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Jul 9, 2011

Alternative Builds

I need something new...I tire of the same old

Ever get bored of the same old roles for each hero? Well most other heroes can play different roles than they normally do. For example:

AD Heroes that can play as AP: Master Yi, Tristana, Miss Fortune, (watch out for banshee veils)
AP Heroes that can play as AD: Katarina
Carries that can play as tank: Gangplank, Jax, Katarina, Sivir
Tanks that can play as AP casters: Shen, Amumu
Misc: Manamune Ryze
Tank/AP/AD: Nidalee, Sion
AD Support: Sona, Janna (December 2011)


AD Sona/Janna: For some strange reason AD versions of these two heroes, classically supports has become popular. The main reason that ANYBODY would *ever* play these two support heroes in the same lane as an AD hero is simply for the reason that if one of these heroes supports and the other AD/AP carries then you get two ranged slows and get two natural speed boosts for the team.

The main reason one would troll mega-hard with AD versions instead of AP is that the bot laners are generally AD, so by making one of them AD, your team still "has" an AD carry. The surprise of a little Sona tendril hitting for 400 damage is also very enticing to trolls.

AP Master Yi
Yi's got a 1:1 scaling for his alpha strike and a 1.65:1 scaling for his meditate, making his AP scale pretty damn well. Once you get lichbane and deathcap on him, you can also pop his wuju style for a lichbane proc, making him just as good at backdooring/pushing towers as AD Master Yi, but also giving him some stronger healing prowress.

AP Tristana
Tristana's Rocket Jump and ult both scale pretty decently with AP, which means that she gets some ridiculous burst damage in aoe from playing in this style. Getting a kill or assist also resets her rocket jump, which means she can lay down some pretty ridiculous punishment if she starts snowballing.

AP Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune's Make it Rain AOE scales at 80% with AP, which makes her into a mini gangplank. She's not all that great as AP, but definitely still viable if you're feeling bored and want to do a little more than the usual point and shoot.

AD/Tank Katarina
Some guy in ranked actually turned me onto this build. By going Warmogs + Sword of the Occult + Force of Nature, this Katarina could pretty much solo our entire team when our CCs were down. The biggest weakness is definitely the lack of Rylais in this build, but it also gives Kat some extra punishment power if she gets CC'ed out of her ult and also allows her some more survivability for more cooldowns. An alternative to SoTO might be Atmas, which has been popular lately.

Tank Gangplank
Gangplank actually synergizes pretty well with Warmogs + Atmas since he's crit heavy. Especially with the new passive slow, he can chase down enemy heroes pretty far without any danger to himself. The Atmas provides a good amount of crit too, which every gangplank loves.

Tank Jax
We all know Jax is already pretty tanky with his built-in 30% dodge, but once you add a warmogs to him he gets even more tanky. If the other team starts building bloodrazors you can easily pop up some magic resist to aid yourself. If some dumb sap happens to focus on you, you can start popping aoe stuns on their team.

Tank Sivir
Tank Sivir is the master of backdooring. Unkillable and too fast to catch, she's just a huge pain. She also needs a huge farm and as a backdooring strat is also useless in teamfights.

AP Shen
Ever since the nerfbat hit Shen he's been a pretty jokey hero after that. He doesn't do enough damage for the other team to focus on him, and his shield is mediocre at best. While AP shen is a mediocre hero in all aspects, he brings in a dimension of unexpectedness when his vorpal blade hits an enemy for 6 bars instead of its usual 1. It also has the possibility of doubling your shield power, which is always useful. In this case you'll want to use taunt as more of an escape mechanism and to stop channeling spells.

AP Amumu
AP Amumu gives him some surprising burst with his ultimate and his tantrum. If you manage to build him tanky enough, he'll also be able to do some decent damage with his tears with a build like Rod of Ages, Deathcap, and Rylais.

Manamune Ryze
Ryze naturally builds a tear, and this tear generally goes to waste as Ryze builds more and more tanky. However, if you want to make use of your autoattacks and opt for a more squishy ryze, some (troll) Ryzes opt to go for the Manamune build and become a hybrid hero, possibly grabbing an infinity edge and phantom danacer.


Nidalee: Nidalee's one of those heroes that has a broad spectrum of playstyles available to her. She can play AP nidalee, AD Nidalee, or Tank Nidalee. If you want to play a single hero with lots of versatility, Nidalee could be a good choice for you bored kids.

Sion: Sion's another one of these heroes. He can play AP sion, which is the most popular, AD sion by stacking Phantom dancers and an Infinity Edge, or even tank AD sion with the popular Warmogs + Atmas + Trinity Force build.

What's you favorite alternative build? Post below!

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  1. My favorite Alternative build would have to be AD Kennen. His harass early game is so unbelievably high, and pair that with a Sona support, you're literally unstoppable.

  2. Everyone knows that, the best alternative build is AP Olaf.

  3. tank Karma. You focus support, support focuses you. With her passive which givs her an ap for each health missing, you get easy kills when lower then half health just by popping matra selfshield mantra q.


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