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Jun 5, 2015

Top 10 Best Hexakill Champions

Hi everyone, it's getting late into the Hexakill lifecycle, but since I procrastinated on working on today's post and instead spent the majority of the evening playing Hexakill, I figured this would be a good opportunity to quickly opine on some of the top Hexakill champions!


Hi everyone, it's getting late into the Hexakill lifecycle, but since I procrastinated on working on today's post and instead spent the majority of the evening playing Hexakill, I figured this would be a good opportunity to quickly opine on some of the top Hexakill champions!

1. Katarina

It probably comes to no surprise for most that Katarina tops the list at an impressive 58.2% win rate on the map. With the sheer number of champions for her to get resets off of, if anyone's going to get a true hexakill, it's going to be her.

2. Janna/Sona/Soraka (or any other support)

Likely one of the most important roles in the game, it's no wonder that the top 10 includes champions like Janna, Soraka, and Sona. With their ability to perform well with low gold amounts, there's a reason why gold generating supports have been a staple in the 5v5 meta for so long.

The fact that real supports tend to build Aegis of the Legion also helps a ton to prevent that Katarina hexakill. If you tend to play this role, you'll likely singlehandedly secure many victories for your team until your MMR gets to a spot where the rest of the Aegis builders are. Bunch of tryhards.

3. Lux

Lux on this map is very similar to Lux on ARAM, and the map's tight corridors/massive straight lines are perfect for aligning her spells, making it very difficult to miss by any wide margin. 

4. Ziggs

Performing a similar role to Lux, Ziggs has an insane amount of damage potential with the excellently placed chokepoints on the map. Additionally, since his AOE only gets stronger the more champions are on the map, hexakill provides opportunities for his damage to reach obscene levels.

5. Shaco

Shaco, specifically AP Shaco, is surprisingly very effective on this map. Because of the nature of the map and how champions constantly roam through facechecking bushes, Shaco can easily set up camp and burst down unsuspecting champions.

6. Wukong

Ah yes, the ever controversial Wukong. A teamfight master and an excellent assassin, his damage only gets higher and higher the more champions there are around to fight against. The natural clumping in each lane also helps him keep enemies in his ultimate for the Katarina follow-up.

7. Talon

On a map where most of the AOE is performed by AP champions, Talon works extremely well as a pure AD AOE mage. While most higher level teams will opt to quickly rush an Aegis no matter what, few will specifically itemize for armor, giving him free reign to wreck havoc.

8. Fiddlesticks

The terror of the Howling Abyss, Fiddlesticks also finds a particular niche in Hexakill, and has tons of spots to deploy his ultimate from. Also, with the chaos of six players on each team, he often goes unnoticed on a map with no wards.

9. Xerath

Again, on a map with so many straight lines, and huddled masses of heroes ripe for the picking, champions like Xerath absolutely excel. 

10. Galio

Again similar to ARAM, as a champion whose main purpose is as a strong anti-mage, Galio does extremely well against the multitude of AP champions that enemy teams inevitably pick. Additionally, Galio also does well himself as a poke champion, and can also buy Aegis and lose relatively little in the way of damage if he's the only tryhard on the team.

If the ones above aren't enough for you, definitely check out some of these other super popular Hexakill champions:
  • Ekko
  • Ezreal
  • Yasuo
  • Teemo
  • Nidalee
  • Fiora
  • Blitzcrank
  • Leblanc
  • Jayce
  • Riven

Comment below if you've had some particular success with a different champion or simply really want a hexakill tier list!


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  1. lee sin?

  2. HA you completely forgot azir. hes probably better than katarina

  3. tharsh3blowsJune 05, 2015

    Oh man, Vel'koz is ridiculous in this mode. For the same reasons you described for Lux and Xerath. He outranges Lux's basic abilities, provides more aoe and outdamages both of them because of his passive. the fact that his Q can be shot from the mid health pack and reach a lane is reason enough for him to be mentioned at all on this list.

  4. Donn BracciniJune 05, 2015

    Yasuo all day long.

  5. I do this weird thing with tris where i get two items then go for elixir of sorcery because of the 25 true dmg on hit to towers. Then if i can get my team to distract the enemies. I just backdoor and win ez pz.

  6. Daniele CavoliJune 05, 2015

    Vladimir. Ulti and gg

  7. SLAAAYEEEERJune 05, 2015

    Bard is best, backdoor portals op

  8. Seriously worst list I've seen. I'll give u any of those 6 champions including kat and I'll I need is Cho sejuani and sion. To complete my team . I'll add zac darius and jinx.

  9. boring team you have then..

  10. Bard is best troll

  11. Well if winning is boring to ya. Then sure it's boring.

  12. I still prefer Xerath or Ziggs because they have exceptionally strong waveclear. A lot of enemy teams I've played against opt to pick champions without strong waveclear and there have been games where my entire team wiped and I can still hold base for the duration of their revive timers (Usually because they killed at least three of the champions or the enemy team lacks hard engage). While Vel'Koz also has decent wave clear with his W, it requires him to get closer to the turret. His q doesn't clear very well and if you use his e for wave clear you risk the enemy diving you. Xerath and Ziggs can both clear better from a safe distance. In fact I'm surprised they're not higher then Lux on the list because of that. While I can't deny that Vel'Koz's R is extremely exceptional for large team fights, both Xerath's and Lux's R are extremely useful for holding altars for long enough for your team to get to the altar or picking off fleeing enemies. If the enemy team wins a teamfights but are low on health, they'll have to think twice about going for an altar. Xerath can also justify taking Clairvoyance for his R while providing extremely useful vision to your team throughout the match.

  13. Ben HaertelJune 05, 2015

    This isn't the best hexakill team comp list, you don't get to choose your teammates picks...

  14. Vel doesnt outrange Lux at all. Lux outranges him on every corresponding ability. in Terms of Damage. Lux Bursts way harder and has stronger aoe. But Vel has Godly Sustained Damage and annoying peel for himself

  15. I Think Lux is better in the Hecticness that is hexakill, but Vel is better on 3s in general

  16. Samantha LuckJune 05, 2015

    I feel like there are a few unsung heroes that people should definitely try on Hexakill before the game mode is retired for the season.

    No specific order:

    CASSIOPEIA - Usually I'll start Tear and Q (lower cool down \ easier to stack tear and passive as soon as the game starts) Q is super useful for checking bushes and her AoE dot is perfect for close quarters like TT. That ult, if you can land it can put the game in your favor.

    BRAND- Same reasons as Cass, though banned more often. AoE dot, CC, and an ult that can easily land a hexakill for yourself.

    MASTER YI- Hexakill seems to be made for Yi. If you're able to survive initially and snowball you single handedly become the enemy teams worst nightmare. They'll wish they banned Yi instead of Katarina.

    KARMA- With her recent buff and AoE damage she's just as useful if not better in Hexakill as she does very good on Twisted Treeline in general.

    Also, from what I've seen, though they can be a pain the butt sometimes, Ekko doesn't fare EXTREMELY well on Twisted Treeline \ Hexakill and champs with better early game damage stomp on him if he doesn't have his ult to save him from a 6v1 massacre. He's also banned quite frequently, which in my opinion isn't worth the ban slot.

  17. Josh ThurlowJune 05, 2015

    I feel like Poppy would fare well. I played her last time Hexakill TT was around. plenty of room to wall stun, and she can negate so much damge with her ult, and if Kat roams around she's a good person to ult w/ no CC

  18. Obviously . But I have 2 friends and we go with cho and sejuani and sion and We basically destroy every team we play. I'm just saying that this list is just terrible no offence . I can have my own opinion .

  19. Ben HaertelJune 06, 2015

    You can have your opinion but your opinion is wrong lmao. This list isn't best hexakill champs for you and your friends to pick so saying "well hurr durr me and my friends stomp with these champs" is irrelevant.

  20. Ur mom is terrible no offense. I can have my own opinion >[

  21. yi...he did solo hexa in my game...and after that solo quadra (died because turret)

  22. KogMaw, Lux, Ziggs, Yi, Akali, Ashe . My dream team for Hexakill (looks squishy, but would wreck tank teams by early lead pre-6 and massive ults post-6). Might replace Akali by Talon or Wukong, but Akali is a little better to deal with tanks.

  23. The TowerJune 08, 2015

    Gnar. With so many teammates.. someone will followup. 8 players vs 4-5 stunned enemies.... I could see Gnar being great for this.

  24. The LegendJune 14, 2015

    dat kat pic tho


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