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Oct 28, 2011

Meta Game Updates - Graves Patch

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Hey folks, sorry for not posting in a while, but better late than never eh? For those of you that are subscribed to the RSS feed, thanks a bunch and hopefully I can make this post worthwhile.

The current meta hasn't changed much, it's still tanky DPS top, AP carry mid, jungler, and support + AD carry bot.

Most top solos run teleport, mid runs ignite, and bot AD runs exhaust so that the team has all the spells at their disposal, along with everyone carrying blink.

Graves is the new flavor of the month, even though Akali is still pretty high up there in the bans, nobody's played her in so long that we're starting to forget how OP she is. Morgana's starting to fade away since we all know not to stand and fight against her while she's ulting.

Elementz has decided that teleport + revive Karthus is the stupidest broken OP thing ever, despite not having any escape mechanisms, so we'll probably be seeing a lot more of this in the future.

HotshotGG has introduced tank Nidalee, and is trying to make it the new FoTM, it's not catching on quite yet, but we'll probably be seeing more of her soon.

Twisted Fate is making a slight come-back as Orianna fades into complete oblivion being the least played champion in the league. Rammus is also making a comeback as a jungler and Jax as both a solo and a duo laner.

Irelia is back on top as one of the strongest snowball champions in the game, nerf incoming. Broken skills are broken.

Shaco is back in action as a jungler, having an invis and blink at his disposal to one-up gangplank.

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