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Nov 17, 2011

FOTM: November's Flavor of the Month

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FOTM, otherwise known as Flavor of the Month, designates which heroes have been brought into favor with the gaming community and thus are getting increased play whether through new buffs or simply through high level play. On the flip-side of the spectrum, of course there are those poor saps that have fallen out of favor with the gaming community for no fault of their own.

Xerath: #1 FoTM at the moment, with top players like Xpecial and Dan Dinh maining Xerath 24/7 in solo que. With his massive range and burst, he makes for a very strong, very safe AP carry, comparable to Kog Maw in range and power.

Rammus: Always falling in and out of favor, the new mastery trees make him even more powerful than before, giving our favorite hedgehog new life as one of the strongest gankers and counterjunglers.

Shaco: His new buffs makes Korean Shaco a threat to all and borderline anti-fun. The recent utility nerf did make his red start give him just enough exp NOT to reach lvl 3 though, so his power is slightly diminished from before.

Falling Out of Favor:
Akali: After a few nerfs and generally noobitry with people playing Akali, less and less people see her as the godlike assassin that she was before. 

Singed: Less and less people are playing this mad scientist in higher elos, making him fall out of the spotlight. People in general seem to be getting bored of running around in circles too.

Annie: Newer FOTM burst heroes like Xerath, sustainers like Morg, and anti-spellcasters like Kassadin make Annie's life miserable, so this little girl isn't seeing nearly as much play as before.

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