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Jul 3, 2015

Top 10 Types of Negative Players and What To Do About Them

When it comes to anonymous internet relationships, few are as abusive as the five man relationship you voluntarily place yourself in every time you queue up for a game on the summoner's rift.

Varying from snot-eating elementary school kids all the way through retired physicists, it's hard to remember that all members are (for the most part) human beings on the other end.

As a result, the competitive spirit of League sometimes brings out the worst in people. How do you prevent and/or diminish the blow from these negative players? Read on to find out!


When it comes to anonymous internet relationships, few are as abusive as the five man relationship you voluntarily place yourself in every time you queue up for a game on the summoner's rift. 

Varying from snot-eating elementary school kids all the way through retired physicists, it's hard to remember that all members are (for the most part) human beings on the other end.

As a result, the competitive spirit of League often brings out the worst in people. How do you prevent and/or diminish the blow from these negative players? Read on to find out!

1. The AFK (Away From Keyboard [person])

A classic in League of Legends and online games in general, some players simply aren't in the game.

There are two types of AFKs:
  1. Accidental AFK
  2. Fake AFK
Accidental AFKresults from an emergency, power/internet outage, or out of control pets.
Solution: Ignore it, do the best you can, and wait for them to stop Fido from mauling the mailman.
Luckily, league actually has a strong "catch-up" mechanism and allows players that are behind to level up quickly. Stay positive!

Fake AFK - That guy spamming dance in the fountain. These are more difficult to deal with.
Solution: Ignore them if they're raging, or apologize/apologize on someone's behalf if they're upset at something specific.
Again, you're likely never going to see them again, so apologizing doesn't lose you any street cred.

2. The Whiner

The Whiner is somewhat of an artist. They dance on the brink of being reported, but aren't exactly "toxic", they just make it very difficult to concentrate on the game. There are a myriad of them including the following:
  • The "I'm getting camped!" whiner
  • The "You missed a skillshot" whiner
  • The "You got hit by a skillshot" whiner
  • The "We're all gonna dieeeee" whiner
  • The "Our team sucks so bad" whiner
Solution: The key here is to note the difference between whining, commenting, and strategizing.

To help, check out this handy dandy flowchart below!

Comment: We're very far behind
Tactic: Let's split push, we're too far behind to teamfight
Whining: Omg we're so far behind, our Leblanc died too many times, she's so bad. If she didn't die this much we'd have a chance. We're all gonna dieeeeeeee

Solution: Keep the comments low, the whining non-existent, and the strategies fresh.

3. The Lobby Troll

The lobby troll is best exhibited by example.

[Player 2]: Mid Ahri please.
[Player 3]: Top Jayce
[Lobby Troll (Player 1)]: I can only mid or top 

*bans Jayce and Ahri*

[Player 4]: Umm your lolking seems to show that you main Shaco and Nunu, could you jungle instead?
[Player 4]: I'll ADC btw

*Lobby Troll locks in Twitch*

[Lobby Troll]: ADC.

[Team]: ...

Solution: Unfortunately, the only way to avoid these trolls is to simply dodge the game. 
Hot Tip: You actually have a few seconds AFTER the countdown hits 0 seconds to still successfully dodge.

4. The Smurf

The smurf is either a liar or a true smurf. This means they're either desperate enough to lie to get a specific role, or plan on crushing the enemy team with the champion they have in mind.
Solution: I'd generally lean towards just giving them what they want. It's likely their best role, even if they're lying about being a smurf. Don't be too disappointed if they're lying, and mute them if they start raging.

5. The Duo Queue

Expectations for a duo queue to perform exceptionally well are high, especially if someone was forced into an uncomfortable role as a result of giving it to them. If they fail, teammates tend to get extremely negative.
Solution: Hold low expectations for duo queue players so you won't be disappointed. Matchmaking wants to make the game harder for them, and it probably will be. Ignore the ragers.

6. The Feeder

Feeders make life difficult by either being deadweight on the team, or simply giving the enemy team too much gold.
Solution: Request feeders to split push in order to catch up. If enemy teams converge to kill them, you're better off as that player is probably worth no gold at this point.

7. The Verbal Abuser

When people start talking smack, it's hard to resist talking smack right back. However, this generally leads to poorer performance all around. Luckily, this is fairly simple to resolve.
Solution: Mute.

8. The Surrender Spammer

Some people like to start spamming surrender from 20 minutes onwards, sometimes right in the middle of a teamfight. This leads to general negative thoughts all around, especially if it's combined with some whining.
Solution: Ignore, hit no, and say "let's play for late game"

9. The Multi-Laner/Jungler

By far one of the most annoying things a player can do to another player is the classic "follow-you-around-and make-life-terrible" strategy. Unfortunately there's very little you can do if they're specifically aiming to ruin your day.

However, if they're simply dual laning there's still hope.
Solution: If you have a jungler, try and fit the role left over that your troll decided not to fill. If you don't have a jungler, then dual laning may still work out, especially if you're aggressive early and roam hard.

10. The Center of the World

These players need everything to go the way they plan.

They need:
  • All the farm;
  • All the kills;
  • All the peel;
  • All the jungle support;
  • Perfect ward coverage; and
  • The exact champion and role they call.
If any of the above isn't covered, they'll resort to whining and general E-mumu type of behavior, even leading to becoming a surrender spammer despite the massive lead your team may have.

They may also have a duo queue partner who will also join in on the above.
Solution: If they're already doing well and have simple requests, try and appease them. The emperor must be kept happy. Meanwhile, if they're playing poorly and still require massive amounts of attention, muting works just as well.

What do you guys think? Have another negative attitude that wasn't mentioned above? How do you deal with these types of players? Comment below!

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  1. Spider QueenJuly 03, 2015

    Fcking hell, true, I think you could add the "Dont worry guys I can carry this team but if i cant its all your fault"
    Pn a side note FIRST

  2. Spider QueenJuly 03, 2015

    The "surrender no-er" Never give up, never surrender, not even with a 20/0 Riven a 14/2 Akali a 17/3 Draven and a 12/1 Vi and a Thresh that misses not a single hook. Dont worry guys, lets bet that Cait; Panth, Reksai and Karhtus' late game can take us to victory

  3. I'm like that. I will never surrender a game. Nothing to do with the chances of winning tho ; just convinced that sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. And sometimes the fed riven will go AFK because the feeding karthus on her team won't ult when she wants and she'll troll.

    Anyway, There's always something to learn. There's a new type of build to try out, a move to try and perfect, and anyway, if they're fed to the point you suggest, shouldn't be long before they rek you and win the game. So just go ahead and try to do something usefull. Dodge a skillshot, time your zhonya perfectly, flash juke hard, ... the best lessons come always in the hardest times, that's my PoV.

  4. Lionel AlmaidaJuly 03, 2015

    What about the reports types that you can apply in that kind of situations? Maybe you could do an article about the reports and how to use them in the best way posible?

  5. This guy right here has the right mindset. The game isn't all about winning and losing, it's also about learning and having fun. So it's not like you're 'wasting your time' if you continue to play a game that you're likely to lose, for all of the reasons that R3ason gave (pun not intended :P)

  6. I agree that you should almost never surrender, but you have to admit there are times when you should just do it. As you said, it's about fun and honestly, getting killed as soon as you leave base just isn't fun anymore. You should know when to start a new game, but it's also true that a lot of people use the surrender button a bit too much ;)

  7. ConfusedTeemoJuly 03, 2015

    I mostly agree with you. However I will surrender in situations as follows: Support went afk off the start because "he doesn't play support" and the top lane riven who died on 2 tower dives at the start and is now 0-8 is flaming everyone because "she got camped, got no jungle help, thresh is afk, her dog died and she has no idea why she is in this elo"

  8. Agreed, I played Yi the other day and we were behind most of the game due to laners not winning strongly and my top laner being 5/14, but mid and I were doing reasonably well, one touch of magic from me (stole baron) and we completely turned the game round and won . Every game is winnable even when in a deficit.

  9. MasterOfMetalJuly 03, 2015

    ik i was playing with a 5 man premade and our adc called me toxic when i had hardly talked to my own team at all, was mostly complimenting enemy teams outplays

  10. Abusing YeetsJuly 03, 2015

    Add "the guy who mutes people for giving simple suggestions." Seriously, I've had my jungler mute my for asking if he could let me get the kill on the next gank, because a Zac doesn't need to be fed more than a Yasuo does.

  11. Yeah. I just am like ''wtf have I done wrong to you? just chill?'' really some people are just so misunderstanding.

  12. I like the "Surrender" spammer. He often doesn't know the timer for drake but knows exactly when Surrender option is available again since the last time he started a vote...

  13. Oh, btw, these days it is all about reporting a player for playing very good in that game/champion, carrying the team hard or just because "picked that no brain champ like Master Yi". In each case, that should not be an excuse to get a report. My friends and even I already received reports and a warnings for this. I'm the type of guy who has all chat turned off (even in normals, people can be even more salty in normals) and generally I'm the one pushing for my team...

    In which category do you insert these types of players? Whinners? Salty?

  14. I was something of a #9 on my troll account. I'd take anivia and smite. Then steal buffs, follow players, and put them in very bad situations with my ice wall. I'd also let enemies escape with it as well. Best part was I'd play well for a while so that we were winning, but then screw them over hard and pull victory from our grasp. Boots of mobility made sure they could never run away :)

  15. ConfusedTeemoJuly 03, 2015

    They might be the right type of players if you just split pushed with yi and died over and over or refused to group. I assume it was something like that because you got an actual warning.

  16. That Master Yi part was to make a point. I mostly play support. :)

  17. Jerfery ThorbadJuly 03, 2015

    I'm skeptical of how you presented your simple request. as a jungler I have to deal with people raging "wtf, you should have given me the kill now we lose, BG" all too often, and the correct solution is the mute button. its a simple request, but that attitude is massively toxic.

    chances are your jungler is keeping better track of his own cool downs and even the enemy's, than yours. at the highest levels of play, they should be keeping track of yours as well, but that's really difficult for your average player. even most above average. I'd say that's a top 10-5% of junglers that can track that level of detail.

  18. ConfusedTeemoJuly 03, 2015

    My last statement still applies. Unless you used a key word that riot has flagged you wouldn't get a warning without being reviewed and a rioter deciding you did something wrong.

  19. ConfusedTeemoJuly 03, 2015

    I agree. It actually seems like there are a few people on here accidentally writing their own confessional.

  20. Wow, that's super shitty of you. People who play like that are what give the league community such a toxic reputation

  21. dreamsweptJuly 03, 2015

    That's a cool story. I like the part where those 40 min of your life could have saved a deer or gotten yourself an education. Excellent use of time, I'm glad you place such value on your life and experiences.

  22. dreamsweptJuly 03, 2015

    False reports are a bannable offense. They will get theirs, eventually.

  23. dreamsweptJuly 03, 2015

    By warning, do you mean the post game "you have been reported for blah blah"? Because I've received "verbal abuse" warning in games where I haven't used chat at all, on numerous occasions.

  24. dreamsweptJuly 03, 2015

    Don't get upset and ignore them, you have the basic social skills to interact in a social game with other people, and they don't. They are non-functional members of society and you aren't. No need to dwell on it.

  25. dreamsweptJuly 03, 2015

    This reminds me of the simpsons episode where Moe tells Homer to visualize himself beating Drederick Tatum in boxing, and he imagines him having a heart attack. I value my time too much to not surrender a game where we're 3-19, but at the same time, if my team disagrees, I just play it out, I hate people who whine about not surrendering.

  26. InfratoxicJuly 03, 2015

    I always want to win and won't surrender if I see the slightest opportunity which mostly I do because I tend to play late game champs like Orianna and Vladimir and I know I can turn the tide of the game with a well places ult.

    Also I think that the best way to win a game is to help and save your teammates every time. I don't mind using flash to save someone even if I die from it. Just treat them the way you want o be treated.

  27. I understand him somehow. I'm not maining jungle but sometimes I have to jungling in many games in row... and if I have 5 games with people spamming "pick tank", "help me", "no gank", "why don't give me blue", "gg no help jungle", I'm muting my lanes after single word. I would really help them more if they have no opportunity to make me hate them.

  28. winning the game - one player awesome mechanix
    losing the game - everybody fault but not this one player

  29. Good point. Just annoys me/hurts my feelings.

  30. 10 = me x)

  31. ConfusedTeemoJuly 03, 2015

    I think verbal abuse is a little different than the others but I could be wrong. Riot isn't particularly clear about how they do this.

  32. Maining jungle means, "WOW WE LOST BLAME THE JUNGLER"
    its fucking ridiculous

  33. I hate people who say "ff at 20" (especially those who say it right after they gave first blood) and people who afk in the fountain assuming the team will ff when some still want to fight it out.

  34. ValvravesJuly 03, 2015

    under what offense can you report someone for instalocking?

  35. SLAAAYEEEERJuly 04, 2015

    refusing to communicate, I'd say

  36. SLAAAYEEEERJuly 04, 2015

    well, since the enemy has 4 champs which tend to try 1v5, there's some big chance for throws and ragequits ;p

  37. davis cerveraJuly 04, 2015

    I think muting someone is pretty stupid

  38. Joaquin SosaJuly 04, 2015

    I love your page. I would also put the notes in Spanish if possible ... thanks

  39. What's with the blamer?

    "omg this jungler so bad, he really decides to do dragon instead of helping me towerdive the enemy toplaner!!! report that noob!"

    "omg fcking mid no ss"
    "wth i pinged twice"
    "shut up noob"

    Heard things like that so often...

  40. wait are you saying someone whined because the mid laner didn't have sightstone?... wat lol

  41. Otis HopkinsJuly 05, 2015

    SS means summoner spells

  42. Otis HopkinsJuly 05, 2015

    Quite frankly my friend, you're a dick.

  43. SS means miSSing, not sightstone or summoner spells. It is used in European servers to call MIA opponents.

  44. Allexander Zawisza-PalikotJuly 05, 2015

    i have 2000 muted game because of retarded kids, trolls and noobs. i always said a truth only. now i dont care about my mutes. i still flame retards, because they deserve for it. no pentalty can stop me, because i think i can change world - my flame learn nooobs how to play. thats all

  45. I hope you are joking.

  46. FortyTil5July 05, 2015

    If this is true, you are the cancer that requires punishment.

  47. mrthyboss .July 05, 2015

    I guess you don't understand the concept of improving...? A game may be lost, but it doesn't mean its not an chance to get better. But then again, people don't want to think that they need improvement, although being on this site says otherwise.

  48. Shouldn't #10 be titled "The ADC main"? I'm quite guilty of this one - especially when I play Kog'maw and get hard lane (any 2v2, in fact), I sometimes ask my team to feed me more farm and kills to help me hit 3 items spike, when I start to become old scary Kog people remember from Worlds 2014. All other problems are simply solved by "dodge, mute and/or play as good as you can".

  49. Paul WeijtensJuly 06, 2015

    Where's the: never want to surrender offender? Worst thing in lol: the people who wish to continue when 3/4 kills behind.

  50. Yea that's what i meant. Sry didn't know this is only used in Europe.

  51. davis cerveraJuly 06, 2015

    There is no point in doing it you can just ignore it i never had to mute someone, what if he calms down later and say something useful?

  52. Allexander Zawisza-PalikotJuly 06, 2015


  53. Allexander Zawisza-PalikotJuly 06, 2015


  54. Paul WeijtensJuly 06, 2015

    this^2 - Really guys, "live and fight another day" should be common sense.

  55. IntoxicationJuly 07, 2015

    But its a normal game you play to learn might aswell just try for fun and let it end naturally.

  56. IntoxicationJuly 07, 2015

    How about the meta police

    Morgana support - go support locks in Ahri

    I only know how to play morgana mid WTF?!

  57. Paul WeijtensJuly 07, 2015

    How is it "fun" when the outcome is already known? The fun in a game is when you don't know if you'll win or lose. Once it is almost certain there is no more fun in a game. Are you also one of the people who first watch the last episode of a series?

  58. Never surrender people, I HAE those. If we have a good late game team, then yeah I can see why you wouldn't surrender. The shits I hate are the ones that never surrender, without even using their brain. The ones that will vote no when the team's sick of getting insta-gibbed by the riven he himself fed, the ones that vote no when people want to get into a different game when theres nothing to get out of the current one, and the ones that vote no and remain silent against the guy begging for a surrender so he can comfort his dying dog without getting a leaver buster for it. Yes you might want to continue the round, but think for the others.

  59. bernie sanders toucan16July 08, 2015

    afking is so much worse than muting someone, wut

  60. Paul WeijtensJuly 08, 2015

    Maybe so, but this is still a game. And I don't see any fun in playing solo without communication.

  61. You are doing the wrong thing and if you repeat this behavior repetedly you will get banned.

  62. Paul WeijtensJuly 09, 2015

    You sound like a simpleton now. THINK for youself, instead of believing in what rules are. It is important that you think: if you actually continue playing with muters you will genetically engineer people to do that. You won't give the message "this is wrong this totally wrong".

    So to make the community better you first have to do some non trivial things.

  63. Those rules are there to protect ppl from players like you who think its ok to ruin the game for 9 other players just because 1 guy doesnt want to see what some1 else writes.

  64. John ClintonJuly 12, 2015

    10 things i hate in LoL 1) cheaters with scripts
    2) annoying 14 old kids who insults you for having a bad day
    3) your teammate who starts a disccusion with enemy team about how his team suck and he could win if he gets better players
    4) trolls i can't wistand a kids who don't get their lanes so they'll pick yasuo with ghost and heal goes bot and feed same
    5) homeless players who begs for lanes and blackmail about feeding if they'll dont get their lane
    6)Punishment system, since Riot doesn't give a simple fuck about reports, now you can be easily banned by system for example i played ranked i was jax jungle and our fiora went afk and after 30 mins she reconnect and started to flame and insulted everybody so i told her to piss off and next day i got ban for 35 rankes because i was negative in my last ranked and for no reason
    7)smurf or better say "pro" players who in pick menu starts to bitching how they're challengers and they need mid or top to win the game and insults everyone about their picks in normal game
    8)lame opponents a kids who whole game do nothing than ksing teammates and provoking opponents with words "hahah im better" and when you told him he is reported for that his teammates starts to helping him and reports you too
    9)people who blame jungle for their mistakes i have seen many times a bad annie or wukong who went dive the turret and died because they didnt ward or went 1v3 instead of trying to be better they just start to spam and blame jungler for their mistakes
    10)Poland,Greece,Hungaria these countries has many flamers,kids and noobs who just fail in lanes whole community doesnt like them as i hate them

  65. bernie sanders toucan16July 13, 2015

    the definition of ragequit right here, except that most nine yo's need at least a troll to piss them off. I really hope I don't see you in a ranked game.

  66. Good work, I like it =)

    It seems to be some negative players coming comment below x)

    I know i won many 15-35 score games and once 15-45 playing teemo =) Never surrender ofc ! If u have some splitpush capability, objective control or what, maybe a good late game comp, champs like vayne/nasus/kata always can get a victory on late game, if only those "surrender sluts" can play and def for real. Unless ofc 3 very hard snowball champs in front are 15-0 =/

    By the way my advice is to put the surrender window out of your screen, yes it's movable. A white vote is a no vote, and then those surrend spammers can't perturbate your gameplay. Since i'm playing on 17'' screen the window takes a lot of space on my screen and made me failed so many fight..

    Ignore is a good thing. I always wait some messages before doing that, when i see that all they'll say won't be usefull to the game. After a few minutes unmute, and if it continues mute again. It's not a permanent action.

    Sorry for my poor english i'm from noobland =)

  67. Dimitar KalmadanskiJuly 18, 2015

    Can you please tell me how to handle the following type of person?
    He says he and his friend are "premade top" so me and my friend go ADC and support on bot lane. Then when the game starts, the person and his friend leave top lane (they're against one person btw and the enemy team has a jungler) around the 10th minute and come trolling us on bot lane. They feed and expose us to death as well. In our case, the idiot Tahm Kench devoured both of us and you know the rest I guess... We tried telling them to leave the lane and simply switched to roaming other lanes since the first didn't work. But no use since our two little trolls decided to feed even more on purpose and ruin all our teamfights at the same time. We muted them but they didn't care. They didn't say "yes" to surrendering either. Please tell me your opinion on this one, because me and my friend got so pissed after the game that we didn't want to play League for the rest of the day...


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