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Nov 16, 2011

Fizz Patch Updates ~ Item Smartcast Glitch

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Apparently there's a glitch when you smartcast wards that plants them right in front of you instead of at your designated location, so for now I guess switch your item casts back to normal.

As for the masteries, it seems like having 21 in one tree and 9 in another tree is still a pretty optimal setup unless you're playing a hybrid hero. The moves "Initiator" and "Bladed Armor" are practically screaming "Play Rammus Please" so I'm foreseeing a lot more bans on Rammus, probably almost to the same level Shaco is right now if not higher.

In terms of base stats, Fizz isn't quite "OP", but in terms of skill scaling he's definitely got some very high potential. With his ability to dodge spells, he's definitely a hit-or-miss character, and as people start to master using him, he might start to see Lee Sin/Riven level in terms of power deriving from sheer skill and practice alone.

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