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Oct 31, 2011

How Low ELO differs from high ELO and what you should expect

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Streams are funny things. They say things that are true and logical, and are definitely good to watch. But the problem is when you hit low ELO, aka ELO hell. 

1. Let them pick whoever they want.
Akali is strong yes, but how about an 0-5 Akali? Not so strong after all compared to the 5-0 Master Yi with a Warmogs in 12 minutes huh? Here's where I see a lot of people make their mistakes: Just because a hero is low tier doesn't mean you should troll them into picking someone better. 

I've trolled my fair share of crappy heroes. I've also seen crappy heroes do amazingly well, for instance: we had a last pick Heimerdinger, and somehow he killed Cho 'Gath top lane without a jungler gank. Huh what? Yeah that's right. Although this might not be the norm, the point is, if someone says they're good at a hero, might as well let them play it. 

You might offer a little hint like, wouldn't Irelia be better? But if they say "um...I don't know how to play her" then leave it be. You telling them that that hero is easy to play will probably only make them start raging when they start feeding, which, they will, since they'll be playing Irelia like a Heimerdinger with Heimerdinger runes and masteries set up.

2. Ward and tell people to ward
Sure you've got a Soraka bot with CV. But does she know how to use CV or ward? Probably not or they wouldn't be in low elo. They've probably got half a Rylais built and maybe a doran ring, but not a ward in sight. They actually wanted to play Annie mid, but it appears your Brand had other ideas in mind.

What do you do as 3-5 underfarmed Graves? Well first off, you shouldn't be 3-5 because Graves is OP. Next, you should probably say yo Soraka, we really need you to buy wards. I'll grab a few too. Don't expect her to actually buy any, but maybe a few other people will catch on and buy a few too. 

The only problem comes when EVERYONE buys 5 wards each and drops them all at the same time, which also makes them all go down at the same time. Make sure your team knows not to do this, because there WILL be a time that you're left completely vulnerable, CV is down, and the enemy team is Line-of-Sighting you through 3 bushes and has you surrounded. That's when your 3 extra wards will be a godsend.

3. Call MIA
In high ELO they don't bother calling MIA. They all see the map. You see the map. But does your idiot teammate standing alone in top lane with no wards up and 5 mia see the map? Probably not. It's time to ping him back home. Even if he dies anyway, at least he feels like he had fair warning.

MIAs are actually only useful 50% of the time. You really have no idea where they are unless you have a ward up somewhere, in which case you'd just ping the hero. But what they're useful for is to lower the amount of rage induced in low ELO. There's nothing that enrages a newbie more than getting killed by something they didn't know was coming...except maybe dying to a Teemo mushroom, but everyone hates that.

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