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Jul 11, 2011

WTF BBQ PINK DEATH - A Guide on Kayle The Judicator

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Kayle. Underrated, underappreciated, and yet she receives a nerf every other patch. Why? Because she's soooo lame. Ever since the first time I got destroyed by a level 30 Kayle when I was level 25, I've always wanted to be just as Taric-y as that guy. Why? Because when pink ice cream cones come zooming in on you for a quarter of your health, that's just plain hilarious.

You're gonna need the right runes and mastery set up to do so though!

Summoner Skills: Flash + Ignite, no question about it. We're going Akali style and adding in some juice with improved ignite.


You're gonna be running with Akali masteries on this one, why? Because you ain't no spellcaster. You're a lean, mean, hybrid machine. I like going down the defense tree because it gives you more survivability in lane, and strength of spirit is boss.

Runes: OH YEAH This is where it gets awesome-saucesome and will make or break your Kayle
Quints: Greater Quintessence of Potency x3 - More AP. Blow up your enemies.
Marks: Greater Mark of Insight x9 - More Mag Pen. Blow up your enemies.
Seals: Greater Seal of Clarity x9 - More Mana. Blow up your enemies and heal yourself.
Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Force x9 - Scaling AP is better than flat AP. Blow up your enemies.

How to Start: Okay so you have all your stuff set up. NOW WHAT?! Usually you're gonna want to solo, just so you can get really freaking strong. Before you get into your lane, you're gonna notice that I didn't bother giving you a skill build yet. WHY? Well clearly I'm not just gonna leave you high and dry. It's because it really depends on your opponent for the first skill you're gonna get. If you're solo, check how much HP the other guy has. If he has over 6 bars, you're gonna want to get your E skill Righteous Fury first since it'll give you the range you need to last hit from a range and also give you some sexy harassment. If he has 5 bars or less, it's Go-time with your Q skill, Reckoning and start taking 1 bar in damage each time you cast it, and 2~3 bars at level two once you get the other skill.

Level 1: Reckoning/Righteous Fury (See above)
Level 2: Reckoning/Righteous Fury (Whatever you didn't get at 1)
Level 3: Reckoning (for more nuking ownage)
Level 4: Heal (Just to stay in lane a little longer + movespeed bonus)
Level 5: Reckoning
Level 6: Intervention (It's got a super short duration so use it wisely)

After this Max Reckoning and then Max Righteous Fury. Max heal last just because you're not support, you're pure ownage. Plus it doesn't scale that well anyway (+105 heal at max level = 1 bar?! Joke.)

Buffs: Red buff is sexy. Your Righteous fury will slow targets. Blue Buff is also sexy, CDR and mana regen are clutch on Kayle. Take those buffs unless someone really really wants them, or you're dying a lot. Red Kayle > Red Ashe since her attacks are AOE.

Item Build:

Starting: When you start off you're gonna want to buy a Doran's Ring, pretty standard.
First Trip Back: Definitely pick up at least boots and another Doran's Ring unless you've been in lane forever and you're farming like a beast, in that case pick up boots and as much of Guinsoo's Rageblade as you can, your first core item. After finishing up Guinsoo's you'll want to upgrade your boots to Mercury Treads, unless ionion or sorceror's is more your thing. Can't go wrong with Merc Treads though. Next you'll want to buy a Morello's Evil Tome and upgrade it to a Nashor's when you can. At this point the game's usually over, but if it isn't then your next item is up to you. Viable ones include Madred's Bloodrazor or a Rabbadon's Deathcap, whatever suits your style. Trinity Force, Phantom Dancer, and a ton of other options are also available at this point. You could also go defense and grab either Force of Nature or Frozen Heart, depending on the team comp.

Either way, blow up your enemies! Hope you enjoyed reading.

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