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Jun 12, 2015

Top 10 Spells Janna Can Block With Howling Gale

As my personal favorite support, Janna far and above stands above the others in my eyes, even Taric (sorry old chap). Some people say you can't carry with support, but I beg to differ. As a champion who can stop both the movement AND the damage of a massive number of spells, a well played Janna can easily solo carry a game to victory.


As my personal favorite support, Janna stands far and above the others simply because of the massive utility at her disposal. Some people say you can't carry with support, but I beg to differ. As a champion who can stop both the movement AND the damage of a massive number of spells, a well-played Janna can easily solo carry a game to victory.

Here's a quick rundown of my Top 10 favorite spells to block with Janna's tornado (check out the full list at the bottom!)

1. Lee Sin's Resonating Strike [Q part 2]

This is by far the most fun spell to block, along with one of the easiest to pull off. Since Lee's travel time is so long, a tornado that starts from his target and travels towards him easily knocks him out of the Q and stops the damage as well.

2. Jarvan's E - Q Combo

Not quite as popular as Lee Sin nowadays, but blocking J4's knock-up combo is not only one of the most satisfying moves to pull off, but can also easily be one of the most game-changing.

3. Leona's Zenith Blade [E]

At lower divisions, Leona easily outweighs Janna as a support due to her ability to snowball lanes early. However, with a competent AD carry on your team, Janna can easily keep them alive through all of Leona's engagement simply by knocking Leona out of her dash and punishing her via ranged attacks.

4. Akali's Shadow Dance [R]

As a champion making a strong comeback, blocking Akali's jump is easily the most important thing that Janna can do as a support. Although Akali has three dash charges, Janna can easily block two of them and reduce her burst by an insane amount. If your AD carry can't survive a single R charge Akali, she's probably a little too fed to begin with.

5. Vi's Vault Breaker [Q]

Although Janna can't block Vi's ultimate, she can easily block her charged dash. The nice part about this is that even if you don't time the tornado to intercept Vi just as she lets go, as long as the tornado hits it will knock her out of her dash anyway.

6. Wukong's Nimbus Strike [E]

This move is insanely fun to block as well. Although it's a low range and somewhat fast move, Janna can still block all the movement AND the damage from his spell as long as the shadows haven't split yet. The best part is when Wukong starts his ultimate thinking he closed the gap and completely wastes it, without you even using your ultimate!

7. Alistar's Headbutt [W]

Blocking Alistar's Headbutt takes away the damage and his main source of initiation. Bumping him into the sky mid Headbutt means that he'll need to blow flash in order to actually get his Pulverize off from range. Timing the perfect tornado in this scenario can mean the difference between winning and losing a game.

8. Shen's Shadow Dash [E]

Shen's Dash costs an extremely high amount of energy, and without hitting a target makes his utility and damage in a team fight greatly reduced. By tornadoing Shen right as he's shadow dashing, you can pretty much take him out of a team fight entirely outside of his ultimate.

9. Tristana's Rocket Jump [W]

It's not quite as effective as when Tristanas used to max their W first, but knocking up Tristana mid-jump during their escape and/or initiation is EXTREMELY easy and negates the entirety of their jump damage.

10. Leblanc's Distortion [W]

Leblanc has an extremely short cooldown on her distortion and uses it both offensively and defensively. However, both Janna's Tornado and her ultimate can stop her spell in its tracks, ending either the escape or the damage. Note that Leblanc's distortion is however, significantly faster than Janna's tornado though, so you'll have to anticipate it.

Here's a semi-complete listing of things that Janna can block with her tornado:
  1. Aatrox - Dark Flight (Q)
  2. Akali - Shadow Dance (R)
  3. Alistar - Headbutt (W)
  4. Amumu - Bandage Toss (Q)
  5. Azir - Shifting Sands (E)
  6. Caitlyn - 90 Caliber Net (E)
  7. Camille - Hookshot (E)
  8. Corki - Valkyrie (W)
  9. Diana -Lunar Rush (R)
  10. Fiora - Lunge (Q)
  11. Fizz - Urchin Strike (Q)
  12. Gnar - Hop (E)
  13. Gragas - Body Slam (E)
  14. Graves - Quickdraw (E)
  15. Irelia - Bladesurge (Q)
  16. Jax - Leap Strike (Q)
  17. Jayce - To The Skies! (Q)
  18. Kha'Zix - Leap (E)
  19. Kled - Jousting (E)
  20. Leblanc - Distortion (W)
  21. Lee Sin - Sonic Wave (Q)
  22. Jarvan - E - Q combo
  23. Leona - Zenith Blade (E)
  24. Lucian - Relentless Pursuit (E)
  25. Nautilus - Dredge Line (Q)
  26. Nidalee - Pounce (W)
  27. Pantheon - Aegis of Zeonia (W)
  28. Poppy - Steadfast Presence (W)
  29. Rakan - Grand Entrance (W) and Battle Dance (E)
  30. Rek'Sai - Unburrow
  31. Rengar Passive
  32. Renekton - Slice and Dice (E)
  33. Riven - Broken Wings + Valor (Q+E)
  34. Sejuani - Arctic Assult (Q)
  35. Shen Shadow Dash - (E)
  36. Thresh Hook/Lantern
  37. Tristana - Rocket Jump (W)
  38. Tryndamere - Spinning Slash (E)
  39. Urgot - Disdain (E)
  40. Vi - Vault Breaker (Q)
  41. Wukong - Nimbus Strike (E)
  42. Xin Zhao - Audacious Charge (E)
  43. Yasuo - Sweeping Blade (E)
  44. Zac Elastic Slingshot
  45. Ziggs - Satchel Charge (W)

Notable Unstoppable Spells

  1. Camille - The Hextech Ultimatum (R)
  2. Hecarim - Onslaught of Shadows (R)
  3. Jarvan IV - Cataclysm (R)
  4. Kalista - Fate's Call (R)
  5. Kled - Chaaaaaaaarge!!! (R)
  6. Nocturne - Paranoia (R)
  7. Malphite - Unstoppable Force (R)
  8. Maokai - Twisted Advance (W)
  9. Shyvana - Dragon's Descent (R)
  10. Sion - Unstoppable Onslaught (R)
  11. Vi - Assault and Battery (R)

Other Spells That Operate Similarly to Howling Gale

  1. Azir - Emperor's Divide (R)
  2. Blitzcrank - Rocket Grab (Q)
  3. Cho'Gath - Rupture (Q)
  4. Draven - Stand Aside (E)
  5. Galio - Justice Punch (E)
  6. Janna - Monsoon (R)
  7. Kayn - Blade's Reach - (Red Kayn W)
  8. Maokai - Bramble Smash (Q)
  9. Nami - Aqua Prison (Q)
  10. Nautilus - Dredge Line (Q)
  11. Ornn - Searing Charge (E), Call of the Forge God (R part 2)
  12. Poppy - Steadfast Presence (W)
  13. Thresh - Death Sentence (Q), Flay (E)
  14. Sejuani - Arctic Assault (Q)
  15. Sion - Decimating Smash (Q)
  16. Syndra - Scatter the Weak (E)
  17. Veigar - Event Horizon (E)
  18. Vel'Koz - Tectonic Disruption (E)
  19. Yasuo - Gathering Storm (Q - 3rd Cast)
As you can see from the above, some of the spells like Thresh's Flay are fairly quick and capable of being used similiar to Janna's Howling Gale. However, for the most part they tend to be slow or require close positioning use effectively.

Imagine landing a Nami Aqua Prison or Sion Decimating Smash on a flying Zac! Possible, but not probable...

Find more spells that she can block and/or know any more interesting interactions? Comment below!

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  1. Rekky RektorinoJune 12, 2015

    Do these apply for Azir wall as well?

  2. Alfred DunnerJune 12, 2015

    Nice article, might start maining Janna once I get my Morg to diamond.

  3. Josh ThurlowJune 12, 2015

    forgot to mention Velkoz Ult

  4. Yeppie. Also, guys. There are the spells that she can INTERRUPT =)!!!!!!!!!

    Shen ultimate probably?? should be? Katarina ultimate? the potential is real

  5. Steven NadlerJune 12, 2015

    It's too bad that when Hecarim ganks and uses his Devastating Charge (E), even if Janna tornados him as he is about to collide, meaning Hecarim is in the middle of his knock back animation, the damage still goes through, even though Janna prevented Hecarim from charging into someone.

  6. you forget about garen's q... it could be blocked by knocked or stunned... in his air... like dunk...

  7. Hey man,could you help me choosing a champion that I should play in mid lane(i want to main mid lane and i dont like talon and kata) and who can carry solo queue games?I want that champion to be my main also.Pls help me.I am lvl 26

  8. If ur lookin for high burst ranged mages, then maybe Ahri (banned a lot), annie (banned a good bit) , lux, xerath, syndra, vel, leblanc (banned always!!) if ur willin to learn her after nerfs, Melee would be Master yi, zed, fizz, akali, p much all of those melee are banned. Honestly man just keep playing champs during free week and find one you really like, Carrying ranked shouldnt be ur goal tbh

  9. Jordan LewisJune 12, 2015

    who cares fag

  10. BoltOfSpadesJune 12, 2015

    People that want to be good with Janna?

  11. Tom AlbersJune 12, 2015

    isn't hecarim's ult a unstoppable spell?

  12. Makoai's W is also unstoppable if im not mistaken

  13. every hard cc interrupts speel channel

  14. But it is.
    In real life I always ''carry'' my friends to have good grades xD
    I want to do the same in lol carry my teammates !

  15. I Hate EzrealJune 12, 2015

    yep it makes him untargetable so is unstoppable but he didn't mentioned it because it isn't as devastating as a malaphite or vi ult,that's what i think

  16. I Hate EzrealJune 12, 2015

    idk but maybe isn't so devastating to worth mentioning him

  17. I Hate EzrealJune 12, 2015

    a lot of people

  18. I Hate EzrealJune 12, 2015

    annie is god in low elo as far i know

  19. I Hate EzrealJune 12, 2015

    i think because is E works as an auto so when the animation starts it means he always marked to target to being hit

  20. I Hate EzrealJune 12, 2015

    every hard cc block channels as asf said but dew can stop gapcloses,dashes and whatever

  21. I Hate EzrealJune 12, 2015

    every hard cc stops it

  22. I Hate EzrealJune 12, 2015

    i think yes but you will have to waste an ult for do this

  23. Annie free elo.

  24. My advice is not to start playing ranked games right after to reach lvl 30. Wait a bit, get some wins, runes and good masteries and then try.

  25. SSJSuntasticJune 12, 2015

    Added it on for completeness

  26. SSJSuntasticJune 12, 2015

    Yes, Hecarim's ultimate is unstoppable after it ramps up, I think there's a frame or two where you can stop it though

  27. ConfusedTeemoJune 12, 2015

    I think a good addition to any mid laner's lineup is ziggs. Sure he isn't a sexy pick, but he is simple, safe, and strong. Even if you are playing against a counter you can just abuse your range and CS easily with your Q. Lastly, late game he has good sustained damage, can peel for himself, he has AMAZING wave clear and his ult synergizes very well with any form of cc.

  28. B4ckslashJune 12, 2015

    Yes, it's classified as an AA, but even so, with any autoattack, the damage won't be dealt until the animation visibly intersects with the target's hitbox. Easy example: canceling autos against minions as a melee champ: even though the animation has started, the damage won't be applied until the minion is visibly hit. It's sorta comparable to hitframes in fighting games^^

  29. The TowerJune 12, 2015

    As a Gnar player I was fairly certain she could stop my bounce..

    Maybe I was mistaken.

  30. TerrowinMagikenJune 12, 2015

    Poor poppy is forgotten again...

  31. TerrowinMagikenJune 12, 2015

    He can also dash to an opponent if he's rooted (unlike the second part of ekko's E)

  32. Lionel AlmaidaJune 12, 2015

    K6 leap is E, not W. Need a little fix there.

  33. SSJSuntasticJune 12, 2015


  34. Bob JonesJune 12, 2015

    Isn't it also impossible to CC Jarvan while he is casting his ulti?

  35. can janna block leblanc w? i know azir can

  36. Daniel KasmanJune 12, 2015

    Nope its possible. iirc it also puts in on cooldown and makes it a complete wasted

  37. TerrowinMagikenJune 12, 2015

    No he's immune to cc during the cast.

  38. well if you wanna carry -that- bad then one of the high burst mages would be best for mid lane! good luck

  39. TerrowinMagikenJune 13, 2015

    Could you please fix Diana's description? As of patch 4.21, if Diana targets a unit with moonlight (the Q debuff) with her ult, and the dash is interrupted, the cooldown is still reset.

  40. TerrowinMagikenJune 13, 2015

    Yeah if she tornadoes at the right time leblanc will be knocked up and the dash ceases.

  41. Fr4ntic95June 13, 2015

    In the eye of the tornado

    You'll feel my cold breath

    It's the kiss of death ...

  42. Can it block kalista ult?

  43. Does Yasuo 3rd Q act simularly to Janna's tornado? That would be pretty awesome to stop lee sin from his ganks instead of windwalling his Q

  44. i don't think so. KAlistas mate doesn't materialize until the spell hits (aka the mate traveled to it's targeted location)

  45. Jarvan IV's ultimate is unblockable as well, correct?

  46. As far as I know, it does, I could be wrong though.

  47. True, true guys. but it's worth noting anyway that also can do that. advantage for Jannah

  48. Tom HrabchakJune 16, 2015

    LeBlanc's dash can also be interrupted

  49. Gnar's jump as well

  50. alex gardnerJune 18, 2015

    No, if it's interrupted the cd isn't reset

  51. Carl GoldbergJuly 08, 2015

    maybe that's why it's on the list, i dunno.

  52. SSJSuntasticJuly 08, 2015

    I added it on later

  53. SSJSuntasticJuly 08, 2015


  54. i got to gold 2 from silver 3 from just playing ziggs. I can reccomend this champion for anyone wanting an easier climb

  55. Some spells you cant stop with jannas tornado but for example you can stop malphites ult with your ult


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