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Sep 12, 2019

Top 10 Toxic Players and How to Deal With Them

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What is Toxicity?

Four years ago we put out an article titled "Top 10 Types of Negative Players and What to Do About Them", and many of them are still around. Some have phased out like the AFK player, who isn't nearly as annoying now that we have the remake button. Lobby trolls still exist but they've also toned down a bit with role select.

Meanwhile, new ones came to life as we broke the 100 champion barriers like the "It's Cuz You Picked" how do we deal with them?!

Use the CRAPIT Method

This is a Nerfplz (patent-pending) technique that will stop toxicity in its tracks, commonly named the CRAPIT method:

Control - Control your emotions, responding emotionally only makes them stronger.

Respond - After you've cooled your head, think about the best way to reply before responding, which can be broken down into three main strategies:

AVOID - Flight - If you're still in the lobby and determine that this person is not worth your time and sanity, avoid them by GTFO.

PACIFY - Fight - If you're already stuck with them in-game, trying to pacify them and finish the game may be your only hope of saving your sanity.

IGNORE - Fight/Flight - This one's a bit of a hybrid. You're passive-aggressively choosing to pretend they don't exist, which isn't the best scenario, but if you're unable to control your emotions a simple /mute all may be your best bet.

TRIGGER - When you're finally at your wit's end and on full tilt, given up all hope of winning the game, but want to have a good laugh with your premade, here's how to really rile them up.

The Top 10 Toxic Players

The "I Gotta Do Everything" Player

Also known as the center of the world player, this player needs a ton of hand-holding and a team that's able to execute his brilliant game-changing strategies. If you don't do exactly what he wants, you'll be sure to hear about it.

PACIFY - "I gotchu, NP bro", "my bad bruh"
TRIGGER - Tell him he can't carry and you gotta go somewhere with kill potential

The "LAG" Player

While ping is a legitimate concern, some players blame everything on lag, including their decision-making process.

PACIFY - "It's okay dude, you good now?"
TRIGGER - Ask if his brain is lagging too

The "Split Push FTW" Player

Generally seen from Teemo or Tryndamere players, sometimes you get split push players in the form of your ADC. If this is the case, the only way to get them to team fight is to bring your team to the split-pusher and force fights there. On the other hand, it might be a viable strategy if he can stay alive or kill whoever comes to stop him.

PACIFY -  "We need you bruh"
TRIGGER - Point out you have more CS than him

The "It's Not My Fault" Player

Some players make every play about themselves, and nothing that ever happens is their fault. They'll explain at great lengths why and how they did everything right and cry about how this game is impossible to win despite being perfect.

PACIFY -"Sorry dude"
TRIGGER - Tell him he's mad cuz he's bad

The "That Champ is Busted" Player

Some players are super triggered when they die to another champion and blame their entire experience on Riot game design.

PACIFY - "RIP Ye she's busted"
TRIGGER - Tell him how low the win rates on that champion are

The "My Jungler Is a Monkey" Player

Similar to the not my fault players, some players want to blame their jungler for their every failure in lane. Your jungler could be 10-0, but they would still be annoyed that you're not helping their lane and they've been getting ganked 24/7 with no wards up.

PACIFY - "Be there in a sec bro" 
TRIGGER - Tell him you don't gank losing lanes

The "No MIA" Player

Despite the fact that everyone can see the mini-map, people still seem to think that failure to ping MIA makes whoever's lane it is instantly at fault. 

PACIFY - "My bad brah"
TRIGGER - Tell him to open his eyes

The "GG We Lose" Player

For some reason, there are players that spam surrender after first blood. Worse yet, they spam surrender before the lobby even finishes loading. Whatever the case, you can either try and avoid them or use the mitigation strategy.

PACIFY - "We got dis, we have late-game"
TRIGGER - Tell him you're holding him hostage because he deserves to be trapped forever

The "It's Cuz You Picked..." Player

Similar to the GG player, this player loves blaming a champion pick for a loss and say it was guaranteed from the start, despite the approximate 50% win rate across the board for all champions.

PACIFY - "Chill, we got this"
TRIGGER - Tell him his champion's the one that sucks

The "You Sucked Last Game" Player

This guy is probably one of the only times I'd heavily suggest dodging in champion select if someone else isn't already dodging. When you have two players bickering over how much each other sucked last game, it might be time to get out.

PACIFY  - "New game guys, all good"
TRIGGER- Ban whoever he's hovering

Which one of the above bugs you the most? Got more mitigation or triggering strategies to share? Comment below!

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