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May 1, 2015

Top 10 Solo Pentakill Champions

Are you stuck at an elo so low you can barely count on your teammates to connect to the game, much less be useful?

Are you a kill freak trying to rack up as many pentakills as possible?

Do you have to prove that you are the ultimate boss and can 1v5 the enemy team just to send a message?


Are you stuck at an elo so low you can barely count on your teammates to connect to the game, much less be useful?

Are you a kill freak trying to rack up as many pentakills as possible?

Do you have to prove that you are the ultimate boss and can 1v5 the enemy team just to send a message?

Then check out the list below to find your new best friend!

Top 10 Solo Pentakill Champions

Solo Pentakill: verb [\ˈsō-(ˌ)lō\ \ˈpen-tər-ˈki-rü]: Killing all 5 enemy teammates by yourself in a short enough time for the announcer to say "PENTAKILL" (max 10 seconds between each kill).

1. Riven

With the sweestest pentapotential in the game, Riven's got a great set of both burst and sustained damage. Using her naturally powerful cooldowns and lifesteal, Riven can easily take out a quick two enemies to start and then slowly (or quickily) outplay the rest if she gets far enough ahead.

2. Annie

Wielding her insanely short cooldown and uber high damage, her tibbers + W combo can easily take down an entire enemy team as they facecheck a bush. Meanwhile, with a maximum 4 second cooldown on her Q and the ability to half the cooldown on killing a target, you'd be surprised how many you see in a single teamfight.

3. Cassiopeia

Speaking of face-checking, there are few things more satisfying than landing a five man Cassiopeia ultimate from the relative safety of a bush. A fully itemized Cassiopeia can instantly dispatch squishies with her ultimate and make quick work of tanks as well with her common Rylai + Liandries combo.

4. Vladimir

When it comes to late game hypercarries, few come close to Vladimir. A resourceless champion with damage amplification and built-in lifesteal gets very out of hand very quickly when there suddenly aren't enough teammates surrounding you to burst through his sustain. Speaking of sustain, it seems to be coming at the cost of your health. Oops, you're dead.

5. Nasus

Although he'll get kited more often than not out of sheer fear of the God Dog, Nasus can definitely 1v5 in a very satisfying way with his giant staff of punishment. It's definitely every Nasus player's childhood dream to someday have a team of all melee dumb enough to fight a 1500 stack Nasus head on, but I'm sure it happens from time to time.

6. Fiddlesticks

In terms of raw unfiltered damage, few come close to the amount that a Fiddle ultimate can provide. Although it's rare that people stand inside the full duration of the ultimate, a Fiddle that's fed enough can definitely use his completely disfunctional teammates as bait for that 1v5 pentakill. Remember, if you don't think they did anything, you can still call it a solo pentakill. That's the rule.

7. Akali

As the princess of resets, Akali's damage has been nerfed from where it used to be. However, she can definitely still dish the 1v5 pain, especially if the enemy team forgot to bring pink wards. With her built in lifesteal and insane chase potential, she's definitely still a huge pain when fed.

8. Katarina

Where Akali is the princess of resets, I'd like you to meet the queen. Not that introductions are needed. When the time of game comes where you don't even need your ultimate to pick up the first kill, you know you're ready for that 1v5 pentakill.

Yeah. Just CC her. RIGHT?

9. Talon

Where Katarina needs her resets to dish the full amount of pain, Talon's got it covered from the get-go. Using his patented armor penetration stacking build, he's easily a threat from the start to the solo pentakill he's about to get against your team.

10. Master Yi

If AP Yi were still around, he'd easily take the cake for the best solo pentakill artist in the game. Unfortunately, those days are long past. However, he still gets decent resets and can definitely hold his own in the pentalove.

11. Vayne (Honorable Mention)

Technically, it's actually pretty hard for Vayne to get a solo pentakill, even at 50 minutes in. There has to be a ton of outplaying involved and some fairly outclassed enemies on the other side. However, since 1v5 Vayne pentakills are the most fun thing to watch since the advent of watching things, I'll have to add her in as an honorable mention.

Got more champions that you think would fit right in? Want to share your favorite pentakill story? Comment below!

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  1. KeiisankiiMay 01, 2015

    I'm surprised to see Talon over Fiora imho.

  2. WhySoSerious?May 01, 2015

    "Akali;s damage has been nerfed from where it used to be..." No it's just the range on R and the Q proc with E.

  3. SSJSuntasticMay 01, 2015

    I guess that should actually be defined as "burst speed" rather than pure damage.

  4. SSJSuntasticMay 01, 2015

    Fiora was a close runner up

  5. LamestOneMay 01, 2015

    Unless I'm mistaken, the 5th kill of a pentakill actually has a 30 second window, specifically to make them a bit more common. It was always frustrating for someone to evade capture for just a second or 2 too long to give that satisfying announcement, and it doesn't really devalue the experience.

  6. Iso SpaceraceMay 01, 2015


  7. I think Jinx is easily in the top 5. I don't agree with Nasus, Talon, Fiddlesticks and Vladimir. I have never really seen them get a penta...

  8. SLAAAYEEEERMay 01, 2015

    have you forgotten the dunkmaster himself? only champ I ever saw getting a 1v5 penta (no teammate was even near him)

  9. Sir JigglypuffMay 01, 2015

    i remember the time i did a 5 vs 1 with ww ap and i did and unoficial penta

  10. calle perssonMay 01, 2015

    Old tristana 50 minutes in :p

  11. Ben HaertelMay 01, 2015

    I personally think that Katarina should be higher on the list. If you just wait until your opponents are in Baron/Dragon with her AOE damage it's incredibly easy to pick up a triple kill and then finish off the last two. Because her damage is so much faster to get out and multi-target, unlike Akali (who does single target), it's a lot harder for people to counterplay unless they have extremely quick reaction time.

  12. SnatchFX PLMay 01, 2015

    SSJ i sadly need to say that one polish website is notoriously stealing your articles. - This article -Your article about most nerfed champions -Support Kennen article
    And so on, they have stole many articles before,all your URF thoughts etc.
    When i wrote them comment, why do they dont put you as a autor, the owner of this site said that your articles are just ''inspiration''
    They steal everything from reddit, from you, from fucking everyone without even adding as its not their article

  13. This is 1v5 penta. I'd like to see your Jinx get a penta 1v5.

  14. SSJSuntasticMay 01, 2015

    Jinx is good at getting pentakills, but the chances of any AD carry getting a 1v5 pentakill (especially one with no mobility without getting a kill first) is very low.

    I'm not surprised you've never seen those champions get a pentakill as pentakills are one of the rarest accomplishments in the game.

  15. TenobaalMay 01, 2015

    Not sure if its only 10 sec. between each kill. A week ago I've done a Pentakill with Darius on ARAM. I chased the last guy over the whole map, so it was definitely more than 10 sec.

  16. Peter MüllerMay 01, 2015

    Never saw an Annie,Cassio or Vlad penta penta in my Leauge carrer so far.
    (Im plat 3 now and played lots of games)
    I got my most 1v5 pentas in low elo with Master yi, Katarina or Akali. My top 3 would be 1 Kata, yi number 2 and Akali since she was nerfed 3)
    I enjoy playing Riven but never got a 1v5 penta with her.
    Yasuo was god tier pre nerfs but riot just took the wind out of his sword so that hes now on a lower winrate than Urgot. GG Rito nerf tactics op

  17. Srikar MylavarapuMay 01, 2015

    karthus? Even though he dies in the process, he can easily take out 5 people with ult and defile

  18. Not so sure about Talon's position on the list. It seems like the enemy team would have to be so clustered that they all get hit with your W and R, and Talon is pretty squishy and after his cooldowns are used his damage output shrinks significantly for a short period.
    I think Pantheon could be an honorable mention since his passive gives him a lot of outplay potential and if he can manage to hit most of the enemy with his E he can dish out a lot of damage.
    Also Darius? Admittedly he'd have trouble getting the penta if any of the enemies decide to bail, but if he's fed and they all wanna play, his Q will shred them nicely enough to set up the pentadunkslam.

  19. what about swain?

  20. i saw very brutal cassiopeia quadra and pentakill in a row 1v5 in the enemy base especially with luden's echo now she burst down an adc with a poison and 3 E

  21. What about DARIUS? :p especially onwards of LVL 6 until late game. late game not so easy, less dmg. but from level 6 to end of mid game.

  22. Wei Kai TsaiMay 01, 2015


  23. Is Yasuo pretty high up there as well? I've seen lots of Yasuo's 1v5 before

  24. Popstar Ahri xDMay 01, 2015

    1v5 yea you're right. My bad I am thinking team fights. In that cases your list is almost perfect. :p
    Minus talon.

  25. In teamfights Jinx and a lot of other ads have a big chance. High damage in generel.

    My first pentakill was with Weedwick though, and it was amazing :')

    BTW it's not my list, and I don't know why talon is on it x)

  26. ToontownBoltVids .May 01, 2015

    How about Yasuo? He can pentakill fairly easily with some outplaying.

  27. Nicolas CageMay 01, 2015

    With the right team composition, definitely.

    Not as consistent of a pick as the 10+1 listed, though.

  28. Nicolas CageMay 01, 2015

    If he had better sticking power, sure. He has the damage + other stats to do it, it just depends on if the enemy team is going to jump into the meat grinder or not.

  29. yeah true... enemy can escape sometimes, annoyingly.

  30. spencer smithMay 01, 2015

    agree with this guy. Im plat and played for a couple of years now and by far the most amount of penta's I have seen have come from katarina and master yi. No-one else even close.

  31. Hayden HensonMay 01, 2015

    For the next top 10 could you do top 10 safest first picks? As when I'm first pick I don't really know what to choose.

  32. Puddleglum567 .May 01, 2015

    I agree this is a really good idea. I have the same problem

  33. Puddleglum567 .May 01, 2015

    Where's amumu?? He is by far the best 1v5 in the whole game because each of his spells (except q) is aoe, and with 5 champs attacking you, his tantrum is on a 1 second cool down.

  34. Puddleglum567 .May 01, 2015

    Teamcomp doesn't matter; in a 1v5 penta you don't have a team

  35. Would love to see this, if possible mentioning a few picks for each role

  36. I've seen lots of Annies get a penta, and several vlads (got lucky enough to be one once :) ) but definetly haven't seen a Cass get a penta (or quadra) so far, can understand the potential, just hasn't happened to me yet

  37. He doesnt have eniugh damage thi unless you build a lot of AP and the enemies are all squishy. Plus this would require the enemy team to basically be standing in a small circle around you

  38. You forgot teemo ;)

  39. Wizard GabMay 03, 2015

    Khazix :)

  40. Bryce PotterMay 03, 2015

    So, Talon shouldn't be on the list because you might miss some very easy, large, and instant AOE, disregarding the fact that it takes a tenth of a second to jump on someone and delete them, but you want Pantheon on the list because you might be able to land a single smaller AOE, one that doesn't even deliver all of its damage at once, and gets negated if he is CC'd at all, or moves. Not to mention it is pretty easy to notice a Pantheon going into your team, no matter how he does it. The passive can be used for outplays, but if you proc is more than twice in a fight, then they are living too long.
    Also, clustering is a bad point, since most of the list is reliant on it. Heck, Cassiopeia, Fiddlesicks, and Annie won't do shit UNLESS they are clustered.

  41. Bryce PotterMay 03, 2015

    "Minus Talon."
    Friend of mine does it all the time. it's more likely than Nasus or Fiddlesticks.
    In the situation you would need to get these pentakills with quite a few of the champions on the list (especially the AD AOE Mages), Talon would be able to do the same thing, so the argument is kind of pointless.

  42. Puddleglum567 .May 03, 2015

    He has more than enough damage if you build intelligently and are far enough ahead. Also, his range is pretty good and he can take out two at a time

  43. Bad Teacher FioraMay 04, 2015

    jinx? i did 2 pentas with her and saw some more

  44. Where's Jinx???? Kha would do well too.

  45. Popstar Ahri xDMay 04, 2015

    I talked about Jinx initially too, but this list is 1v5. Jinx cannot 1v5 usually o-O. In team fights, it's a no brainer though, with proper support and team peel, she can walk away with a penta. Hope that answers your confusion about Jinx :D

  46. Popstar Ahri xDMay 04, 2015

    The only time Talon will get a penta is when the enemy team is clustered and compacted together. Same with champions like Annie and Fiddlesticks. I don't think these three champions are the most viable 1v5 champions. Champions like Cassiopeia who posses spamable nuke damage (her e), sustain and the ability to stick to her enemies (slows and movement speed buffs) are probably more reliable to score that penta rather than someone like Annie, Fiddlesticks or your best friend Talon. Cassiopeia can spam her spells because of their short cooldowns, Talon cannot. Cassiopeia possesses an aoe crowd control spell to pin an entire team down, Talon does not. Cassiopeia can kite enemies, Talon cannot. Cassiopeia's sustained burst is much higher, especially if she reaches late game. Also, her ability to sustain and recover hp is significantly higher than Talon's, especially late game. By the way, I am sure that your friend gets Talon pentakills all the time, that's why he is so popular and I have yet to hear about him. Also, there are other people on this page that disagree about Talon's position as top 10 pentakill scorers. No objections about Nasus I wonder why? Probably there is an unkillable dog running around that can one shot you. Don't forget that he also has massive movement speed from ghost and perma slow from wither!

  47. Aaseem D. KapilMay 04, 2015

    Master Yi should be number one... none of the champions listed above can get a quadra kill with a single Q... getting a penta is just a dance... taunt and 2 auto attack away afterwards.

  48. Troy LewisMay 05, 2015

    Tryndamere. The tale: Got my one and only ranked penta with him last year during my placement series. (S4). My 4th game; Successful lvl 2 all-in for 1st blood, Won a 1v2 jg gank, Lost 1v3 Jg gank + Mid Malzahr (Mal ult Op), Won followup 1v3, hit lvl 18 at 23min, Killed Jg at blue while running to mid jumped through the forest with an E engage, Penta! Surrender @25

  49. DuckySinkyMay 05, 2015

    It makes me sad seeing how much people doubt Talon's 1v5 potential. If he can get ahead enough, a Talon can get ahead enough early, a penta for him is almost inevitable if you play him right. If you let them shut you down then no but good positioning and plays make it pretty easy for him to 1v5. Also, he is not even close to the spammiest champ in the game with spells but his Q gets on a pretty low CD late game. Just sayin'.

    And I haven't gotten a 1v5 yet (technically). I was playing Zed and got 1v4 quadra and then our Xin came in and "helped". He said he was trying to KS me lol

  50. KillarViperMay 12, 2015

    i gotta ask why the heck is yasuo not on this list, my only penta in ranked this season was a 1v5 penta as yasuo pre 20 minutes in with only 3 kills. I got a 4 man knockup then wrecked the ahri who came later :P

  51. Lux? You pree r and PENTAKILL!!!!!


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