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Oct 19, 2011

Graves Release + Thoughts on him

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Now that Twisted Fate's been nerfed, it's time to make my appearance!

The new hero Graves is a ranged AD carry. He's got an AOE that deals damage in a cone like Ashe's volley, a smokescreen like Corki's old phosphorus bomb, and a short dash that increases his attack speed. His ultimate is another cone AOE nuke, and his passive gives him increased armor and magic resist the longer he stays in combat.

His AOE smokescreen is actually a mini-nocturne ult, and anybody that walks into it has no sight. Seems to me like his moveset is pretty OP in terms of versatility and burst damage. However, his range isn't as long as Caitlyn's, so although he should be able to match up to most AD carries bot lane, Caitlyn will probably still remain the AD carry of choice once the original fun wears off.

His moveset does however, make other AD carries such as Miss Fortune and Ezreal suffer as a result of his AOE abilities and extra versatility with his blinding AOE CC.

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  1. I'm definitely foreseeing an incoming nerf on this champ


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