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Oct 18, 2016

Official Patch 6.21 Notes Released!

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Preseason is nearly here, and things are gearing back up to be busy here at Nerfplz. This patch largely affects junglers along with a long overdue skin...for the devil himself, Teemo!


Preseason is nearly here, and things are gearing back up to be busy here at Nerfplz. This patch largely affects junglers along with a long overdue skin...for the devil himself, Teemo!


Buffs: Ivern, Kog'Maw, Nasus, Ziggs
Nerfs: Nidalee, Graves, Nunu, 
Tweaks: Lee Sin, Master Yi, Yorick,

Patch 6.21 notes


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Greetings, Summoners.

Pre-season’s nearly upon us, so this patch’s focus is keeping things stable for another few weeks until features like the Assassin update make their way to your QWER keys.

It’s a pretty small patch overall, though there are a few things we’re continuing to follow up on. Some of these are relatively fresh faces (such as Koggy and Nunu) while others are names we haven’t seen for a hot minute (Nidalee, Graves). We won’t drag this intro out just for the sake of word count, so get to reading the notes below!

As a reminder, the top of the Champions list is reserved for the featured change of the patch. Incidentally, this is the first time that champion’s name hasn’t started with ‘A’ so now you know it’s for real.

Good luck, have fun, and see you in pre-season!
 Patrick "Scarizard" Scarborough Paul "Aether" Perscheid Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman Lucas "Luqizilla" Moutinho



Cougar cooldowns up. Primal Surge heal now heals less at higher health.
Nidalee is no stranger to patch notes, but we’re revisiting her this patch to look at the frustration enemies face when they try to punish Nidalee’s mistakes. In the jungle, punishment is less about trades, and more about tradeoffs. Camp clearing takes time away from map pressure, map pressure takes time away from clearing, and getting chunked to low health makes it unsafe for you to do either.

Nidalee is too good at avoiding that punishment right now. Her high mobility and clear speed minimize the map pressure sacrifices she makes to farm, while her constant sustain keeps her topped off the whole time. Even if you catch her while her abilities on cooldown, those cooldowns are so low that she’s got a good chance of winning the fight anyway.

Basically, Nidalee just doesn’t leave a lot of openings for enemy champions to fight. Normal opportunities—abilities on cooldown or missing some health—don’t apply consistently enough to her. We want Nidalee’s opponents to feel like there are correct times to pick fights with her, rather than letting her fully dictate the tempo of engagement.

Cougar Q - Takedown

COOLDOWN5 seconds at all ranks  6 seconds at all ranks

Cougar W - Pounce

COOLDOWN5 seconds at all ranks  6 seconds at all ranks

Cougar E - Swipe

COOLDOWN5 seconds at all ranks  6 seconds at all ranks

Human E - Primal Surge

HEALING45/85/125/165/205  25-50/45-90/65-130/85-170/105-210 (based on missing health)
RATIO0.5 ability power  0.275 - 0.55 ability power (based on missing health)


Q mana cost bugfix.
This one’s for the button-spammers of the world.

Q - Ranger's Focus

BUGFIXFixed a bug where rapidly pressing Q the instant Focus reaches four stacks could cause Ranger’s Focus’s mana cost to apply multiple times


Quickdraw now gives fewer resists when not dashing in.
Graves is the marksman for players who want to get right up in the enemy’s face. True Grit gives Graves enough durability to take a few hits when going toe-to-toe with opponents, but it’s also making him too tanky when he’s kiting away from a fight. Graves’s defenses are meant to enable aggressive Quick Draws, so we’re weakening the reward when he isn’t dashing in.

E - Quickdraw

TRUE GRIT CAP4 stacks  8 stacks
LET’S SEE YOU GRIT THOSE TEETHNow gains 2 stacks of True Grit upon dashing towards an enemy champion
RESISTS PER STACK10/15/20/25/30 armor and magic resist 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 armor and magic resist (max resists unchanged)


Resurfacing 6.20’s mid-patch updates.
These changes went out last patch. Just making sure you’ve seen ‘em.




Mana cost per R cast down, damage up.
Back during the Marksman Update, we shifted Living Artillery to be more about executing enemies as they back off, rather than a primary damage tool in its own right. Now that Kog’Maw’s back to his old kiting/spellweaving ways, he’s frequently casting his ult (and stacking its mana cost) while foes are well above the execution thresholds. This leaves Living Artillery feeling pretty lackluster. So, we’re re-tuning it to fit better into Kog’s new (old?) playstyle while holding on to some of the spicy execution feeling we gained from the Marksman Update.

R - Living Artillery

COST50 mana + 50 per cast (500 mana maximum)  40 mana + 40 per cast (400 mana maximum)
MANA DEBUFF DURATION10 seconds  8 seconds
BASE DAMAGE70/110/150  100/140/180
EXECUTION THRESHOLD 1Deals 200% damage to targets between 25% and 50% health  Deals up to 150% damage to targets approaching 40% health
EXECUTION THRESHOLD 2Deals 300% damage to targets with less than 25% health  Deals 200% damage to targets with less than 40% health

Lee Sin

Back in 6.19 we fixed a bug causing Lee Sin to dash directly on top of his targets, rather than next to them. The fix ended up creating worse issues - namely, Lee’s been getting dropped on the wrong side of walls. So, we’re reverting the 6.19 change.
ON TOP OF ITResonating Strike and Safeguard once again drop Lee Sin directly on top of his target

Master Yi

Bugfixes on Passive, Q and E.
Like Zed, Azir, and others before him, we dug into Master Yi’s code to fix a bunch of bugs and came out the other end with a new plan: rewrite the busted stuff. This patch, we’ve got a ground-up recoding of Alpha Strike to help ensure that you only die in Alpha when you deserve it.

Passive - Double Strike

CRITICAL FAILFixed a bug where Master Yi would not critically strike monsters after Double Striking them at certain attack speeds

Q - Alpha Strike

I WAS IN ALPHADying during Alpha Strike will properly play Master Yi’s death animation, placing him where Alpha Strike was portraying him to be
NEWMINIMUM UNTARGETABILITY0.25 seconds (reminder: untargetable does not mean invulnerable!)
BETA STRIKEFixed a bug where Alpha Strike could sometimes fail to cast but still go on cooldown, and be unable to be reset by basic attacking until Master Yi cast Alpha Strike again
NEWI CAN SEE IT NOWAlpha Strike now also gains vision of where Master Yi will strike on his next bounce
WHY WUJU DO THATAlpha Strike won’t place Master Yi on top of Baron Nashor if Baron is the primary target
CHILL, I GOT THISMeditate is no longer momentarily locked out after a failed Alpha Strike cast
I SWEAR I GOT ITMaster Yi now becomes eligible for assists as soon as Alpha Strike visually bounces to a target (even though damage is only applied at the end of the animation)

E - Wuju Style

WUJU FIX THIS BUGFixed a bug where Wuju Style’s passive attack damage bonus wasn’t counting toward the 25% bonus attack damage scaling of its active effect if Wuju Style was cast immediately as its cooldown expired


R now grants armor and magic resist, rather than giving Nasus AD when it damages enemies.
Nasus is a quintessential juggernaut: a force of inevitability, a raid boss for the enemy team. There’s no question that he brings enough late-game damage to the table with super-stacked Siphoning Strikes, but damage doesn’t mean anything if Nasus dies before he can reach his opponents. So, rather than yet another source of damage, we’re retooling Fury of the Sands to give Nasus the ability to survive long enough to get into the thick of the fight.

Q - Siphoning Strike

THE CANEBonus attack range now stacks with R - Fury of the Sandsattack range increase. (Range is now 175  200.)

R - Fury of the Sands

REMOVEDSAND SWORDNo longer converts damage dealt by Fury of the Sands into attack damage
NEWSAND SHIELDNow grants 15/35/55 armor and magic resist on activation, gaining an additional 1/2/3 armor and magic resist every second (total of 30/65/100 resistances at 15 seconds)


It was pretty hard to see Shroud of Darkness on a few of Nocturne’s skins. We’re switching them to use his base skin's VFX to keep things clear.

W - Shroud of Darkness

SHADOW CLARITYVoid Nocturne and Frozen Nocturne now use the base skin’s particle for their spell shields


Consume health buff reduced.
We gave Nunu’s Consume some updates in 6.20, and it looks like we overshot. The new amount of bonus health Q stacks grant, when combined with a properly-functioning Cinderhulk multiplier (hooray bugfixes), has simply made Nunu too tanky, too easily. We’re toning down his health stacking so that opponents feel like they can kill Nunu every once in awhile.

Q - Consume



E now displays a warning indicator 0.75 seconds before Zac lands.
Zac’s shown back up on our radar thanks to Elastic Slingshot’s unique gank opportunities. But when the counterplay to an ability is “dodge it”, it’s important that players have access to consistent information about where it’s headed. Elastic Slingshot isn’t hitting that clarity bar right now, so we’re making it more clear where you should (and shouldn’t) stand if you don’t want to get slime-smushed.


MATTERS MORE THAN YOU THINKRecommended items updated

E - Elastic Slingshot

CLARITYWarning indicator and shadow particles now show up 0.75 seconds before Zac lands. If his travel duration is shorter than that, they appear immediately.
ALSO CLARITYCast range updated to be more accurate for Zac


The Maiden now moves down the lane she was summoned in, even if no enemy minions are nearby.
Yorick has the tools to split-push, but sometimes the Maiden of the Mist didn’t seem to understand that. Right now, if no minions are around when she's summoned, she’ll continue to follow Yorick around. Yorick should be able to send the Maiden split-pushing without having to walk all the way down to the minion wave, so we’re helping her find her a way more easily.

R - Eulogy of the Isles

EASILY DISTRACTEDIf Yorick summons the Maiden inside of a lane, she’ll start pushing that lane


E mines check for collision more frequently.
If you dashed through Ziggs Minefield, sometimes you wouldn't get hit. This wasn’t a super-common occurrence, but it felt weird when it happened. So, we’re making Hexplosive Minefield do what you’d expect.

E - Hexplosive Minefield

DETONATE TIMERchecks every 0.25 seconds  checks every 0.1 seconds

Skin Splash Updates

Vladimir’s two oldest splashes are getting updates this patch!

Summoner Spells


THAT’S NOT WHERE I TELEPORTEDTeleporting to a ward nearby a thin wall no longer has a chance of placing you on the other side of it

Doom Bots of Doom

Team up to overcome the cursed Doom Bots of Doom and their evil overlord before everything you love and cherish is DOOMED! The Doom Bots will wreak their diabolical havoc with not one, but two playable modes in the RGM queue this patch. Battle the bots in standard mode, or test your limits with a near-infinite gauntlet of increasingly difficult levels. Keep an eye out for more revelations about the Doom Bots and their schemes, but beware, if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.

Loading Screen Indicator

We have the technology.
WAIT FOR ITAdded a spinning icon in the lower right-hand corner of the loading screen. If it stops moving, that means something went wrong.

Spectator Mode

For added drama during Baron/Dragon plays.
FOGGYFixed most instances of enemy ability VFX showing up through fog of war when Spectator Mode is toggled to one team’s view. Maybe all of them. League has a lot of abilities.


  • Audio for the empowered attack proc of Kircheis Shard, Statikk Shiv, and Rapid Firecannon no longer plays through fog of war
  • Thresh's Q - Death Sentence no longer sometimes sends Thresh to weird places if he tries to fly through a base gate
  • Braum's R - Glacial Fissure slow no longer applies inconsistently to enemies in fog of war
  • Riven is no longer prevented from dashing over walls with the third cast of Q - Broken Wings if she's under the effects of E - Valor
  • Pulsefire Ezreal's recall VO lines no longer stop playing after he dies
  • Primetime Draven's Q - Spinning Axe sound effects have been updated to be more noticeable
  • Soul Reaver Draven's R - Whirling Death now properly plays sound effects when it hits enemies
  • Fixed a bug causing Forecast Janna's Q - Howling Gale to not play audio if released after reaching max charge
  • When Pool Party Fiora kills an enemy with a basic attack, the universal blue swirly death VFX now properly display
  • When Star Guardian Poppy's Passive - Iron Ambassador grants her a shield, sound effects no longer play slightly before visual effects
  • Pool Party Leona now properly faces the camera during her recall animation when she has the Hand of Baron buff
  • Fixed pixelation on the max range indicator of PROJECT: Yasuo's third Q - Steel Tempest cast
  • Fixed an issue causing Spirit Guard Udyr's ability animations (not VFX) to play more than once when form-swapping while running
  • Fixed a weird texture on the back of Daisy's delicious head with the Candy King Ivern skin

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released during patch 6.21:


The following Chromas will be released this patch!

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