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Dec 27, 2011

Viktor Release Date: Postponed to 12/29

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Edit #2: Tamat has released official word that they're moving Viktor's release date back to later this week. 

Good afternoon,

Many of you have been wondering about the release time-frame for Viktor, the Machine Herald. We were previously targeting his release for this afternoon, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we're pushing his release back until later this week. We do not currently have a new date for when he will be enabled, but we do not anticipate any downtime associated with his release.

Our apologies for the delay, but like with most new and exciting things, he'll be worth the wait. This is particularly true with Viktor, because he comes with a laser!

See you in the Fields of Justice!

(edit: Let's play a game -- it's called, if this thread goes over 2000 upvotes in the next 48 hours I will release a video of me dancing when we're enabling Viktor)

(edit: Uhhh. You weren't supposed to be able to do that so quickly. If the thread goes over 5000 upvotes, I will get other Rioters to dance with me)

(edit: Alright. You win! I shall dance.)

EDIT: Looks like another Red has posted today saying that Victor will NOT be released :[ Guess only time will is duplicated below:
Originally Posted by Zumtil View Post
On When we can expect to see:

1. Champion Spotlight for Viktor
i don't have the specifics on this. the video should be released around the time that viktor is available, as is the case with a lot of the previous champion releases.
Originally Posted by Zumtil View Post
2. The new Patch Notes/Preview.
there are no balance changes for this patch, so there won't be accompanying notes or preview video.
Originally Posted by Zumtil View Post
3. Patch Release.
again, i don't have the specifics but viktor is scheduled to be released this week (not today though).
while it is true that the maintenance has been completed, we want to make sure that we have adequate staff on standby before new content is released. having that is really important, and is the primary reason that viktor isn't available as i type this. i know that lots of people are excited about his release, so i really appreciate everyone's patience with the holiday release schedule.
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Despite the fact that a lot of Riot employees are taking the holiday off, it seems that Viktor should still be released later today along with the patch, (probably later tonight) There was a red post about it before, duplicated below for your convenience:
I'm on Holiday vacation  
I won't be back in the office until Jan 3. As for the patch, there will be no downtime. Viktor should be available on Tuesday. As for the exact time, I am not entirely sure, but I will figure that out 
Happy Holidays!
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