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May 22, 2015

Top 10 Ways To Get Better at League of Legends

Have you ever felt like you've hitting a brick wall on your way to challenger tier? Maybe you're making good pace, but just want a bit of extra oomph to push you to the top. Either way, if you're looking to improve your game, try out these methods below to help your game ascend to new levels.


Have you ever felt like you've hitting a brick wall on your way to challenger tier? Maybe you're making good pace, but just want a bit of extra oomph to push you to the top. Either way, if you're looking to improve your game, try out these methods below to help your game ascend to new levels.

Custom Game Training Methods

1. Practice Last Hitting

Good last hitting is often what separates players who know how to play the game and players who are just playing the game. 

Open a custom game and perform each of the following at your discretion in order to improve your last hitting skills:
  • Pick Leblanc (or your favorite ranged champ) > use no runes and no masteries > play for 10~12 minutes, then restart the game
    1. Use no spells > Last hit ONLY > Try and wait until just before a minion dies
    2. Use no spells > Push to turret > Try and last hit all minions at your own turret 
    3. Use spells > Push to turret > Try and last hit using minimal spells 
It's rare that most people can get every CS at turret using no spells, but it can be done with some foresight and planning.
  • Pick Garen (or your favorite melee champ) > repeat steps above.
    • You can also practice champions while using regular AD runes, but if you're playing someone with animation resets like Riven, in a custom game there's really no excuse not to be hitting 100% of minions in the first 10 minutes.
      • You can do it! I believe :)

2. Practice Warding Over Ledges

By warding over ledges, you can effectively extend your ward range by a little under double what it would normally go to. The rule is, if your cursor can reach over 50% of the ledge, then your ward will go over the ledge.

Check out the full article on warding over ledges here. The pictures and map are a bit dated, but are still very relevant. On the to-do list for updating.

3. Practice Flashing/Jumping Over Ledges

This is something that I actually do fairly often with champions such as Nidalee, Fizz, Ezreal, Fiddlesticks, etc. If you would like to play one of these champions, there's really no reason not to start up a custom game and practice jumping over ledges (especially Nidalee). Trust me, it's fun.

Meanwhile, there's nothing worse than a failed flash over a ledge, so feel free to practice that as well. I specifically recommend the spot below at a running start:

In Game Training Methods

4. Stick to One Champion 

This one's been hammered into people time and time again, but seriously, if you practice one champion, you will get better at the game much faster than if you try and play every champion.

It's good to know what every other champion does, but focusing on one particular champion at a time will allow you to intimately understand that champion at a high level. If you're aiming to play at a high level, then specialize.

5. Analyze, But Focus On Yourself

Most games, it's too easy to try and concentrate on what everyone else is doing wrong. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as you learn from their mistakes as well. However, never do it at the cost of making extra mistakes of your own. 

Baddies will naturally be left in the dust as you climb through the ranks, as long as you surpass them, with any luck you'll never have to see them again. Don't let them hold you back.

6. Concentrate On Learning Easy Mental Parts of the Game

Many people try and play super difficult champions with high skillcaps, which makes it difficult to concentrate on the parts of the game that are easy to change.

Trying to perfectly time a Zed shadow may be beyond your control, and may also cost you the game. Spending 75 gold on a ward to save your life and waste the enemy jungler's time may win you the game, and requires way less effort.

Knowing when to push and when to freeze a lane can make or break a game. The best part is, that decision doesn't require Faker level finger techniques. 

Check out this page for some more mental-oriented solo queue tips.

Look what the mind can accomplish!

Out of Game Improvement Methods

7. Get a Better Internet Connection/Computer

Many players aren't in control of their own internet connection. However, many are, or will be soon. When that time comes, you'll have to make a choice, how serious are you about League of Legends? Is an extra $10 a month on high speed internet worth it? How about a better router or modem?

Likewise, improved computers or keyboard/mouse components will definitely cost you a lot more than a better internet connection. However, they can be the key difference of a few milliseconds between Victory and Defeat.

In case you were wondering, I'm currently using the Razer Deathadder mouse and Razer Blackwidow keyboard. If you're in the market for a new mouse or keyboard, feel free to check out the two on Amazon below!

Not to spam you with advertisements, but if you're in the market for a new drive and haven't upgraded to a solid state yet, you gotta check out these Samsung drives too!

I literally just plugged in a new 500 GB version of the drive below right before writing this post (which is why it's up so late), and it's absolutely INSANE! The 250gb one is much cheaper, and currently the #1 best seller in Amazon's solid state department. If you're still running a regular hard drive now's a good time to switch to SSD.

Note that these are affiliate links and I get a small cut if you buy it. I do however use everything I advertise above and find them all to be absolutely phenomenal.

8. Watch Replays Of Yourself

There are a variety of free replay tools out there on the web, although Riot hasn't made one themselves. Watching yourself play allows you to learn from your mistakes. You can even watch your mistakes in slow motion :)

The most popular ones out at the moment appear to be LoLReplay and the one SkinSpotlights released a few months back. I personally don't use either one since Lolking automatically saves all replays of Diamond 4+ players so I can't recommend a specific one to try.

If you've had good experiences with a specific one feel free to comment below!

9. Watch Streamers

Are you trying to be a better player at a specific role? There are tons of high Elo streamers out there that main a specific role. Watching them on allows you to see the mindset of other players performing in that role that you want to improve on.

The main takeaways from streams that you should take away are when and how to play aggressively, and when to play more passively. For junglers, map control and knowing when to gank/farm are also crucial, but fairly easy to pick up after watching someone else play for a little while.

Personally, TheOddOne to be a good balance of being informative and entertaining when it comes to learning how to jungle.

10. Friend Good Players

After a game, if you find that someone in the game did particularly well (and you did decently yourself), feel free to send them a friend request after the game and chat about any great plays or terrible plays by either team.

Talking with other players allows you to see another point of view, and possibly even allows you to gain someone to play with and learn from as you climb the ranks.

While for the most time people you friend may never speak with you again, even talking about that one game for a bit while it's fresh in your minds is a great way to analyze things that went right and things that went wrong.

Did you particularly like any of these tips? Have more tips of your own to share? Comment below!

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  1. NoxianSpidercrabMay 22, 2015

    I've been updating constantly. Knew it was coming soon. ^_^

  2. The DoctorMay 22, 2015

    Who is a Streamer that constantly plays Azir?

    Also for replays, I use MK LOL, which apart from replays t allows you to get free skins(only you can see them), quick messages and optional jungle timers

  3. Kevin RobinsonMay 22, 2015

    I don't know any streamers, but you can look up drift king azir, and he is a azir main that puts out videos every so often.

  4. Alex Ich plays Azir. Sneaky plays azir bot when his team is full AD.

  5. Well let me add some drop over those lines.
    First of all good article SSJ!
    Ii just finished watching a video of a Challenger Jungler Youtuber making some kind of statement about improving "10 things that challenger do that you don't" by foxdrop
    I think this article's kinda mixing or completing with that video tho.

    I think the 2 biggest reason people willing to climb the ladder that doesn't succeed are the following:
    - Play too many champions for X or Y reasons thats nobody's concern...
    - Play the game in the wrong mental health (getting toxic or getting affected by people being more salty than the Atlantic Ocean to them or to others)
    Come on tell me it doesn't frustrate you when you see someone starting to flame or 2 players starting to have a dispute like "Oh...there we go again!..."

    Don't think i say this like im kind of immune to this sh*t...none is unfortunately!
    But if you willing to climb you only have to focus on your performance and ONLY do you remember the KDA of the last guy you made an argument about?
    If yes > You got Salt Cancer! Blue pill is cure, Red pill is tribunal/ban/restriction which one you gonna take?
    If no > Welcome aboard! You maybe starting to understand my point that your innerself has other sh*t to remember than that like:

    - Is my vision/ward presence enough for what im doing or about to do?
    - Do i really have to back?
    - Is my positioning good enough in teamfight?
    etc etc...Everyone has to keep learning except if you're Master or Challenger division and even tho...

  6. TenobaalMay 22, 2015

    Funny, I always watch TheOddOne before going to sleep (another time zone). I can really recomment his stream, because he analyses the games while playing.

  7. Tom AlbersMay 22, 2015

    also on euw?

  8. OddOne is NA time zone so not really.

  9. Tom AlbersMay 22, 2015

    no, i asked if tenobaal was in euw. because if oddone streams its really late here.

  10. Shuriman BirdmanMay 22, 2015

    Great post! Keep the work up man!

  11. 2 things that i liked less over this article is the point about the keyboard/mouse & internet connection. (althrough you right on both)

    Internet connection:
    It isn't a question of money in many case scenario to have a greater internet connection but what ISP has to offer and in general case you can only wait or move somewhere else if you got a flat thats fine but an house...gonna be a bit more difficult!
    Im speaking here for Europe i have no idea of the general status of the ISP in NA but i guess it's way better! (and cheaper?)

    I personaly dislike Razer, i know many people that like Razer mouse its just a question of taste and feeling althought the keyboard is a disaster i mean on a long period you can feel its really not manufacture made to last in my opinion they are most probably terrific for mouse many gamers use their mouse but in term of keyboard i read many users having issues later on.
    There are other brands even on Amazon which are worth more than a try which are as good or even better than Razer! (Steelseries, Roccat, Logitech, etc...)
    Whatever float your boat like the wise man said but better you find the gear than suit you and not the others. ;)

  12. Tenobaal

    a year ago

    I'm from Germany

    Stalker 2.0 ... Kappa

  13. Romao SabandarMay 22, 2015

    My advice, check Azubu for the KR pro players. Like in 90% in the games if Azir is left open he will be picked up.

  14. ConfusedTeemoMay 22, 2015

    11. I think I have said this to more than one person on here when they were looking for tips: own your mistakes. Even if everyone else in the game is 0-10 at 20 minutes(please rito gods never let this happen to me) look for the little things you could have done better. Improve during and after every game!

  15. William M. BernalMay 22, 2015

    Excellent post. Farming is the difference of being strong and being weak. It's amazing to see the item difference with 20 min of a good farmer and a bad one.
    It's very often to see one more big item, only in farm difference.
    About the jumping - for jungles, it's all about being a "mobile" champion. Gragaa, sejuani, amumu...all offering greating "jumping" possibilities. Just use it to steal dragons and barons.

  16. Tonight, we Hunt!May 22, 2015

    Number 4 especially. Find the champion that you love extremely much and constantly get good with it. You will be aware of good times to go in, when you'll die and your limits. And of course, learn champions who are meta. Playing Anivia adc most likely won't net you as many wins are say a regular marksman :) I have learnt this the hard way. I kept choosing champs I felt like learning in a ranked environment instead of choosing ones I'm good at, and this has caused me to get demoted twice. (Silver 3 to 5). So now I'll be playing champions I'm good at and see how this goes.

  17. You forgot one, practice skillshots, as a Thresh main, if I didnt concentrate abit on landing my skilllshots in a few normals and analyzing where do players tend to dodge to I probably wouldnt be as good as I am ( not that i am dat great, silver 4 currently, though I don't play rankeds. ). I once saw this video by impakt, a diamond euw portuguese thresh main, he teached how to do prediction hooks, one of the ways was know what players tend to do in your elo in terms of dodging, what the specific enemy player tends to do, and analyze what is the safest way to safety, and their gapclosers, escapes or flash. Another one is, if you are maining a champion, train the ability or current mechanic you are struggling with, me for example am a very bad at flaying, though i am seeing progress on my flays, like yesterday I flayed pantheon's stun back. Just some tips. :3

  18. Yeah thresh skillshot it's annoying when enemy is pro and focken hooks me and wrecking... ahh it's annoying :s! have to try to be unpredictable. Predictable becomes un-predictable lol

  19. Yes, true my friend.

    ps. I am Silver 2 90LP :3

  20. Now THAT is funny :D:D: hahahhh shiiiet.

    KappaHD :D

  21. Well written. Love these type of articles. Keep it up!

  22. "Pick Garen (or your favorite ranged champ) " i think it should have been "melle" ;)

  23. Me too Razer has failed me with many of thei products bu each to their own!!!!
    I recommend Logitech products they are most of them REALLY SOLID AND GOOD at least for me. Logitech G502 one of the best mice to get right now. Logitech G930 fantastic headset but it has some problems with the wirelessness, AT TIMES.
    Usually it works, little sad it malfunctions sometimes though. But the mic hasnt broke yet... in many headsets the microphone breaks. and these are maybe the most comfortable headphones headset I HAVE USED.

    And about the Internet thing, yup man. It really depends also which STATE you are in america :) and what City it is. It varies. but USA gets everything relatively cheap compared to EU, Europe. Im european and im happy with my 50-60€/mo (month) Cable Internet, it's very speedy. 100Mb/s Download, 5Mb/s UL. Just want to get 10mb/s upload for better streaming capabilities but it seems to work so far :D!

    It's true and sad but true... it just is true. I hate it when teammates PC lags, Low FPS. Or their Internet. Get a better Internet+Gear.

  24. SSJSuntasticMay 22, 2015

    This is true

  25. AronguejoMay 22, 2015

    So, what Streams are good in each role? I don't really follow the others scenarios, since I just know the players/streams/roles from BR streams (yes, I'm BR :( no, I don't like it)

  26. TenobaalMay 22, 2015

    Yes, I'm from Germany :)

    I usually start watching his stream at 12 AM (Central European Time.)

  27. Grigorios T.May 22, 2015

    If you're a jungler, I recommend watching Trick2G. He's a bit rude, and not the best mechanical player, but his strategical understanding of the game is among the best you can find. Plus he's really good at explaining.

  28. Learning how to kite is good

  29. Top - Wingsofdeath
    Jungle - (Nightblu3, or Trick2g (plays ALOT of Udyr))
    ADC - Geranimo, Imaqtpie
    Mid - Bjergsen
    Supprt - Haven't found one...

  30. AronguejoMay 22, 2015

    Thank you man... Helped me a lot... I was really thinking on learning udyr :P
    Again, thank you

  31. I have only started playing LoL a little less than a month now. The majority of people i have talked to have all said get as much CS as you can. The second thing i have heard a lot is just concentrate on winning your lane at first. Now it doesn't mean just stay in your lane the whole game and never roam or ward etc. But make winning your lane for your team the first thing you try and do when you have just started playing LoL. Anyways... these are what i have heard and they have helped me tremendously. And don't forget, it is a game and you play it to have fun.....if that isn't happening take a rest for a few.

  32. You don't need a PC Master race to get over 100-200FPS.
    About 500$ or € and you get a great machine already! :)

    About the perfect setup i have been testing a bit everything. so far i didnt try the new technology of logitech keyboard (trying to compete with mechanical keyboard)
    In term of mouse and keyboard Steelseries seem to me they pulled better than the other but that is just a question of taste and nothing else you gotta find out yourself!
    About headset i HIGHLY recomend for those that arent all bitch swag iphone6 i watch to buy Kingston HyperX Cloud v2.
    I still use the V1 and its suuuuuuuuuuuuuper great! Highly confortable and sound quality awesome! and a year or two later the mic is still workings since you can unplug/plug it!
    Feels great great great!!!

  33. Funny how midlane is 100% European :D
    Alex Ich <3

  34. & juke/predict enemy mouvement!

  35. Nicolas CageMay 22, 2015

    I wouldn't really say he has an incredible strategic understanding of the game relative to a lot of streamers out there, but he does have a very fun stream to watch at times and he is definitely very vocal about what he's doing.

    I'll second SSJ's recommendation of TheOddOne in particular, since he's a great streamer. I like Doublelift and Nightblue a lot as well for when I'm really trying to improve by watching a stream.

  36. I love trick, pretty funny guy but youre right. Especially his youtube vids of like his "my ways" he actually describes wahts the best to do, why, and how to do it. TAKE A VAPE FOR THE YOUNG MAOKAI

  37. The JokerMay 22, 2015

    Who do you main?

  38. Xan GrigusMay 22, 2015

    LoLReplay would always make my game crash when loading so enver got it working, Skinspotlight replays worked for me and does very well

  39. Aldo TorresMay 23, 2015

    1 month and people told you all of that, jesuschrist i wish i was you, only advices i got on my first month was things like "fucking ashe noob champ" "duo top is for dummys" "i called mid first bitch" "lol this zed wannabe" .-.

    don't forget my friend once you go ranked, stops beeing only a game (you can have a good time and have so much fun that's right) but if you go on a ranked it's your time to fucking shine! you have to tryhard, fight or flight.

  40. Grigorios T.May 23, 2015

    "Strategic" as in objectives, rotations, map awareness, predicting enemy movements, etc. I haven't seen anyone as good as him. Even if other streamers have that kind of understanding, they do subconsiously and they can't really understand it in a consious way or explain it.

  41. Grigorios T.May 23, 2015

    I think the most important one, especially in low elos, is to see the enemy's specific style. It tends to be that if they dodge left the first time, they dodge left every time there's space.

  42. Grigorios T.May 23, 2015

    Logitech master race. Even their cheapest products are high quality.

  43. I have Kingston HyperX Cloud :)!!!! the first version.

    It's OK comfortable but not so comfy, just OK. Microphone lasted some time, OK mic but a little quiet and weird. But mic is okay also, not very good. G930's microphone can be lifted up, out of the way. no need to unplug :).

    It's good for the money and a decent headset. quite good audio quality, great accessories.

    Yes, about 500€ gets you a decent PC for League of Legends and a few other low-end games.

  44. Fiora currently. Yes, don't ask xDDDD!!!

  45. Daniel KasmanMay 23, 2015

    Impakt for support. Small streamer but he will answer any question you have from chat and often does day long streams on just one champion. After teamfights or he dies he will often analyze what went well or wrong.

  46. I was also told not to rush into ranked once i hit lvl 30.

  47. Exploding PenguinMay 23, 2015

    Some of my biggest tips for anyone new to the game is:

    1. Do not overextend. Keep a HUGE watch over your vision of the map. Try to check the minimap frequently as long as it doesn't interfere with your focus on whatever you're currently doing at the time. If you're pretty far into the enemy team's side and you can't tell if someone is in their jungle heading towards you, back off. It is better to give up a bit of CS and play safe rather than risk going for an extra 3-4 CS and dying.

    2. ^this also applies to teamfights. If you're losing and you're pushed to your inhibitor towers, unless you know where pretty much everyone on their team is, or at least a general idea, don't overextend unless you are very closely grouped to the point where you can protect your squishy teammates or, as a squishy champion, get away from danger safely. I have lost many ranked games because our team decided to stop turtling and as soon as we left base we got flanked from behind while our tanks were in front and we instantly lost all our damage champs.

    3. Don't facecheck. This doesn't mean that warding a bush instead of walking into it isn't facechecking. Unless you are warding over a wall or at certain specific angles where people in the bush can't see you, don't ward without scouting with a skillshot or something else. A lot of people don't think scrying orb is useful, but if you're behind it can be one of the best tools to come back as you can safely extend out of your base a bit without getting instantly deleted by 5 people camping in your jungle waiting for your team to come out. If you think they're doing baron but you have no vision, don't go for it without facechecking every bush along the way. Chances are they're baiting you into thinking they're doing baron, and then you get aced and they don't even need baron to end the game. Or they grab baron and end it anyways.

    To sum it up, vision is ridiculously important. It's gotten to the point where when I play tank junglers I often grab a sightstone just because if you can constantly keep 3 wards up in the enemy jungle it makes it near impossible for their jungler to get a clean gank off. I'm only gold 5, but I was struggling in silver for quite a while. As soon as I stopped doing stupid things like going into danger zones by facechecking and stuff due to the fact that our team didn't have vision, I cut my deaths down by a solid 1/3 or so and really quickly jumped into gold.

    In order to maintain good vision for your team, try to get your top and mid to upgrade their yellow wards as soon as they hit 9. It becomes a mini sightstone and saves so many lives in lower ELO levels it's ridiculous. Your jungler should realistically grab a sweepers early to make ganks safer, as for your support, to deny enemies vision of mainly objectives like dragon. In my opinion, one of the most important is the ADC with an upgraded scrying orb. I see so many people skip out on this and stick with the warding totem, but if you can scout dragon pit from blue/red buff without going anywhere near danger, it is completely worth it.

  48. Raid Boss MordeMay 23, 2015 is up and running :D

  49. Mark LucasMay 24, 2015

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  50. Aphromoo is one of the best supp streamers

  51. Its a question of preferences the only issue of the Cloud was the mic in the V1 corrected in the V2 (by what i heard)
    The origine of the headset come from BeyerDynamics (High End quality headphone/set)
    Logitech is really made for gamers...i highly prefer the Cloud over the Logitech G930 since i saw after a year or so the headset break at the same point and heard also about battery issues over the time (Less than the Corsair Vengeance 2100 but still...)

  52. I wouldnt say High Quality tbh...price/performance maybe but quality hmm...the best in quality is way more expensive that will beat Logitech on everything but x2 - x3 price.

  53. Grigorios T.May 25, 2015

    I've got an 6 year old 5 euro logitech mouse still fully functional, and I've never had any performance issue. Sure, for double or triple the price you can get faster or better looking hardware, but no logitech product I've used ever gave performance issues, that's why i'm calling it "high quality".

  54. Ye less than that 2.1k headset. I dont have battery issues much, only it sometimes thinks it has less battery left than it actually has but just use it till it runs out at least almost.

    And G930 amazing wireless headset :) very comfortable, good sound. So I am happy with my purchase. I JUST hope they will last for 1-3 years.

  55. I mention headsets issues not mouse or keyboard never had issues with them too neither in term of mouse/keyboard just headset they are just good not "high quality"

  56. José Vitor RodriguesMay 25, 2015

    @Aronguejo, assiste a stream do Picoca que é gg, kkk .. O godyr do Trick2g na s4 era foda, na s5, nem tanto, mas ele é um mito .. BoxBox é uma boa pra top lane (Joga mt de riven, :3)

  57. AronguejoMay 25, 2015

    A do Picoca eu assisto, mas não sei ainda que role ele é, sem falar que toda vez que eu coloco ta na rinha xD
    o Trick2g, vi uns vídeos dele e realmente, o Godyr faz jus ao nome.
    O boxbox eu conhecia, aprendi a jogar de riven rom ele, mas não sabia que ele fazia stream...

  58. Mary PatrickJuly 18, 2015

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