May 22, 2015

FOTM Report: New Ashe

Ever since the Ashe rework in Patch 5.9, Ashe's popularity has absolutely skyrocketed by almost 500%. Personally, I think she was already growing powerful right after Graves and Jinx were nerfed, but the rework definitely brought her into the spotlight.


Ever since the Ashe rework in Patch 5.9, Ashe's popularity has absolutely skyrocketed by almost 500%. Personally, I think she was already growing powerful right after Graves and Jinx were nerfed, but the rework definitely brought her into the spotlight.

Rework Summary

The basic changes that Ashe underwent are as follows:
  • Faster missile speed, reduced attack speed, and reduced "crit" damage on her autos;
  • All basic attacks after the first "crit" for 10% extra damage, but Ashe cannot crit normally for 200% damage anymore;
  • Ashe's Q is no longer a toggle slow, but more like Twitch's expunge with passive stacks and an active boost;
  • Ashe's W is buffed slightly in terms of reliability as long; and
  • Ashe's R slow proc was nerfed.
All in all, she's simply a little more reliable and has more tools at her disposal.

Complete Rework Details




NEWPassive - Frost Shot

Spells and basic attacks slow targets by 5/11/17/23/29/35% (at levels 1/4/7/10/13/16) for 2 seconds.
Basic attacks always critically strike targets slowed by Frost Shot for additional damage, but Ashe cannot crit normally. This bonus damage is increased by Critical Strike items.

NEWQ - Ranger's Focus

Applying Frost Shot grants Focus for 4 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Activating Ranger's Focus consumes all Focus stacks, granting 20/25/30/35/40% Attack Speed and boosting Frost Shot's slow by an additional 20% for 4 seconds.
If 5 stacks are consumed, Ashe's basic attacks are replaced by a flurry of arrows resulting in 1.15/1.20/1.25/1.30/1.35 of her Total Attack Damage per attack for the duration.
COST50 Mana
COOLDOWN18 seconds

W - Volley

COST60 mana  50 mana
COOLDOWN16/13/10/7/4 seconds  12/10/8/6/4 seconds
VOLLEY BLOCKEREnemies can now block multiple arrows, but will only take damage from the first.

E - Hawkshot

RANGE2500/3250/4000/4750/5500  Global
NEWI BET THEY'RE SIBLINGSNow stores up to 2 charges upon reaching rank 2
AMMO RECHARGE RATE90/80/70/60/50 seconds
REMOVEDFROZEN ASSETSNo longer passively generates gold

R - Enchanted Crystal Arrow

SLOW ON ENEMIES IN THE AREA50%  Frost Shot's current value

Ashe In the Current Meta

Outside of being a newly modified champion, how good is Ashe in the current meta? Ashe's ultimate is always game changing on any given team composition, and is mostly hampered by her lack of escape (outside of any number tweaks).

Ashe is Good Against:
  • Large and/or immobile targets;
  • Champions with a single gap closer, but sustained rather than burst damage; and
  • Teams with low sustain.
Ashe is Good With:
  • Champions with high CC and follow-up initiation; and
  • Strong peel-type supports (read: Janna).
Ashe is Bad Against:
  • High burst assassins with invisibility (read: Talon);
  • Champions with multiple gap closers and burst damage (read: Akali)
  • Teams with strong all-in engagement (read: Leona)
There's no-one in particular that Ashe is specifically "bad" with though, as she does also work with burst supports that can chain with her CC.


The new Ashe is a well oiled machine compared to the old Ashe, but not drastically different from how she was before as indicated by a nearly undetectable movement in her win rate, especially considering the massive spike in her play rate.

In terms of the current meta, she does do very well simply because her counters aren't as popular on the rift at the moment. Even if she does get "countered", against her poorest lane match-up (Draven) she's still sitting at a solid 49.5% win rate as a result of the sheer utility that she provides.

What do you think about the Ashe rework? Comment below!

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  1. Gabriel Thomazine DamettoMay 22, 2015

    im loving the new ashe though

  2. Riot really had a good idea with the way the stacks of her Q work. Since she needs to get 5 stacks to gain the bonus damage effect she can't just gain free damage and slow whenever she wants but she has to either poke with her W first or wait for her 5th stack, which she won't have time to do against high-burst champions. I think they might have to do something about her ability to apply 5 stacks of Black Cleaver in one attack…. Lol imagine building BC and Last Whisper to get about 65% armor pen.

    Personally her new W feels like a nerf to me (not counting the reduced cooldown at early levels) because an enemy that gets in your face blocks practically the whole spell (goddam melee minions)

  3. Her E being global is really useful since you can check enemy jungle buffs or scout for pink wards at their usual bushes. Also you can troll by shooting in at the enemy fountain to see them when they respawn xD

  4. Jor'El JonesMay 22, 2015

    I agree, Ashe was strong pre-rework.

  5. StokeDaddyCMay 23, 2015

    is it worth it to trade in black cleaver for BT, IE, or LW?

  6. I wont ad up like that, its more like lw reduces armor to 65% ans then reduces the 65% with 30. So you knos have 100*.65*.70= 45,5% of your original armor

  7. HACKERDUDEMay 23, 2015

    Actually if they had a jungler it wouldn't be a troll because you can shoot her E and see which buff they are heading towards and set up a gank but the only problem is that they would know that you can see them.

  8. KingoftheSocksMay 23, 2015

    You shouldn't really be getting BC on Ashe, even though she procs it really fast, in comparision to Last Whisper it only gives a 30% armour reduction compared to LW 35% armour penetration, so at all times LW will do more damage.
    You could buy it if you had a heavy AD team, but only as a last item over a defencive item like GA or Banshee's.

  9. KingoftheSocksMay 23, 2015

    Ashe is one of my new favourite champs with her new kit, she feels so streamlined and fun to play now that she skyrocketed on my most played

    With her new crit mechanic I actually feel like she can duel any other adc in the game full build if she has full build. You just have to hit that ult

  10. OblongOtterMay 23, 2015

    What do you think about getting a shiv first on her? Technically it does increase her auto damage by a flat amount, although I more do it because her new attack speed makes me want to throw up.

  11. Jim PaponettiMay 23, 2015

    LW isnt Armor pen, it ignores 35%. So BC is better if the team doesnt have a lot of armor yet.

  12. I think PD is way better than shiv since the extra 15% crit chance translates to an extra 22.5% damage due to her passive. Additionally it has 10% more AS at the cost of 1% move speed. I don't think the shiv passive needed much since, although it will always crit when Ashe crits, usually your shiv will proc on your first attack if you've been walking to lane or something, so unless you hit the target with your W first, the shiv proc will not crit. Also the shiv damage crit will be modified like Ashe's normal crit so it will be critting for 140 damage instead of 200 (assuming shiv is your only crit item)

    I suppose you can get shiv and PD, which will result in 278% crits with IE, but you wouldn't be able to get a defensive item if you did.

  13. LW is armor pen. Ignoring enemy armor is what armor pen means. You might be thinking of armor reduction?

  14. Unless Vayne buys Merc Scimmy ;_; silver bolts OP.

  15. MrMalifikMay 23, 2015

    I main support, I seem to play over half of my games against her right now. She's still got strong kite, her q burst is absurd and combine summoner heal with the follow up bonus lifesteal on her q takes her from nearly dead to full health. Simply put, she was decently balanced before the rework and to be honest she honestly didn't require a revamp. Now though she's strong if not op, I still haven't figured out a way to reliable fight her without getting instantly fucked by her q. Unless you're playing Leona you are destined to get kited and killed or burst so fast by her q she might as well be called a lane bully.

    tldr: Too much burst, too much sustain, too much utility, Rito pls nerf

  16. ehm... m8? r ur math ok? to get 200% crit on ashe you need to get same items that will get other ADC 90% crit ratio.

  17. disisdeathwingMay 24, 2015

    i would do what the website name tells us to do.

  18. disisdeathwingMay 24, 2015

    that ult was in vayne, wasn't it?

  19. StokeDaddyCMay 24, 2015

    What does Ashe's crit changes do to Infinity Edge's passive?

  20. You could read the formula about her crits on LoLWiki: TOTAL DAMAGE: 110 + (%Critical Strike Chance × (1 + Bonus Critical Strike Damage)) %AD

    IE adds 50% bonus critical strike damage, so it multiplies the other bonus by 1.5. So just IE gives 110 + 20 x (1+0.5) = 140 % crit dmg. Adding PD gives 110 + (20+35) x 1.5 = 182.5 % crit dmg. So that combo is a must, I think.

  21. I math good but not read me so good

  22. Ryan EslambolipourMay 24, 2015

    play annie and rape ashe

  23. MrMalifikMay 24, 2015

    I seem to be finding Sona fairs well against her. Won a few games today with that combo, I'll try out Annie and see if she does well. Thanks for the tip.

  24. StokeDaddyCMay 24, 2015

    thanks for the math Jef. What do you think about Zephyr? I think all of those stats are really useful

  25. PotatomanMay 25, 2015

    Does ashe's passive mean she can't crit champs that can't be slowed like yi?

  26. Joe HolleyMay 25, 2015

    She's been killed.

  27. Nathaniel LeungMay 25, 2015

    Pretty sure it gives a debuff and that debuff slows as well, so she can crit

  28. I think PD is better, because the 35% crit enhanced to 52.5 % by IE is just fantastic, while the 25 dmg added to your 260 (100 base + 80 + 80) is not so interesting. Zephyr instead of boots is viable I guess, especially during late game.

  29. Jonathan KlineMay 27, 2015

    Leona + Ashe was already strong because of the double engage potential, but I've been loving the even stronger synergy. I main Leona and it's really great to have a champion that procs my passive so easily. Plus, most Ashe mains know the synergy and how to do the quick skirmishesand to initiate with ult, since mine is a better follow-up (cast just after the arrow hits and you get a perfect stun-lock). I'm going to enjoy it while I can before the nerfs.

  30. Selfish EyesMay 27, 2015

    lol ok

  31. Selfish EyesMay 27, 2015

    Draven says hi

  32. Eramnius Dw Sári ZénóMay 27, 2015

    she cannot crit on tharhets are not affected with her assive. her passive is a slow and if she cannot apply it she cannot crit. deal with it

  33. Eramnius Dw Sári ZénóMay 27, 2015

    she gets too more AS. it is not worth. with thoose stuff on her + her q is activated -> enough as at every point of the game.

  34. Eramnius Dw Sári ZénóMay 27, 2015

    well, if you think her q is absurd the nget cc and hit with it when she USES q. you negated the burst. well done, good job. Anyway, try her WITH sion support. she gives enough time to carge the q and still gives arpen. you can shopot your arrow and the sion run on a target = mindblowing.

  35. Carlos Archundia CejudoMay 27, 2015

    Even though Yi will not be slowed, the debuff is not only a "slow" it is an special debuff, for example, she cannot crit if the champ is slowed by any other slow.
    So yi will still get the debuff that lets her crit, but the slow in itself will not be applied

  36. bronze comment

  37. IntoxicationJuly 01, 2015

    She deals more damage at 100% crit chance than any other champion ( all other things equal)


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