Jun 5, 2015

FOTM Report: New Ryze

Hi everyone and welcome to FOTM Friday! Today's report focuses on an old favorite that's risen to the top of the top, Ryze! With massive buffs on his abilities this patch, Ryze is an absolute terror top lane again. Although he still suffers slightly from low range mid lane, his ability to bully is incredible.


Hi everyone and welcome to FOTM Friday! Today's report focuses on an old favorite that's risen to the top of the top, Ryze! With massive buffs on his abilities this patch, Ryze is an absolute terror top lane again. Although he still suffers slightly from low range mid lane, his ability to bully is incredible.

What's Different?

Patch Changes

After Ryze's initial rework, his results started out poor, sporting win rates that would make even Shyvana cringe. However, in the latest Patch 5.10 changes, Riot gifted the following:


Q damage up at later ranks, Arcane Mastery and Desperate Power now last 6 seconds at all ranks.
 We've got some follow-up adjustments for everyone's favorite rogue mage with bad teeth - specifically just streamlining some of those buff durations.

Passive - Arcane Mastery

SUPERCHARGED MASTERYAll buffs (stacks, shield, etc) associated with Arcane Mastery now apply at the end of the spells' cast time  beginning of spells' cast time
SUPERCHARGED DURATION3/4/5/6 seconds (based on ranks in R - Desperate Power)  6 seconds at all ranks

Q - Overload

BASE DAMAGE65/90/115/140/165 magic damage  65/95/125/155/185 magic damage

R - Desperate Power

DURATION4/5/6 seconds  6 seconds at all ranks

These changes resulted in the following:

  • Massive increase in overall Passive duration
    • More spells cast for higher cooldown reductions
    • Stunlock potential

Skill Order

The primary skill order most players follow is still R > Q > W > E. 

However, some are players electing to maximize their W first in order to optimize their root time for potential early game stunlocks while his passive is active.

I think that against melee champions maxing his W is an insanely strong strategy. However, against another ranged champion Q may still be better.

Item Build

Although Tear of the Goddess and Rod of Ages are still heavy staples on him, more and more players are choosing to pick up deathcap and void staff rather than his normal cooldown build with Frozen Heart.

The reason for this is that during his passive activation, his cooldowns become so low that CDR is a somewhat less valuable stat than sheer damage.

Role Position

As an AP champion that was originally a primary mid laner, he's found the most success top lane. However, as a champion that does benefit from blue, he still does very well mid when he fights against other melee champions such as Zed and Fizz. 

Video Material

If you're still on the fence regarding how strong Ryze is and if you should pick him up, check out this video montage by e5xq0!

What do you think about Ryze? Comment below!

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  1. That is just some op shit xD LIKE 4-8 sec stun long

  2. Just remember to mash the Q button during his passive. Also W and E. and R but only once. Also mash the rest of the keyboard so you don't forget to use your Seraph's. For real though has anyone tried building rylai's on Ryze? the AoE slow during your ult seems like it could be strong. Of course if you like running ghost it's not really needed, but TP/Flash seems to be most popular. I like to spam spells on the trees so I get Clarity so I never run out of mana.

  3. Yukari YakumoJune 05, 2015

    What about Runes/Masteries?

  4. Anas R'ghiouiJune 05, 2015

    Snare not stun ! There's a HUGE difference.

  5. True, true. Snares

  6. For most melee champs it's basically the same thing.

  7. ConfusedTeemoJune 06, 2015

    I sincerely believe it is just as dangerous to clump against new ryze as it is against Viktor, Sej, Amumu, Malph or frankly anyone

  8. His rework gave to his spells a bigger AP ratio and a smaller mana ratio, so now I'm trying with AP quints, mag penetration marks (also hybrids are good), armor seals and magic resistance glyphs (or AP or mana).
    For masteries I'm doing 9-0-21 because of mana regen and mov speed (insanely good), but I think also 21-0-9 and 13-0-17 are good on him (but I have to try yet, now I'm playing a lot with my Anivia, so... XD)

  9. TBH how is this happening without ryze getting hotfixed? or disabled? its fucking toxic that u can cagelock someone forever. Riot come on.

  10. Uhm mate.. did u watch the video? If you max w you can use cage so often that the enemy has roughly 0,5-1 seconds to move before you can cage again.. runes and masteries doesn't matter if a champion is this broken. But anyways here are viable choices:

  11. You pretty much build him like any other spell spamming mage now. A lot of pros are using the same runes/masteries as on ori/ziggs like

    You can still run movement speeds quints, but with the improved ratios I prefer AP.

  12. ToontownBoltVids .June 06, 2015

    It's sad how champions have to be used in LCS before people realize how broken they are.

  13. Harry PotterJune 06, 2015

    People stopped getting frozen heart because at rank 3 his ult gives 30% CDR so frozen heart would put him over the CDR cap.

  14. LlorencioJune 06, 2015

    Even with 20% cdr in ult, it's not even worth taking frozen heart. Mana scalings are way lower, and AP scalings are better now.

  15. Dr. PoopsnugletJune 06, 2015

    Sooo, he's basically cassiopeia with a 8 second snare with his passive up... lmao

  16. Yes it would be ,phuckeronie. Plezz.... Frozen Heart is still great gives mana skaling and tankyness as hell, and helps with mana problems and gives the CDR... so, bts pls.

  17. .... probably worst fotm report... cause maxing q is not a right thing.

  18. mashing is not a good thing. It's better to practice on dragon or baron. just press q after w or e and you will be fine.

  19. SSJSuntasticJune 06, 2015

    Regardless of what pros are doing, max Q first is still the highest win rate skill order.

  20. Ok that snare is ridiculous.

  21. what are u bronze nub? You need to mash the keys to get ur APM up. You need at least 800 APM or you'll get rekt by Gnar and Irelia and Yorick.

  22. LlorencioJune 06, 2015

    New ryze is way better with AP + mana or simply AP. Only mana is not viable now, because his mana ratios are waay lower than before. You don't even have mana problems, because of the RoA and Seraph.

  23. lol i got that skin

  24. ryze is great dueler but absolutely garbage in teamfight because of spamming spells during stand.... ryze is baseically immobile adc with spells...

    thats why ryze got decent winrate against most top champion but mid because of gap closer champion and ganks...

  25. From my experiments, Ryze maxing Q is more effective against bruisers than caster. Especially against the ones with untargetable skills (Yi, Fiora, ...) .
    Sometimes I get 3 points in Q then maxing W, sometimes 3 points in E first is better.

  26. Classic Ryze guide:

    Spam QWQEWRQWQE .... and get Penta. To make the game more relax, roll your face on keyboard , just get Triple or Quadra and let your team mates have some pride!

    youtu. be/5VAfra6Kf74

    (to be updated for S5)

  27. But your video material is saying something else. Maxing W is the reason why Ryze is bullshit champion now because he can root enemy all the time.

  28. SSJSuntasticJune 07, 2015

    Most of the kills are only with one or two points on W regardless. You'll have that by mid game even if you max Q first.

  29. See you in gray filter screen after you cast w and e back to back without q.


  31. Aquamaster11June 08, 2015

    I completely disagree. He's got more movespeed than most AD carries, and with the same peel they receive, he's ridiculous in teamfights. Any champion with that much repetitious cc and aoe damage is absolutely ridiculous in a teamfight.

  32. Lucas FröjdendahlJune 11, 2015

    hahaha fuck you riot

  33. so let me get this straight. stupid rito takes an OP champ. nerfs him for a month then decides hey lets change his Q to a skillshot then give him free 30% CDR more CC and a shield. WTF!!!!! who the he** approved this.... they should be fired. there is no outplay potential against Ryze now. its ridiculous.

  34. garbage in teamfights? Aoe spam says no.

  35. atm he is at under 50% winrate... so he is not very influence champion... i also saw many ryze lost the teamfight because of simple and predictable...

    ryze could be ahead of team so easily... but cant carry team alone... he is just good cleaner... just think him of ap olaf or zed...

    if someone is smart to build ryze as tank then possible more effective and more durable than pure ap... who knows...

  36. having a lower-than-50% winrate, and being susceptible to assassins does not make a character not good at teamfights. Read: Lux (49.88% winrate, attow.)

    Your opinion that "ryze is smart to build tank" no longer holds the same water it once did. Frozen Heart, for example, was one of Ryze's core purchases in the past because of the mana, the armor, and the cdr. Now, he gets 30% free cdr from his ult at rank 3, so that would be 10% cdr wasted after rank 3. On the contrary, ryze's immobility mid-skirmish gives him a fair counterplay point and makes him synergize extremely well with peel/lockdown champions and comps.

    Before you knock a champion, take a little extra time to consider ALL of the factors that go into a game of league of legends before you come to a conclusion.

  37. i was not saying to build ryze with same tank as before... there is more options to be better and effective....

    i guess its your opinion... i guess you said that statistic is wrong... but every champion could be effective when playing by master... even "under 50% winrate" champion seems not to be master by everyone it.. or just bad champion like useless olaf...

    i am saying that generally ryze (player) is just not influenced at all... so i still will not play with that champion... no matter what...


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