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Nov 1, 2011

Shyvana Patch Notes + Thoughts

Shyvana the Half-Dragon

So far from what I've seen of Shyvana, she's got an amazing movespeed buff that gives her Udyr-like powers, and gives her a pretty strong presence in lane if she plays similar to Garen. She doesn't have passive healing, but her AOE lets her stick to her opponents without starting with boots first, which opens up more options for her starting items.

All the Shyvanas I've seen so far have done very well, but this might be because most people don't understand how to play against her yet. In my opinion, even if you know how to play against her it'll still be pretty difficult to counter her both as a jungler and as a top-solo hero. 

Wukong, Olaf, and Shaco also received buffs this time around. While Shaco certainly didn't need it, Wukong might be seen more in competitive play soon. As for Olaf, he'll see some more usage, but I doubt he'll become FoTM.

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