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Sep 8, 2019

Weekend Rundown: TFT Meta Comps for Patch 9.17 - Kassadin, Shapeshifters, and Rangers

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First Week of September

Hey everyone, hope you're all having a good first week of September. Today I just wanted to chat quickly about some meta TFT builds that could boost your gameplay, including one that's relatively new but still highly effective. Check out the top three below!

6x Assassin Kassadin Comp

Quick Summary: This build focuses on grabbing three voids, then putting Youmuu's on Kassadin along with five other assassins. You basically just need Youmuu's and Rapid Firecannon to be highly effective.

How it Works: Getting Kassadin into the back-line ensure that glass cannon spellcasters can't get away with one-shotting your team for free. His true damage on void also works very well against Dragons and Dragon Claws, which are extremely meta builds right now (more on that below).

Positioning: Generally speaking you'll want Pyke on a far side to maximize how many people he stuns, and Kassadin you may actually want him off to one side or another to focus down specific people you want to mana drain from.

Brief History: This build used to be done with Rek'Sai to get the brawler bonus with Cho, but generally speaking, Kassadin is better against all the Sorc comps that people are running.

Tips: Three-starring Kassadin, Pyke, and Zed are ideal, but not required. Not that many people are running it right now since most people are going one of the comps below.

Shapeshifter Comp

Quick Summary: Gnar/Shyvana/Aurelion Sol can be your hyper carries. There are plenty of alternatives: You can run Sorcerors with Aurelion Sol or Pantheon with mixed magic damage. The build can also put in a lot of 5 cost units later in the game (shown above), but they aren't necessary. Only the Gnar and Shyvana are required.

Alternative Builds
  • Gnar [Titanic Hydra, Dragon's Claw, Warmog's Armor]
  • Aurelion Sol [Any attack speed items, Spear of Shojin]
  • 6x Sorcerors or 6x Shapeshifters at level 9 or with Yuumi
Positioning: The positioning above is actually a bit weird and I wouldn't suggest it. Keep your Kassadin in a spot where he can drain a front liner like Sejuani unless the enemy team is running a Blitzcrank. Otherwise, stacking them in a corner is good to maximize Aurelion Sol's damage output.

Ranger + Knights Comp

Quick Summary: By far one of the easiest compositions you'll ever encounter, this comp is super easy to pull off and does perfectly fine with a bunch of different items.

Champion Paths: This build really relies on just grabbing two knights early (Mordekaiser + Darius/Garen), picking up your four rangers, then grabbing another glacial unit for the freezing Ashe procs.

Item Paths: The build pictured above is very good, and likely the optimal path. However, you can also stack your Varus instead of dropping items on Sejuani if you need to. Ashe is the only one you really want to make sure you have items on. Guinsoo's is core, but early Statikk Shivs can help carry you through the game as well.

Tips: Zeke's Herald on Varus works well for Rangers, but make sure you keep him one unit away from Ashe to make sure you don't get hexed. This Mordekaiser positioning is helpful against Assassins and Blitzcranks, but if they're not running anything like that feel free to just put him in the front too.

What do you think about these comps? Got a favorite you've been running? Comment below!

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