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Sep 9, 2019

Computer Getting Dirty? Check out this INSANE Dust Blaster

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Cleaning Up

First up I just want to say that this might look like a sponsored post, but I honestly just found this dust blaster amazing and wanted to share it with you guys. I'm not getting paid by the company and if you find a better one, feel free to let me know in the comments section below!

Anyway, this might not be related to League of Legends, but if you're a hardcore gamer like I assume many of you are, you likely have a computer tower or at least a mechanical keyboard. These things gather dust...a LOT of dust.

I used to use these single-user canisters to get into the crevices, but they really add up and start getting pretty expensive over time. They also get super cold then you hold the button down for a bit and flipping them upside down might give you a nasty burn.


So I looked around the web and found this electric high pressure duster. It might cost the same as about ten cans, but it also cleans WAY better. I blasted my computer, keyboard, and even computer chair for so much dust I was surprised I wasn't choking all day just sitting there.

The only drawback was how much dust I got out at once. If you can do it in a corner or even outside I'd highly recommend it. I heard holding down the button can get the thing running pretty hot, but it's definitely usable for a lot longer than the compressed air canisters.

Overall it felt about as different as picking up dust by hand vs a vacuum. I had a lot of doubts about if this thing would work that well considering the low number of reviews, but took a gamble since pretty much everyone said it worked really well.

Turns out I'm glad I did and my gaming area has never been cleaner!


If you have a laptop then this probably won't be for you and a handheld canister will do just fine for those little sprays. If you have a fabric-based gaming chair however, you're gonna want the electric high pressure duster to get all the crevices.

Again, make sure you do it in a corner somewhere that you can sweep or vacuum up all the fine particles after you finish...otherwise this thing is AWESOME!

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Interested in trying one out? Still prefer the metal can based ones? Comment below!

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