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Dec 21, 2011

Video on Saintvicious' Banning Released by Phantoml0rd!!

Warning! Massive Trolling Ahead!

If you read the article earlier about how Saintvicious was banned for 4 days you might have been looking for the video of the game that actually got him banned. Luckily for us, PhantomL0rd has uploaded said video for our viewing pleasure and it can be found below!

He provides a witty commentary in addition to the video itself, so enjoy. +1 this page if you found it interesting and/or comment below!

EDIT (2/8/2013): Just noticed the own3d.TV link doesn't work anymore for obvious reasons, here's a youtube version~

Video Uploaded by CartVader

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  2. 4 Day ban seems reasonable.

  3. Saintvicious definitely deserved that ban. I'm surprised Phantoml0rd didn't get banned as well...

  4. "I can see good laughs going out at the start to show the excitement and the fun we are having going in this match"... you're an idiot.

    He need a permanent ban, period. I don't care if he just lost his cool or not, if this was in a competition and he behaved this way he would be disqualified. The point of high ELO is that you're able to adapt, especially in ranked... how many of us got screwed over when we called a position or person out that we wanted to play?

  5. That's the point though, this wasn't even a competition, it was just Saintvicious playing a game and trolling one day. He pretty much streams for like 17 hours a day, which means he does almost 30 games a day straight, doesn't he deserve to be able to troll once or twice in his career? Getting a permanent ban would be so terrible for the game, especially since he's one of the top viewed streamers in the game.

    He definitely needed a slap on the wrist like Hotshot got a while back, but banning him from the game permanently would be way too harsh.

  6. What a dick move.

  7. just because he's a pro, plays a lot of games, or is a popular streamer does not mean he's entitled to ruining games for other players because he didn't get his way. this kind of behavior is pathetic and childish, and he more than deserved his ban.

  8. wtf is he talking? good propaganda.. "we had such a great time!"

  9. SV Your my hero. Dont take shit from anyone :P

  10. That lee deserves to be banned!

  11. I think that its reasonable to ban him in 4days.. Everybody trolled sometimes.. It doesnt really matter its high elo. I think. But a perma ban.. THAT WOULD BE TERRIBLE AND UNFAIR.


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