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Nov 24, 2022

Top 10 Overpowered Heartsteel Champions

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Feeling powerless in this patch as an AD carry? You're not alone as players around the world are groaning at the release of one new item....


Feeling powerless in this patch as an AD carry? You're not alone as players around the world are groaning at the release of one new item....

This item has proven to be the bane of many marksmen's existence as enemy champions do exactly as advertised...
Grow into a goliath that towers over foes and pummels the opposition
Of course, some do it better than others with naturally scaling HP and other sweet skill boosts from having colossal HP stats. Let's check out the top 10 Heartsteel champions below!


Shen is a champion that already dealt way too much damage and has been the bane of many top lane bruiser's existences since before Heartsteel. Not only does most of his damage and utility scale off health, he even has additional bonus damage from the target's maximum health. This not only makes him an excellent tank but also an excellent anti-tank. When you combine this with the new infinite scaling from Heartsteel he becomes incredibly difficult to deal with.

Dr. Mundo

The first champion you think of when players imagine health-stacked monstrosities, no list would be complete without Dr. Mundo. Everything this guy does also screams don't let him get too much health and the scalings on all his abilities only make matters worse. Similar to Shen he also packs a powerful anti-tank skill in the form of his Infected Bonesaw [Q], making him incredible against other health-stacking tanks.


If you're starting to see a trend here you're right. Tanks that have scaling damage based on their abilities get a double whammy from Heartsteel. Not only are they unkillable but they also deal absurd damage the higher their HP goes. Sejuani in particular not only has offense scaling with her health but also has an added bonus of free armor and bonus magic resistance in the form of her passive. This further amplifies the effects the HP has on her durability.


Unlike the other champions on this list, Ornn only has his passive scaling but it's quite good, an extra 10% health from all sources. Like Sejuani he also gets a great deal of passive armor and magic resist, giving him the ability to stack health freely.


The first bruiser on the list, unsurprisingly many Sett players can also be found packing Divine Sunderer. This particular version of Heartsteel Sett is absolutely beautiful though, as his Haymaker [W] maximum scales directly with his maximum health. This creates the ability for INSANE turnaround plays.


Another bruiser, Volibear's no stranger to health scaling as much of his damage still relies on health to deal maximum potential damage. The burst nature of Heartsteel also performs excellently when synergized with the rest of his kit to really shock enemies into oblivion.


As a jungle champion Zac is not performing well as his jungle clear is slow and he doesn't gain as much benefit from the added sustain from the current patch. Previously he had very healthy clears despite the slow speed and would make up for the pace through duration farming. However, as a top lane champion Heartsteel Zac is proving to be quite good powered by his incredible health-scaling abilities.

Tahm Kench

A popular tank pick in the past year Tahm Kench needs no introduction. He's fallen out of favor in the last few patches as bruisers picked up steam but Heartsteel is performing admirably on him as expected from a monstrous tank champion.


Passive health gain from his Soul Furnace [W] and free health scaling, what more could you ask for on a champion to play nice with Heartsteel? This version of Sion may not be as entertaining as full lethality int Sion but it's certainly an expected powerhouse.


Last but not least, Cho'Gath! Surprisingly, he's not performing that well in the current meta as a result of his obscenely bad early game against the majority of bruisers. However, if you can survive laning phase and grow into the beautiful monster you've always meant to be, Cho'Gath's Feast becomes a one-shot on pretty much everyone on the game if you get a farm lane top to stack Heartsteel on.


Heartsteel is undoubtedly a sweet addition for many tank champions. Even if it does get nerfed though, Jak'Sho The Protean is lying just behind the scenes as potentially an even stronger tank item that also adds resists and health scaling life drain...

Got other champions that didn't make the list? What are your thoughts on Heartsteel? Comment below

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