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Dec 21, 2011

300 RP Riot Christmas Promotion

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This is one present you won't be returning

I generally don't do blog posts about skin/sales promotions, but I feel like this one warrants an extra note. Riot will be giving out a free 300 RP to anybody buying RP between now until January 9, 2012 at midnight. Free points is always nice!

Edit: Actually. I just realized Riot is massively evil. $5 usd will net you 650 points, and then added onto the 300 points, you'll still only have 950 points, while all the new heroes are 975 points. Oh well. Free RP is free RP I guess :P

Original Red Post:


This holiday season we will credit your account with an additional 300 Riot Points for a single Riot Points purchase between Wednesday, the 21st of December, and Monday, the 9th of January at midnight PST! Whether you’re anxiously awaiting Viktor’s release, have an overwhelming desire for a special Snowdown Showdown skin, or want to take advantage of some of our sales over the period, we hope this little holiday bonus helps out with your purchase. 

To receive the bonus Riot Points, just head over to the League of Legends Store and click on “Purchase RP” and complete a purchase with any payment method. This promotion will only apply to a single Riot Points transaction made within the period, and your extra Riot Points will appear shortly after your transaction is confirmed. Please note, it may take up to five minutes for the additional Riot Points to be credited to your account and may not appear until you initiate an item purchase in the Store. 

Happy Holidays, summoners!
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