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Nov 15, 2011

New Masteries/Summoner Skills! - Fizz Patch

Fizzin' time!

Official Patch Notes located here:

League of Legends got a complete overhaul in the latest Fizz Patch. I haven't gotten a chance to play the new hero Fizz yet, but new masteries, massive summoner changes, and a sexy upgrade to 6 bans per ranked game adds a welcome new flow for Season 2.

Masteries: Whoa, these things got a serious revamp. Looking over the mastery trees, it seems to me that the old 9 points in one tree and 21 points in another tree will be replaced by simply putting all 30 points in one tree, or at most 29 in one tree and 1 point in another tree just for the summoner skill boosts. All three trees have been made viable for each different type of role, and I'm definitely looking forward to playing my 30 offense hybrid heroes and my 30 utility roaming heroes.

The huge adds with more arpen/ability power masteries in the offense tree and the extra 40 exp per assist/kill is going to make gameplay much more interesting.

Summoner Skills: Surge at level 1 isn't as OP as I thought it'd be, the cooldown is long and the boost isn't that high. I can definitely see it being super strong late game though, as it's a percentage based scaling. I was thinking that surge + smite could possibly be a good jungling combination for certain characters, but we'll see.

Cleanse definitely got a massive boost, but even with the incoming flash nerfs, it's still a very valuable skill since it allows you to instantly move over terrain. Most laning heroes will probably be running Cleanse + Flash from now on. Unfortunately, this also means that support will probably still be stuck running flash + cv. Heal and promote simply don't offer as much utility as either of these two skills despite Riot pushing that they really buffed them to be viable now.

Bans: Holy moley soley 6 bans?! Won't be long before we need 8 soon, but it's definitely a big relief to know that we can finally ban more heroes without knowing exactly what the other team's first pick will be after the bans are over. From the past bans, here's my predictions for what the 6 bans will probably look like:

Low ELO: Amumu, Singed, Akali, Sion, Morgana, Lee Sin
Medium ELO: Akali, Sion, Morgana, Lee Sin, Caitlyn, Fizz,
High ELO: Sion, Fizz, *real hazardous heroes

Comments on the new patch? Talk about them below!

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