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Jul 10, 2011

SSJSuntastic's Laning Phase Surprise Tier List

DISCLAIMER: The guide below is known as "troll" if you're looking for a serious tier list, you can find one here.

We all know certain heroes have their strengths and weaknesses in terms of what point in the game they start getting powerful. But what about those heroes where the second the game starts, you go omg why can't we beat this guy 1v2?! Well this is a list of heroes that make your enemies frustrated and try and dive you early game, then end the game with you just running around...LEGENDARY

When that cocky Ashe comes to solo mid and starts laughing "HARHAR noob pick" these are the heroes that turn around and say shift + 2. You mad?

Tier 1: Kayle, Teemo, Nidalee, Singed, Karthus, Annie
Tier 2: Katarina, Mordekaiser, AP Master Yi, Urgot
Tier 3: Jax


Tier 1: These heroes are just plain annoying. You see them running around, and you just want to kill them. But you can't. They all either have some sort of escape mechanism, a heal, or way too much burst to even think about jumping on them. Even if you kill them and yell "WORTH IT" you know it really wasn't. They're just gonna respawn and you're gonna have to go chase them down again, at which point you'll probably die.

Tier 2: These heroes are just plain annoying to lane against, they look squishy, seem squishy, but for some reason just keep unloading so much damage on you. You can't stop them, because they're going to stop you first. You can't play aggressive because if you do, you will die, and your team will go OMG WHO FED XXX.

Tier 3: Jax. He used to be so bad. In fact there are still baddies out there. But good jaxes know better. You see him, and say it's okay, I'll just kite him, that's what the countering guide says right? But wait, why does he have AD or AP flat runes? Okay, that's cool. I guess his jump and empower does 3 bars, I'll just go die then. And now I have to buy a sword of the divine just to counter him. Joy.


Karthus: Even though he's not seen as a noob pick, good lord he's annoying. Bubble dodging suddenly becomes a new technique you have to start doing, and even if you kill him, he doesn't die.

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