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Dec 22, 2011

Minor Patch Update + Veigar Skin Named

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I am...Superb Villain Veigar! But I prefer Willy Wonka.

Earlier today Riot launched a minor patch on the NA servers with the following post:


We recently fixed some bugs with the new champion details page. See below for release notes:
  • Fixed a bug where players with low resolution monitors can now view the entire profile page on the new champion details page
  • Fixed a bug where some users could not purchase champions from the new champion detail page.

Meanwhile, on the EU servers, they received several different fixes: v1.50
  • Fixed a bug with Mastery Pages where players couldn’t remove points correctly
  • Soul Eater renamed to Essence Theft
  • Fixed a bug where Warmog’s Armor would go beyond 350 bonus health on assists
  • Baron Nashor found his holiday hat
  • On Dominion, players will respawn promptly once their death timer reaches 0

Meanwhile, the new skins are officialy visible on the game launcher and the names are all released!

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