: Graves
Expertise: Graves is mainly used as an AOE burst AD carry. He has the highest pushing ability of any champion since if farmed, his AOE can easily burst down an entire wave instantly. His Ultimate is also an AOE, and he has the best disable of any AD carry, which is a mini-nocturne ult. He also has the a built-in steroid that also serves as an escape that goes over cliffs. While his range is shorter than other late game heroes like Caitlyn or Tristana, his burst potential and survivability make him the most one of if not the most valued AD carry in the game right now, despite his recent nerfs.
Best Support: Sona - With his already high bursting power, Graves is only augmented by a good Sona. With these two combined in lane, the harassing and pushing power is outrageous and relatively safe since they're both ranged. Later in the game, a good Sona ult combined with all of Graves' AOEs can easily two man an entire team just as fast if not faster than a well placed Tibbers or Cassiopeia ultimate.
Top NA Players: Chaox

Name: Vayne
Expertise: Single target 100 to 0 killing and chasing. Vayne's single target killing power is the highest out of all the AD carries. However, she has no AOE abilities, which means that her lane can get pushed very easily if she's not careful. Late game she's one of the strongest AD carries as a result of her powerful true damage and amazing scaling. Early game she has the highest kill potential out of all the AD carries as a result of her having the only true early game stun out of all the heroes listed. She's mostly valued as a solo queue champion though, since she relies on catching enemies out of position or teams failing to target her down, since she has no real escape save for her invisibility.
Best Support: Taric/Alistar - The reason for these two is that they have early game CCs. Alistar is the preferred support for skilled players, but lower level players will probably prefer Taric for his on-target stuns. With these two combined, a duo lane can easily lock down a single target long enough to burst down a hero in lane. As a result, Vayne combined with these two has the highest kill potential for a duo AD carry/support lane bot.
Top NA Players: Westrice, Doublelift

Name: Ezreal
Expertise: The most mobile of the AD carries due to his long range blink ability (longer than the summoner flash), all his skills are skillshots, which means he can attack safely from behind more objects and terrain. Unfortunately, as a result of his abilities all being skillshots, this also means that Ezreal has one of the highest skillcaps to play. This leads to very few people being able to utilize his full potential. However, he's very good to play against Caitlyn in lane since he has good burst and can harass with his Q well. His ult also allows him the ability to snipe map objectives such as dragon, baron, and buffs.

Ezreal is also one of the few AD carries that gains a large advantage when given Blue buff, the reason being that he's very cooldown reliant and expends a large amount of mana during pokes and teamfights. Red is also extremely advantageous on him, even more so than on other AD carries since his Q procs the slow as well.
Best Support: Soraka, Alistar - Ezreal can be played one of two ways, with high farm and heavy poke with a Soraka lane, or with high burst in an Alistar lane. Generally most people will play him more passively as a result of poor ability to hit with his blink, but for people able to land all his skillshots in succession over and over, an Alistar lane could lead to some very heavy snowballing.
Top NA Players: Doublelift, Chauster, Imaqtpie

Name: Tristana
Expertise: Late game positioning and high early/mid game burst is Tristana's main role. As the game goes on she also gains the best steroid in the game, since it gives her an attack speed boost in percentages. Her ability to burst down a single target while flying through mid air and killing them upon landing makes her a very sneaky bot laner. Her late game is also augmented by her rocket jump, which allows her one of of the best escapes in the game for an AD carry. Her ultimate is also an AOE version of Vayne's condemn, and allows Trist to blast away dangerous melee heroes despite their gap closers.
Best Support: Sona - Sona is by far the support of choice to lane with a Tristana as a result of her high mobility and burst combined with the sustain necessary to get Tristana to late game. She also allows Tristana to push harder, which helps combat heroes like Caitlyn and Graves.
Top NA Players: Chaox

Part 2: Is available here with Ashe, Corki, Kog'Maw, Miss Fortune, Sivir, and Urgot

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  1. Oh yeah, forgot all about Sivir, gotta wait a bit to see how she plays out in tournaments though, I don't think she'll be picked above these guys for now so I'll pop her in with the less played AD carries. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Actually, seems like the reader interest in AD carries is pretty low, so unless there are people actually interested in AD carries I probably won't be doing the second part :P

  3. Yo corki > ezreal. SSJSuntastic is being bias here

  4. I'm looking forward other AD carries!

  5. Okay okay, I'll work on the rest of the AD carries sometime during this week then :)

  6. What about Blitzcrank and Leona as a support for Vayne?

  7. They're both decent supports for Vayne, very reliant on the support player though. This guide was written pre-sustain nerfs, Blitz and Leona are much more powerful now.


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