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Sep 2, 2016

Top 10 Ways to Make Money From League of Legends

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Hi everyone! It's another busy week at the day job, and I know the backlog is starting to rack up on posts. As a result, I want to go over a quick top 10 of potential ways for you guys to avoid getting stuck like me, and instead, pursue a dream in the fields of League of Legends.


Hi everyone! It's another busy week at the day job, and I know the backlog is starting to rack up on posts. As a result, I want to go over a quick top 10 of potential ways for you guys to a pursue a dream in the fields of League of Legends.

Work At Riot Games

If you are willing to relocate to California and/or already live in the area, pursuing work at Riot Games starts with checking out their careers page for an opening best suited for your unique talents and experience. This provides the steadiest paycheck out of all the things on the list, and gives you the highest amount of job security.

Pros: Job Security, higher average starting salary
Cons: May require specialized set of skills, lower growth opportunities.

Become a Streamer

While working directly for Riot games will provide fans with the most steady paychecks, becoming a streamer has the highest potential yearly revenue. As your own boss, streamers can potentially draw a steady amount of tips (likely in $4.20 increments) as well as partnership subscriptions via 

Additionally, if your streams are educational and/or noteworthy enough, streamers can easily combine it with YouTube to be a double threat.

Pros: Highest revenue potential, high visibility in the community
Cons: Need to be constantly entertaining while multi-tasking, raising a fan base takes time, need good equipment.

Create YouTube Videos

Being entertaining the entire duration of your streaming session is something that even hardcore professional streamers have difficulty with. However, many people can still be entertaining for short, scripted bursts.

If you fit this second category, putting together YouTube videos with League-related content is definitely a possibility.

Pros: Passive revenue generation after building your video sets
Cons: Requires some video editing skills, takes time to edit and put together videos and content.

Program a Utility

If you are adept at programming, creating a mobile application or a web-based application like is sure to net you some serious bucks, especially if the League community rapidly starts using it on a consistent basis.

Pros: Can be extremely viral and generate a ton of revenue quickly, potentially passive revenue stream.
Cons: Requires unique ideas, programming knowledge, and potentially high back-end server costs.

Start a Website

Looking back, if I knew about all the other ways to make money with League before starting this site, I certainly would have picked streaming or making videos over pure blogging. If you want to make a website it can certainly work eventually, but it takes a very long time before advertising starts making any sort of serious dent.

Pros: Somewhat unique in a world of YouTube and streaming.
Cons: Slow revenue generation, requires some sort of base web knowledge.

Work for a Large News Site

Rather than starting out on their own and drawing low numbers of readers for years, what I see most writers do nowadays is work for large-scale news sites that specialize in viral topics like e-sports. These sites pay out either by word count or by article (with minimum word counts). This allows writers to start generating revenues immediately.

Pros: Instant monetary rewards
Cons: Difficult to develop a brand or gain recognition in the field.

Create Podcasts

Generally, people who do Podcasts try and combine it with YouTube revenue. However, there are definitely some folks out there who specialize in just podcasts and have gained a following.

Pros: Voice only, does not require video editing, potential passive revenue with large enough base
Cons: Lower revenue flow, slow revenue generation.

Create League-related Artwork

Some creative artists have taken up either creating cartoons or painting. I believe one is even trying to start a jewlery company that is League-themed. If you are good at what you do, the potential is definitely there.

Pros: Allows creativity to be your main sell.
Cons: Potentially low rate of sales if you do time-consuming pieces.

Give Lessons or Coach

If you are especially good at the game and have patience for teaching, giving League-related lessons can also supplement your income, especially if you can build a brand as a good coach. If that fails you could also Elo boost. Just kidding, don't do that. There is a market for it though....

Pros: The pleasure of teaching, setting your own prices allows for premium
Cons: Your time is your most valued asset, may be difficult to find customers.

Become a Professional Gamer

Lastly, if you are simply THAT good and can gain enough fame to compete with the very best, you can try and join a professional team to earn all the money and the glory that comes with it. Be forwarned however, that the road is long and hard, and streamers generally still make more money in the long run unless you are the very best...

Good luck!

Got a money-making method that wasn't listed? Planning on pursuing a line in the future? Comment below!

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