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Oct 19, 2011

You know you play too much LoL when...

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You know you play LOL too much when...

1. Everything is "Truly outrageous"
2. You arrange all your free time in 20~50 minute block increments
3. You never bothered going out to see Transformers 3 wasn't LOL
4. You know what Dreamhack is, but haven't the slightest what the World Expo is
5. You listen to HotshotGG more than you listen to your parents
6. Your idea of a good day is a triple kill
7. You play on your 2 FPS laptop when you're on vacation just to get a taste of it
8. You refuse to spend $30 on Heroes of Newarth, but dropping $10 for a Teemo skin is no biggie
9. You sit more than you stand
10. Hot pockets are a staple food source
11. Anything that can't be microwaved is taking too much time out of LOL
12. LOL > Sleep > Food > Life
13. You have more people on your LOL friends list than your Facebook friend's list
14. If someone says "what's up lol?" you read it as "what's up...LOL TIME?!
15. You're afraid of little girls once they become 6

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