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Sep 27, 2015

Basic Champion Spell and Laning Guide: Nautilus

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Check out this quick guide on some advanced Nautilus tips! The goal of this new series is for intermediate to advanced level players to understand the small mechanical details of champions that can snowball into large advantages at a glance. Hope you enjoy it!

Nautilus Quickfacts

Main Role(s): Support, Jungle, Top
Skill Order(s): 
  • Max E, then W
    • Jungle: Level Q at 3
    • Support/Top: Level Q at 2

Spell Mechanics

Passive [Staggering Blow] - Root + Bonus damage on auto attack once every few sec.
  • Prevents flashes, stops teleport (summoner spell)
  • Does not stop channeling spells.
Q [Dredge Line]: Pulls Nautilus halfway to enemy target and enemy target halfway to Naut, or all the way to terrain
  • Acts as "knock-up" for Yasuo ultimate. 
  • Blocks "dash" based spell movement and damage
  • Hitting terrain halves cooldown
  • Uninterruptible, can be used before getting CC'd and still move away or out of knock-ups
  • Landing a killing blow will pull Nautilus the full distance to the unit
  • Don't miss champions and pull yourself to turret.
W [Titan's Wrath]: - Shield + auto attack damage boost
  • Gives bonus damage scaling off AP.
  • Shield scaling off health.
  • Resets auto attack timer for quick double root (via passive)
  • AOE damage autos + damage over time (2 seconds)
E [Riptide]: - AOE damage + slow around Nautilus
  • Spammable (low mana cost and cooldown) 
  • Scales off AP
R [Depth Charge]: - Targeted delayed knock-up
  • Knocks up all units in its path.
  • Line up champions and aim at back line.

Laning Guide

As a support, Nautilus has strong trading ability via his low cooldown, low mana cost nuke. Additionally, he soaks damage very well with his shield bonus.

When trading damage, make sure to auto first, then immediately use your W to reset your auto timer and increase your bonus damage tremendously. 

In lane against non-sustain supports, his solo damage output is high enough that at level 2 you can trade with the majority of bot laners by simply hooking them with your Dredge Line, autoing, and using Riptide. The passive auto is very important as it starts the cooldown timer sooner, and it's possible to get in two passive procs in the same fight.

Top Lane
As a top laner, Nautilus still deals good damage. However, lacking true sustain he often feels very underpowered mid-game against ranged champions like Vladimir. His all-in ability and jungle assistance are phenomenal though, and with good coordination can pick up a sizable lead via his triple crowd control from level 2.

Try and gank lanes in a way that allows you to save your anchor for after they flash. Some people choose to max W first for jungle to sustain, but E works just as well if you kite a little.

SSJSuntastic Says: Working on a new guide section for the site. Goal is to create some quick guides for each champion that focuses on small details that can snowball into big advantages. Feel free to give feedback below!

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