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May 15, 2015

Top 10 Player Types & How to Win With Them

Everyone has their own personal playstyles, sometimes more than one. Some people like to be on the front lines mentally and e-physically, whereas others like to take arms with the glass cannon squad. In solo queue, a successful team is a solid mix of 5 likely very different agendas. However, everyone playing their roles strongly leads to success. Which one of the following do you fit into?


Everyone has their own personal playstyles, sometimes more than one. Some people like to be on the front lines mentally and e-physically, whereas others like to take arms with the glass cannon squad. In solo queue, a successful team is a solid mix of 5 likely very different agendas. However, everyone playing their roles strongly leads to success. Which one of the following do you fit into?

Communication Styles

1. The Leader

The leader makes the calls, most importantly when to push and when to take objectives. Some leaders are vocal, whereas many others can get by with simple smart pings. Key components to being a good e-leader are:
  • Ping intelligently, not excessively;
  • Respect opinions from your teammates;
  • Command respect through success; and
  • Know when to step down and become #2.

2. The Follower

As most of you probably know, there are leaders that don't command the respect of their teammates, but insist on leading anyway. These are not good team players and generally find little success in solo queue. Others prefer to follow and win through strong team work. Good points to remember as a follower are:
  • Follow through with "the plan", don't half-heartedly do something and then say "I knew that was a bad idea afterwards;
  • Identify and support the opinions of the most "successful" leader; and
  • Keep the leader alive (boosts morale).

3. The Meta-Breaker

The meta-breaker is that Teemo mid lane and that Rengar support. These people are not necessarily the people you want on your team, but can be very successful in solo queue regardless as long as they know the following:
  • Be kind to your teammates, they're already mad at you for your pick; and
  • Doing "average" isn't good enough, your teammates will still blame you regardless.

4. The Split-Pusher

Similar to the meta-breaker, these tend to be every team's most hated player. They refuse to group for teamfights, and constantly have a need to be the "star" player. However, they also tend to be highly effective in solo queue and can easily carry a losing game.
  • Again, don't blame your teammates for dying, they already hate you;
  • Don't complain about getting ganked, watch the map, they're always ganking;
  • Don't die, and especially don't die and complain about your teammates not taking objectives.If you can survive long enough and draw enough people into your lane the rest will take care of itself.

5. The Map Controller

Finally, some team players! Map controllers are generally either the jungler or support utilizing wards, pink wards, and sweepers to ensure that the team is able to keep up the pressure on the map. To be a good map controller, make sure that you also do the following:
  • Try not to 1v1, with the amount of gold you're sacrificing towards map control, you'll likely be behind on items.
  • Pinks and Red Trinket are extremely valuable, try and watch where the enemy is warding so you don't waste charges; and
  • Always carry one pink if there's an objective available, and TWO pinks if the enemy has a champion with invisibility.

6. The Initiator

Initiation is an art, not a science. Good imitators:
  • Are wary of everyone's cooldowns, both on you and your enemy's team;
  • Are wary of the spacing between your team and the enemy team;
  • Understand the vision control that each team has; and
  • Make the call and take ownership of it.
Don't intentionally ping around the objective instead of on the objective, TAKE OWNERSHIP!

7. The Follow-Up

Follow-up players can be leaders or followers, but they still need to be aware of the following:
  • Understand if you're mostly burst damage and expendable after your ultimate;
  • Understand where dangerous assassins come from, and make sure you can get your damage off before dying; and
  • Focus on spacing, concentrate on keeping proper distance between your team's CC/Peel and enemy targets and dangers.

8. The Peeler

Oftentimes, the peeler, initiator, and assassin tend to be very interchangeable roles depending on how fed each champion is and who's playing what. If your ability to carry a game is far less than that of your squishy backline, then peeling is a must to ensure victory. 

Remember, it's not the job of the squishy to stay near you, it's your job to stay near them.

9. The Assassin/Diver

This class is oft at odds with the peeler. On one hand, if the squishy dies then maybe "this guy is a terrible peeler". On the other hand, maybe this other guy is just an amazing assassin. 

Keys to remember when playing this role are:
  • Know how important your damage is to the team compared to the target you're aiming to kill;
  • If you die, does your team still have enough damage to follow-up?
  • Do you have enough burst damage to be an initiator?
  • Are you percentage based damage or flat numbers based damage dealer? Percentage based "divers" may do better as peelers.

10. The "Carry"

Finally, The Carry. The Carry is essentially any, or possibly all the above roles combined. In order to truly carry, you have to be the person your team counts on to make the right calls, to survive anything and everything, and finally, to dish the pain, put your team on your shoulders, and pull your 0-50 bot lane to victory.
  • Be a God. Don't try and make low percentage crazy plays. If you're fed, don't die and give them your spree.
  • Be a God. Draw enemy players to your lane and walk away from battles you can't win. Take out the puny ones who dare challenge you.
  • Be a God. Keep your lane well warded and continuously push, this will cause your lane opponent to bait his teammates into coming to your lane and feeding you more kills.
In order to be the best carry you can be, both your team and the enemy team must respect and fear you. This gives hope to your worthless teammates to prevent the surrender and to also strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Which role do you fit under? Comment below!

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  1. Reading this is like reading my final draft of an essay where I knew I had like 2 paragraphs to start with that I stretched out into a 2000 word essay

  2. MellowthreatMay 15, 2015

    lololol da truth

  3. Alfred DunnerMay 15, 2015

    I feel just reading everything on this website should minimally get you gold hahahaha. We have to advertise this website! LOL.

  4. The way to win games and climb from broNze:

    Step 1: get me fed

    Step 2: gg ez

  5. Josh ThurlowMay 15, 2015

    Sadly, I don't carry often QQ.
    But, I'm happy to say I'm a reliable person to count on. So I'd say I'm Follower and Follow-up for sure. Idk about split pusher, I try to help my teammates when I split, but sometimes I don't know when to push and when to not.

  6. Drew FergusonMay 15, 2015

    A lot of this is spot on. Unfortunately in silver league there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. People bark orders and pings. Some just ignore them completely and go farm in the jungle instead of taking objectives after team fights. But all in all one thing to remember. Ppl overestimate their own skills and 75% of league players below platinum think they are better than the other 75%.

  7. Acolyte Lee SinMay 15, 2015

    I'd be No. 7 :3

    I prefer to play instinctively and opportunistically rather than plan things lol

  8. Rafinha LopezMay 15, 2015

    Hmmm... I usually tend to do the obvious calls, like when you trade objectives; top for dragon or bot turret, etc. And I like to be very aware of whats going on in the mini-map. Im not a role model to follow, just saying.

  9. B4ckslashMay 15, 2015

    I hope the math skills of these 75% are better than yours xD

  10. Well this site helped me a lot to climb from bronze to gold

  11. Lol. Is this endlesswonder?

  12. NoxianSpidercrabMay 15, 2015

    I'm a leader and a meta-breaker. Though trying to get rid of my meta breaking habits. I'm often the one who makes orders on the team, making me a pretty good leaser. :/

  13. puffyfishMay 15, 2015

    Smart pings could have a thread unitself. If you simply ping the enemy champion whenever you see most necessary, ex., mid-lane roaming river. Anytime you see the enemy jungler... The difference being that pings marking the enemy record the data. Your teammates are able to see which opponent was pinged and there are delays on the mini map. This gives your teammate a few extra seconds to process the information. It's the opposite of lazy. Make sense?

  14. I'm going to be a total noob but what is "peeling?" and what are some good peeling champs? Thanks :)

  15. Peeling is when you cc people for the carry either to protect them or allow then to get a kill nautlis blitz and morg are some good peelers

  16. I Hate EzrealMay 15, 2015

    if my bot lane would be 0/50 i doubt we can win

  17. MasterOfMetalMay 15, 2015

    diver and split pusher, my biggest issue in league is that i don't no my limits, like when i am 0 and 3 and still try to duel the 16 and 2 draven, well you get the idea (hey sometimes i get him, sometimes i don't)

  18. Monsieur ButtFumblerMay 15, 2015

    Quite insightful, if I do say so myself young doge.

  19. Mack NelsonMay 15, 2015

    You forgot 11. The Feeder.

  20. MasterOfMetalMay 15, 2015

    but everyone feeds sometimes

  21. Brandon PursifullMay 15, 2015

    I strongly disagree with nautilus and especially with blitzcrank being peelers, they both engage a fight and dont have a whole lot that can stop a diving assassin. Morgana is great though with her black shield, binding, and ultimate. Some other champions I might call strong peelers are champions with good disengage such as janna, alistar, and braum.

  22. Thresh is the best peeler thanks to his kit

    Janna and alistar could easly make a disengage if used wrong "Jannas R and Alistar W"

    Lenoa and Braum are not bad either

  23. Well some times I carry games with 20+ kills, some times i feed with 20+ deaths

  24. cirroalexMay 15, 2015

    Think of "peeling" in league like "peeling" a banana. You need to peel a banana's layers in order to eat it. Likewise, in order for your carry to be effective, you need to peel off the "layers" (people that want to kill your carries).

  25. I Hate EzrealMay 15, 2015

    peeling consists in protecting your carries from enemies,in order to do that you can use your cc or simply bodyblock skillshots.
    Everyone with good cc can peel but only few got dedicated peeling skills,i can name you braum and thresh as 2 of the best peelers i can think for now,yeah leona and morgana coulb be great peelers but their cc is much better for engage rather than peeling

  26. ConfusedTeemoMay 15, 2015

    Blitz is kind of trashy as a peeler but naut is amazing. Position yourself so that enemy front line is between you and the enemy ranged. Ult the ranged, laugh at the volibear flyin' through the air, drop e on cd, cycle auto attacks across anyone trying to get to your bb, use hook as extra cc on main threat. Yes naut can also initiate quite well, but he is amazing at peeling

  27. I am the split pusher or the Leader. Yup. I hate it when I play top and my enemy top laner has Teleport and they tryhard TP bot/mid and even though I usually say SS/Ping MIA/SS and try to warn them too. They still say I shoulda came help even if I dont have teleport and blaablaablaa. Meanwhile I am pushing turret, destroying the enemy turr et and even continue if enemies dont show up

  28. TederbalkidMay 15, 2015

    I think I fit every role here, just never all at the same time.

    "Don't intentionally ping around the objective instead of on the objective, TAKE OWNERSHIP!"

    I'm super guilty for this, because I always thought pinging around the objective allowed me to dodge any toxicity from my teammates. (Woohoo SoloQueue.) Maybe the way I do it is acceptable though?

    1. Ping around the objective ~2-3 times.
    2. Wait 5 seconds.
    3. Send "On My Way" Ping on objective.
    4. Teammates think I'm following someone else's order.
    5. Everyone follows up since they think at least two people are working together for the same objective.

    Should I still do this or start to take ownership? This method works for me roughly 80-90% of the time.

  29. ConfusedTeemoMay 15, 2015

    "If it ain't broke don't fix it"

  30. I dont honestly know what the heck this even means. This ''dont intentionally ping around the objective''. I dont get it lol. dont understand. I ping what I want and I ping the objectives when need.

  31. SSJSuntasticMay 15, 2015

    If you're performing well then definitely take ownership of it, if you're not but think that movement's a good idea then that might be a good way to go about it.

  32. Nicolas CageMay 15, 2015

    My role? The Carry, of course.

    Really, though, I tend to perform best when focusing on map control, initiation, and peeling. I'm definitely more of a Leader than a Follower in my games.

  33. Lol the click-bait style article names. I like them though and you gotta get more visitors somehow. Keep up the good work.

  34. SSJSuntasticMay 15, 2015

    At least it's all on the same page :P

  35. ConfusedTeemoMay 15, 2015

    Also, it's not bad to extend the leadership to champ select. Always be political. If you notice an early ad mid say something like "it might be good for us to get an ap top or jung", ask the adc what kind of supp they like even if you don't plan on doing it yourself. Just be polite and MOST people will be responsive

  36. アッビ, 釣師 猫May 15, 2015

    If i had to think of my role, i'm the damn split pusher that never kill but destroy all ur turret. The same one that then u try to gank, u find him running away at mach speed

  37. Lol carry them "worthless teammates"

  38. You forgot the most common role "The Feeder"

  39. disisdeathwingMay 16, 2015

    im the carry, with the exception of assasins(i dont play these type of champs)
    i also dont put much ward, i should improve on this.
    my strength comes from minions control, jungle pressure, map pressure, teamfight forcing.

  40. Paul HobbsMay 16, 2015

    Map control! I main support/jungle and I like the keep the map lit up (as much as you can with one person). Even when I mid or top I always try to have a vision ward up and stealths if I have the extra gold after back.

  41. Sir JigglypuffMay 16, 2015

    If i play amumu, what should i do? Initiator or peeler? Or depend on both teams compositions?

  42. I'm a follower communication-wise, most the communication I do is giving our leader advice while still letting him/her make the final call. As for playstyle I tend to be an initiator or follow up, either way I tend to like being the front liner of my team's composition.

  43. Aldo TorresMay 16, 2015

    Being the Leader is like being a mother, you will suffer for the mistakes of each one of your teammates, your brain will be overwhelm with all the flow, picks and deccissions of the game, if your teamates screw the game they always count on you to do the job..... But in the end when they succeed just because they trust you and do what they were told to do, and they thank you for being a good captain: is the best feeling in the world :')

    Leaders like me will understand (gotta love those bastards :'b )

  44. koolaidfromthehoodMay 17, 2015

    i fit into split pusher, initiator, and map controler

  45. ConfusedTeemoMay 17, 2015

    Amumu is all about the initiation. Q in(hopefully on a carry), ult and follow them around and make them hate life because percent health dmg. That's not to say if you see an angry volibear charging your fed adc that you shouldn't q back onto him, but amumu is great to start fights with.

  46. dunk master dariusMay 17, 2015

    same here

  47. Not only you will suffer for the mistakes of your teammates, you will throw games thanks to a bad call.

  48. MarbleWolf GamingMay 17, 2015

    Leader or Initiator, depending on which champion I am and our team comp

  49. MarbleWolf GamingMay 17, 2015

    If you ping on an objective it says "[Name Here] has targeted the [Objective here]"
    If you ping around the objective nobody knows who said it.

    If you're intentionally pinging around an objective, it means that you are trying to get away from being blamed for bad plays. Saying "Take Ownership" means to tell the team you are the one who is wanting to go to the objective.

  50. MarbleWolf GamingMay 17, 2015

    Feeders aren't truly players. They don't really want to win the game.

    If you're talking about that one person that feeds on your team, but you think they are trying to win the game, that doesn't happen every time. Everybody makes mistakes, and if you're against someone like Draven, a few kills will lead to the whole team calling the ADC a feeder, because Draven snowballs so hard he is unstoppable once he gets a few kills.

  51. Leader here. And also the other points, but not always.

  52. Tonight, we Hunt!May 17, 2015

    Initiator for sure. I love running into their shit and destroying them lol. Depends on who I'm playing to be wary of their cc. (Eg, when I'm kat I for sure pay attention to the main cc)

  53. The Carry, dat works all the time

  54. The TowerMay 18, 2015

    +1 for this. I hate slideshows...

  55. Troy LewisMay 19, 2015

    Leader/Initiator. Because one must lead by example. Want your team to not be afraid and dive a match-up you KNOW you can win? Sound the horn yourself and the rest will follow.

  56. AmphibiousFrogMay 20, 2015

    I'm just a map controller and a Follow-up when i'm damage. I play support a lot and i go out of my way to ward dangerous areas. When im the follow-up i make sure that following up is paramount above all else.

  57. MrNiceGuyMay 26, 2015

    Assasin,split pusher..but i believe i always do it right. As far as communication goes im more of a loner. What i means is that i try to have most shit done without asking any help, or following calls. I its bcuz the champs i play..

  58. nice listMay 27, 2015

    And your rank is?

  59. Captain BukkakeMay 28, 2015

    I am totally the meta breaker, full AP Ezreal works like a charm, and when I am counter-picked, I can break the meta and go bot lane and let the teams ADC or support deal with the asshole that counterpicked me instead

  60. Nour HanyJune 12, 2015

    My guess is low gold.

  61. alex gardnerJune 18, 2015

    Sounds like Iskandar from fate zero lol

  62. MarbleWolf GamingJune 28, 2015

    Leader and Map Controller

  63. Kiet ChungJune 29, 2015

    Very fun article. I'd like to believe we all have a potential "carry" mentality inside of us. Be a god. That's my new motto.


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