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Jul 14, 2011

Rules of Engagement

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Methods of Engagement
Phase 1: Poking
Before a big teamfight there's generally a poking phase before one of the teams thinks that they have a better set up than the other and by initiating they'll win. During this phase each team uses long range spells to damage the enemy team taking a minimal amount of damage themselves. Healers and long range AOE heroes are best during this phase. Blue Golem buff is king during this phase.
Best Damage Hero Skills:
  • Anivia - Everything
  • Ashe - Volley
  • Cait - Nuke
  • Chogath - Rupture
  • Corki - Ult
  • Gragas - Barrel
  • Janna - Tornado
  • Karthus Q
  • Kogmaw - R
  • Lux - All spells
  • Maokai - Sapling
  • Miss Fortune - Make it Rain
  • Morgana - Dark Binding + her Aoe 
  • Nidalee - Spear
  • Shyvana - Fireball
  • Sona - Q 
  • Twisted Fate - Wildcards
Best Healers: Soraka, Sona, Nidalee, Alistar
Everyone else's spells put you too close to battle and in danger of engaging too early during the poking phase. While it's possible with other heroes to poke them without getting hit back, it's generally not worth the risk during this phase, especially if you're the carry.

Phase 2: Stun/Disable
During this phase you're going to want to engage the enemy, ideally surpressing/stunning their carry, and/or AOE disabling a few at once to ensure your team gets the jump on them. You'll usually want your tankiest person to go in first, but sometimes you can't help having someone squishier enter.

AOE Disable:
  • Alistar - Pulverize
  • Amumu - Ult
  • Ashe - Ult
  • Annie - Ult
  • Galleo - Ult
  • Janna - Ult
  • Jarvan - E-Q combo, Ult
  • Kennen - Ult
  • Maokai - Ult (doesn't disable AOE, but soaks damage AOE)
  • Malphite - Ult
  • Nocturne - Ult
  • Swain - Snare
  • Shen - Taunt
  • Veigar
Massive AOE damage:
  • Karthus W/R
  • Fiddlesticks R

  • Amumu
  • Irelia
  • Lux
  • Maokai
  • Morgana
  • Ryze
  • Sion
  • Taric
  • Twisted Fate
  • Xin Zhao
Single Target Surpressors:
  • Poppy - Ult
  • Malzahar - Ult
  • Urgot - Ult
  • Warwick - Ult
Everyone else's disables should be used as secondary after the battle starts since they're not bursty enough for a good engagement or easily avoided. You should also save at least one or two disables to pull anti-carries off your carries.

Best Single Target Anti-Anti Carry Skills:
  • Nasus - Cripple
  • Singed - Toss
  • Teemo - Blind
  • Nocturne - Fear
Phase 3: DPS
This is the easy phase, but it's still almost as important as the other phases.
  1. Take down their carry first, but don't get kited through 4 heroes to do it. Blinking to them via summoner or hero skill is best.
  2. Don't target their tank first unless he overextends. If he has an aoe stun/nuke like alistar or vlad, feel free to knock them away before they hit your team.
  3. Once their carry is down, take down the second lowest HP hero (usually the healer)
  4. Keep their anti-carries off your carries
Phase 4: Chasing down low HP heroes

Rule 1: Don't chase if they're faster (i.e. boots/escape mechs)
Rule 2: If you're chasing for too long, you'll most likely be the one to end up dead
Rule 3: Don't chase if someone else is hitting you unless the hero is one blink away from death.

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