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May 3, 2015

2015 Champion Tier List - Solo Queue - Patch 5.8 Update

Hi everyone and welcome to the latest and greatest edition of the Solo Queue Tier List "Division Climbers". This latest update incorporates the new Ryze changes as well as some new movements as a direct result of the new Black Cleaver rework. Check out the full scoop below!

"Division Climbers"

This List has been updated, and new versions are available via this link

Preface Chatter

Hi everyone and welcome to the latest and greatest edition of the Solo Queue Tier List "Division Climbers". This latest update incorporates the new Ryze changes as well as some new movements as a direct result of the new Black Cleaver rework. Check out the full scoop below!

The purpose of this list is to pick out the champions that when played, will allow you to climb divisions the fastest by winning more games.
If you're looking for a more meta based tier list based on popularity, be sure to check out the FOTM list as well!
For a list of champions with the highest *potential* in the game without regard to difficulty or team synergies, check out the list of strongest potential champions in each position! - Updated 5/4

Patch 5.8  Summary
BUFFS: Bard, Blitzcrank, Dr. Mundo, Kha'Zix, Mordekaiser, Pantheon (Clarity Buff);
NERFS: Ahri, Caitlyn, Graves, Jinx, Nunu, Sion;
TWEAKS: Ryze, Shen, Yasuo;

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The Tier List

God Tier [Highest Influence]:
Mid-Lane Gods: Ahri, Annie, Cho'Gath
Jungle Gods: AmumuNunu, Sejuani
AD Gods: Jinx, Sivir
Top Lane Gods: Hecarim, Wukong, Riven
Support Gods: Janna, Sona, Leona

God Tier Rising: Ahri (Mid), Nunu (Jungle), Riven (Top)
God Tier Falling

Tier 1 [Strong/Preferred Choices]:
Mid-Lane: Anivia, Malzahar, Talon, Katarina, Morgana, Swain, Diana, Vladimir, Brand, Twisted Fate, Cassiopeia, Vel'Koz, Karthus, Wukong, Kennen, Zyra, Heimerdinger
Jungle: Nautilus, Gragas, Volibear, Skarner, Rek'Sai, Fiddlesticks, Malphite, Xin ZhaoMaokai, Sion, Udyr, Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo
AD Carry: Ashe, Draven, Vayne, Kog'Maw, Kalista
Top LaneFiora, Irelia, Vladimir, Heimerdinger, Tryndamere, Malphite, Xin Zhao, Aatrox, Nasus, Cho'gath, Sion, Renekton, Swain, Rumble, Shen, Rengar, Rek'Sai, Pantheon
Support: Morgana, BrandTaric, Nami, Nautilus, Zyra, Vel'Koz

Tier 1 Rising: Aatrox (Top), Anivia (Mid), Cassiopeia (Mid), Gragas (Jungle), Kog'maw (ADC), Malphite (Jungle), Twisted Fate (Mid), Vayne (ADC), Xin Zhao (Top/Jungle)
Tier 1 Falling: Irelia (Top), Morgana (Mid), Renekton (Top), Sion (Jungle), Volibear (Jungle)

Tier 2 [Viable/Balanced Choices]:
Mid-Lane: Lissandra, Orianna, Zed, Xerath, Fizz, Lulu (AP), Kayle, Kog'maw (AP), Nidalee, Ziggs, Galio, Leblanc, Pantheon, Lux, Viktor, Karma, Mordekaiser, Ezreal (AD), Teemo
Jungle: Pantheon, Warwick, Nidalee, Wukong, Hecarim, Fizz, Evelynn, Shaco, Vi, Zac, Rammus, Diana, Kha'Zix, Kayle, Shyvana, Jarvan IV, Poppy, Irelia, Shen, Nasus, Master Yi, Trundle
AD Carry: Corki, Miss Fortune, Graves, Caitlyn, Varus, Quinn, Ezreal, Lucian
Top Lane: Kennen, Lissandra, Singed, Cassiopeia, Darius, Diana, Gnar, Morgana, Maokai, Malzahar, Nidalee, Jarvan IV, Gangplank, Teemo, Jax, Volibear, Urgot, Warwick, Poppy, Dr. Mundo, Zed, Trundle, Udyr, Karma, Garen, Lee Sin, Jayce, Lulu, Shyvana, Galio, Kayle, Olaf, Yorick, Akali, Viktor, Kha'Zix, Quinn, Ryze, Vi
Support: Thresh, Blitzcrank, Braum, Soraka, Annie, Karma, Alistar, Lulu, Xerath,

Tier 2 Rising: Corki (ADC), Evelynn (Jungle), Fizz (Mid/Jungle), Kayle (Mid), Lulu (Mid), Ryze (Top)
Tier 2 Falling: Graves (ADC), Hecarim (Jungle), Kog'Maw (Mid), Quinn (ADC), Rammus (Jungle), Vi (Jungle), Xerath (Mid), Zac (Jungle)

Tier 3 [Needs Higher Skill/Knowledge Than Usual]:
Mid-Lane: Akali, Jayce, Syndra, Varus, Zilean, Master Yi, Gragas, Jarvan IV, Fiora, Yasuo, RyzeUrgot, Ezreal (AP), Sona, Riven, Fiddlesticks, Kha'Zix, Sejuani, Malphite, Tristana, Azir, Kassadin, Veigar, Elise
Jungle: Nocturne, Rengar, Lee Sin, OlafKarthus, Gangplank, Jax, Fiora, Zed, Malzahar, Leona, Elise, Riven, Darius, Yorick, Garen, Tryndamere, Aatrox, Alistar
AD Carry: Urgot, Twitch, Tristana, Twisted Fate, Kennen
Top Lane: Master Yi, Talon, Fizz, Taric,  Rammus, Mordekaiser, Gragas, Zac, Alistar, Yasuo, Leblanc, Vayne, Nunu, Elise
Support: Fiddlesticks,  Lux, Gragas, Bard, Maokai, Volibear, Kennen, Zilean, Nunu, Kayle, Malphite, Nidalee, Pantheon, Anivia, Teemo, Lee Sin, Gangplank, Veigar

Tier 3 Rising: Garen (Jungle)
Tier 3 Falling: Aatrox (Jungle), Kathus (Jungle), Lee Sin (Jungle), Olaf (Jungle), Rengar (Jungle)

Tier 4 [Low Benefits for Effort Used]:
Mid-Lane: Soraka, Janna
Jungle: Yasuo
AD Carry
Top Lane: Kassadin, Azir, Soraka
Support: Orianna, Poppy, Elise, Galio, Syndra, Shen, Yorick, Lissandra, Ashe, Leblanc

Tier 4 Rising:
Tier 4 Falling

Instructions and Caveats:

  • Champions in BOLD I will talk about shortly
  • Champions UNDERLINED may be over/undervalued, but aren't/haven't played enough for me to make a better judgement.
  • Within each tier the champions are strongest from left to right, but within a tier each champion's strength is relatively close. This is especially true for Tiers 2 and 3 where these champions are ALL highly playable and player dependent on how strong they are in-game.
  • This tier list takes data from ALL players; however, since the majority of players fall in the first three tiers, the majority of data points will come from there.
  • Win Rates are important in analyzing each champion's strength, but are not the end-all criteria for any champion's position.
  • The creator of this list is diamond, so there may be some personal bias towards higher tier play on certain champions.

Champion Explanations

  • Ahri [God Tier Mid] - Strong as always, Ahri seems to be back on top with nerfs all around the rift. Despite receiving a minor nerf herself, it was a very niche change that most players likely won't notice. That being said, the mobility she provides is extremely powerful against the popular junglers these days, especially Gragas.
  • Anivia [Tier 1 Mid] - A dark horse rising, Anivia is one of those champions that's slowly been climbing the ranks of solo queue ever since she dropped out of popularity a long time ago. With her strong synergy with Liandries combined with the excellent front line that the League of Tanks currently provides, she's become a great pick for carrying in solo queue through raw damage.
  • Ashe [Tier 1 ADC] - With her rework coming up soon, it's interesting to note that she's actually doing very well in solo queue. With nerfs on both Jinx and Graves (mostly Graves), the danger of her getting instantly burst down is lower than ever, allowing her strong poke damage to be fully realized in lane.
  • Fizz [Tier 2 Mid/Jungle] - As players get used to his new/old changes, Fizz is finding more success mid lane again. Despite what originally appeared to be a huge jungle nerf with changes on his W, he's surprisingly still fairly viable and still does well in that role too.
  • Garen [Tier 2 Top/Tier 3 Jungle] - With the black cleaver rework in action, it seems that Garen has a few more options open to him than before. Although it's not translating to a direct success boost just yet, it seems a matter of time before he starts flowing back into the mix again. As a strong Riven counter top and being the new highlight of Saintvicious' stream, it seems likely that you'll be seeing more of him soon.
  • Gragas [Tier 1 Jungle] - Definitely a very strong jungler in competitive play right now, much of it also translates over to solo queue as well. See this article for more information.
  • Jinx [God Tier ADC] - The nerfs on Jinx's ultimate impact her at a very selective level. Most players likely didn't even notice the change.
  • Kog'Maw [Tier 2 Mid/Tier 1 ADC] - As mid-laners go, Kog'maw is still very powerful against similar poke champs. However, with Ahri jumping back into popularity he faces strong difficulties against her mobility and burst considering he has no way of running. Meanwhile, as an ADC he's definitely feeling some boosts from the Graves nerfs.
  • Lee Sin [Tier 3 Jungle] - In a pure tank role, Lee has few engagement options open to him compared to other "support" type junglers. However, with the strength of Cinderhulk at the moment, it's relatively difficult for him to use his damage build and stay relevant into late game.
  • Lucian [Tier 2 ADC] - As an ADC Lucian is definitely still viable. However, he simply doesn't have as much "surprise" factor in solo queue with the amount he's played. As a result, he's mostly balanced and doesn't get many free cheese kills like other ADCs can.
  • Malphite [Tier 1 Jungle] - Despite a weak early game, he's something like a slightly stronger Warwick jungle now. If he really wants to gank pre-6 he can, but with his late game scaling he ends up being a very big factor even if he doesn't.
  • Nunu [God Tier Jungle] - As his popularity rises with little to no impact on his win rate, it's hard to attribute his success to mastery anymore. With his impressive 10% HP scaling on consuming elementals combined with his 1% bonus damage based on his maximum health, Nunu gets a ton of free stats for simply building to be an unkillable beast. In solo queue, this means that if he can run around the enemy jungle wrecking havoc for long enough, his team can gain a strong lead through CS. His biggest weakness is still his relatively weak ganks, but in a 2v2 situation he can easily deny jungle kills.
  • Riven [God Tier Top] - Like Nunu, once the data reaches a large enough quantity, it's hard to ignore. Riven is a champion that generally requires high skill and decent mechanics to play. However, if she out-trades the majority of the time without needing to worry about specific spell timings and cooldowns, then she does very well in solo queue. At the moment, this is the case. Starting from level 1, any triple Q trade almost always comes out in her advantage, meaning that she can assert her lane dominance from the start. Additionally, since most junglers go Cinderhulk now, her team no longer lacks front lining/crowd control power like they did when Kha'Zix/Lee Sin were popular.
  • Ryze [Tier 2 Top/Tier 3 Mid] - Despite seeming like a buff, Ryze experienced a sharp drop in win rate this patch. I think that similar to Gnar and his passive, players just need to gain some knowledge of when and how to best utilize Ryze's burst passive. However, as this is the case, I will leave him where he is and watch carefully for now.
  • Twisted Fate [Tier 1 Mid] - With CC and support type junglers coming back into the fray, Twisted Fate does excellently in solo queue. With nerfs on Graves, it also helps him snowball bot lane as he's no longer in as much danger of instantly getting exploded on landing. This allows him to pick his team up early dragons and earn victory.
  • Varus [Tier 3 Mid] - Although I still think that Varus may deserve higher with his excellent poke power, it seems that like Kog'Maw, it's very unfortunate timing that Ahri is coming back into the fray. Again, with little to no method of escaping, many Varus players have fallen prey to the 9-tailed kitty.
  • Vayne [Tier 1 ADC] - Nerfs on Graves and "nerfs" on Jinx have allowed Vayne to start showing her stuff as a tank killer. Indisputably, her late game power in this meta is extremely powerful with good front lines and her ability to take them out. Prior to this patch, she was under constant pressure by Graves in the early to mid-game. However, now the match-up is a bit more even and allows her to farm and scale up safely.
  • Xin Zhao [Tier 1 Jungle/Top] - The advent of black cleaver changes is great for Xin, as he synergizes very well with the item. Additionally, the fact that it gives him some tankiness means that it's easier for Xin players to avoid the pitfall of going pure damage.


    • The purpose of this list is for discussion and to provide a starting point for champion selection.

    Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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    1. BoltOfSpadesMay 03, 2015


    2. Miguel Angel Venancio RomeroMay 03, 2015

      What happened with Graves? From God Tier to Tier 2? I was aware about the nerf but didnt expect this :/

    3. Shadow KrakenMay 03, 2015

      Nunu bot will finally come to use!

    4. Shadow KrakenMay 03, 2015

      At Tier 2 mid, Pantheon is typed as Pantheonv.

    5. SSJSuntasticMay 03, 2015


    6. SSJSuntasticMay 03, 2015

      He's been slowly declining ever since the new jungle changes, after the latest nerf he's fairly balanced. Fixed the Gragas bit, thanks for pointing that out :)

    7. The DoctorMay 03, 2015

      @SSJSuntastic I didnt understand what you meant in the garen "spotlight" can you clear it for me please?

    8. this is stupid riven isnt god tier and in diamond main riven since season 3, I STOPED play riven since 2 months ago cuz she isnt worthy in the new meta with all that thanks in jungle top mid and bot... nau supp cho mid WDF DUDE

    9. I Hate EzrealMay 03, 2015

      second(kinda of)

    10. I Hate EzrealMay 03, 2015

      he was tier 1 the latest tier list too

    11. I Hate EzrealMay 03, 2015

      it should mean that saintvicious started to use him and players are starting to use garen cause "saintvicious used him"

    12. I Hate EzrealMay 03, 2015

      nunu is unkillable XD,i die a little inside when i see nunus build full ap,if i am fed as nunu i would buy liandry and then full tank,i cannot stop stacking my hp

    13. BiocreedMay 03, 2015

      you might want to check graves again i think hes bottom tier 1

    14. MellowthreatMay 03, 2015

      Well, didn't take Amumu long to be king again.

    15. Santa TrazMay 03, 2015

      guys what top laners are good anti tanks?

    16. SpongebobDouchepantsMay 03, 2015

      Trundle is the ultimate anti-tank.

    17. Sebita AdsfMay 03, 2015

      gnar es great against tanks, irelia as well because of her true dmg :)

    18. Alfred DunnerMay 03, 2015

      Did they fix Morgana's bug yet?

    19. Thats why.... he could climb down

    20. Oh shit my secret zhao

    21. Iso SpaceraceMay 03, 2015

      I don't think Lee Sin jungle belongs in tier 3. He asserts huge amount of pressure early and mid game and wins most 2v2 3v3 skirmishes. With his utility and mobility late game, he still remains useful although not as much as tanks unless fed. And Cinderhulk Lee Sin is terrible. It turns him into kick bot and makes it harder to take advantages of his strong early and mid game. I still think Lee Sin top belongs in Tier 3 though not Tier 2.

    22. Gabriel Thomazine DamettoMay 03, 2015

      I pretty much agree, Lee Sin needs tier 2 on both, because he has one of the beast early/mid games, and on the late game he is still useful, being an offtank and kiking the enemy carry...

    23. christian aguilarMay 03, 2015

      what i dont see is . why is thresh tier 2 he is god tier

    24. Devil PoroMay 03, 2015

      i dont see LeBlanc

    25. Devil PoroMay 03, 2015

      LeBlanc needs a higher place. Can you explain why is she "Viable/Balanced"?

    26. GrayellowMay 03, 2015

      Oh god, please just don't.

    27. GrayellowMay 03, 2015

      In Ahri's explanation you wrote: "a strong a pick as always". Perhaps, should correct it.

    28. SLAAAYEEEERMay 03, 2015

      why is sona god tier and nami tier 1? I think, and heard other ppl say it aswell, nami is the better version of sona
      or is it because sona has higher winrate?

    29. LightboxMay 03, 2015

      Really don't get how Annie is God tier, she's a very predictable champion. I agree with the other two god tier mids + `Talon and possibly Zed.

    30. GrayellowMay 03, 2015

      Most likely due to Sona having better poke (not as frequent, but very bursty), heal that is shared for the whole team, plus the shield helps not to get poked/harassed too much if timed well, her speed buff is also shared for the whole team and is more frequent, and her ult has much more effect on teamfights than Nami's. Also one of the reasons why Nami is worse is because there needs to be a bit more coordination, which is actually quite important in the bottom lane. Sona can effectively affect the lane with strong poke and decent sustain and her own, whereas Nami requires a little bit of coordination to get the maximum value out of her spells (I'm mostly talking about getting better trades with W and utilizing E best). Plus, Nami's Q isn't easy to land and is, oftentimes, crucial, whereas Sona's R is instant. And, what a lot of people I've seen don't really care about, is that her Power Chord has a mini-exhaust packed in it. Specifically the damage reduction which is just awesome and unfortunately not many players utilize. And a little shoutout to E and its Power Chord effect which helps you catch up/run away.
      This, overall, makes Sona the better pick.

    31. Daniel KasmanMay 03, 2015

      I am a thresh main and I agree that he is tier 2. Don't get me wrong, he is still really strong. It's just that it takes a bit of cooperation/coordination with your teammates. I believe that he is easily one of the best supports to Duo bot with, especially when you are using voice. But this is solo queue, not duo queue. On top of that people will always play Morgana because she is relatively easy and not hard to pick up. She is essentially the most anti-thresh champ possible. For what you get with thresh in soloq, you might as well play blitz and do the same job more reliably.

    32. MaripichuMay 03, 2015

      because she can get a pentakill by pressing 2 buttons

    33. GrayellowMay 03, 2015

      Even if she's a very predictable champion, there's very little, if any, counterplay to her. Her Q is point-and-click, her W and R are practically instant, therefore cleanse/QSS barely help, and E makes her even more tanky than she already is. Did I mention her devastating ratios with low cooldowns?
      Talon isn't God tier for sure. Oftentimes all he does is assassinate one or two targets at best and then die because he doesn't have a reliable escape. If you also take the tank meta into consideration with their crazy amount of CC and peel (which tanks tend to have) it's just hard for Talon to do much. He's still at the top of tier 1 which is good enough imo. Also, God tier champions are pretty much safe picks that you can pick practically without any fear or doubt (exceptions such as playing against your counterpick).
      Zed belongs where he is, in Tier 2. Too much counterplay, plus the meta isn't in his favour.

    34. SSJSuntasticMay 03, 2015

      Corrected Anivia, what's wrong with Ahri's?

    35. Nukri MazmishviliMay 03, 2015

      I'm lost, I wanted a midlaner and thought about buying Akali and LeBlanc but both are ranked so low... :\ And I also thought I'd get 2 great champions for 6.3k but are both of them so weak?

    36. Jared WilliamsMay 03, 2015

      Been having awesome games consistently as nocturne top, since tank jungle meta took over (and i've always loved nocturne) i decided to try him top and it's pretty sweet, more opportunities to use spell shield laning, awesome raw damage and attack speed with q and w, a fear, and a completely terrifying ultimate. i'd place him tier 1 top to be completely honest, try him out!

    37. Sion Top is bold-faced, but doesn't have an explanation. Is it supposed to be like that?

    38. SSJSuntasticMay 03, 2015

      Missed that one, I think it's fairly straightforward though. He's still strong, just nerfed numbers-wise.

    39. GrayellowMay 03, 2015

      One noun double a?

    40. CaelistixMay 03, 2015

      Tier 2 does not mean weak. Tier 2 means it's a balanced pick that requires some skill, mechanics and lane knowledge to perform to the champions optimal level. Leblanc and Akali are both still strong champions that work if you can play them well.

    41. Michael OhMay 03, 2015

      Think Quinn ad carry should be higher. She's easy to play and has fairly high burst for an adc. She also decimates tanks late game and is extremely good at kiting with her e.

    42. A strong ((a)) pick as always ;)

    43. Dazed and DeadMay 03, 2015

      a strong pick as always

      as strong of a pick as always

    44. joeljacksonMay 03, 2015

      volibear aka Godibear is a GOD LIKE PICK!!, im maining jungle playing alot of games jungle and in this tanky meta, voli seems the only tank who can start strong get and get kills early, sej is a slow starter these days but still a great pick, but it has got to the point tht i choose voli over her, amumu just predictable , glad u added nunu to god tier because theres nothing he cant do, better picking him into a AA AS style adc so u can buff

    45. Dazed and DeadMay 03, 2015

      Leblanc is a pretty common ban.

      Akali is a bit weaker these days than she was before. Meaning it is a little harder to snowball and carry.

    46. Dazed and DeadMay 03, 2015

      @SSJSuntastic Ahri is a fox. Not a kitty :x.

    47. Anas R'ghiouiMay 03, 2015

      LeBlanc is NOT weak. She's a high skill cap champ that can easily win the game by herself if played right. She can snowball hard in midlane and then roam top/bot to carry the game.

    48. Anas R'ghiouiMay 03, 2015

      Completely agree with you ! i play a lot of thresh as well and he's just amazing in duoQ especially with jinx. Thresh is really OP BUT he's got a skillcap that's why he's tier 2

    49. Anas R'ghiouiMay 03, 2015

      he's still lonely tho.

    50. MellowthreatMay 03, 2015

      I like Volibear too, but I felt like he was more effective in bronze and silver. Sometimes in gold I feel like I'm too easily kited by others so I don't snowball early. Then I regret picking him over Amumu because late game is no comparison.

    51. MasterOfMetalMay 03, 2015

      Leblanc is an easy lane, just poke her and run when that q goes out and suddenly she's as useless as an afk lee sin (just had bad experiences during his free week haha), akali is awful pre 6 and Diana does her job so much better

    52. LlorencioMay 03, 2015

      imo, ryze is broken as hell, but his tanky build is no longer viable. His mana scalings are now too low for making builds based on frozen heart, and the 20% cdr from FH isn't that necessary since his ult gives cdr. I see him as mage, built with RoA and tear, and then full ap.

    53. MaripichuMay 03, 2015

      Leblanc is super viable, I'd say she is the most balanced champ in the game right now imo.

    54. wukong onlyMay 03, 2015

      A fox is actually closely related to a dog lol.

    55. could you share your build path and skill order. I like quinn but i find her a little unviable as an ADC

    56. try out champs when they are free and then see which one feels best for you. I main ori mid and shes tier 2 but have a consistent 60% over 250 ranked games. Others may boast about 70% win rate or better but normally thats most likely over less games. THe tier list is a guideline but what matters is enjoying the champ, how well you can win with them and does it suit your playstyle. It might be good to state what you are looking for in a mid laner

    57. ToontownBoltVids .May 03, 2015

      Do you think the changes to Black Cleaver might've been an indirect nerf to Wukong? He's still extremely strong, but it was a core item after Last Whisper and Ravenous Hydra, and the fact that it gives less dmg, no flat armor pen, and the fact that it no longer builds out of Brutalizer are all pretty lame.

    58. ToontownBoltVids .May 03, 2015

      Yeah, I've been seeing more and more people just replacing Frozen Heart with a Rabadons, and Iceborn Gauntlet/Sprit Visage with Rabadons and Void Staff/Luden's Echo/Zhonyas

    59. Tonight, we Hunt!May 03, 2015

      Nope, it actually makes him extremely better. You shred I think 95% of their armor with a full combo. Its nuts

    60. Tonight, we Hunt!May 03, 2015

      She has like 10 flashes, how is this balanced -.-

    61. Tonight, we Hunt!May 03, 2015

      Although they are similar, Sona is way easier than nami. So if a champ is easier to play, it means that less screw ups = winning games. Of course, if you are dedicated enough then yes Nami is better than Sona, but for the average Bronze to Gold player, sona would be a safe pick.

    62. ToontownBoltVids .May 03, 2015

      101% if you count the 6% from the armor penetration passive. Still, he misses out on the Brutalizer power spike that allowed him to destroy any squishy in his path.

    63. Nocturne main here, I think he should be moved back up to tier 2, maybe to low tier 1. His winrate jumped about 3-4% after the patch, and the extra damage on his E at low levels really helps him melt people considering players rarely max it first.

    64. sion top got nerfed so hard that it dissapeared from the list? o.O

    65. Dazed and DeadMay 03, 2015

      Because she explodes instantly if she jumps in at the wrong time.

    66. Dazed and DeadMay 03, 2015

      Middle of tier 1.

    67. Dazed and DeadMay 03, 2015

      The extra health and CDR are both welcome on Wukong.

    68. Dazed and DeadMay 03, 2015

      True. lol

    69. How is Nocturne as a jungler? What are his strong points and when should I pick him? I see him very rarely and want to buy him.

    70. She's viable/balanced mostly because in solo queue, she requires a degree of skill to do well with. Leblanc falls off rather easily due to her lack of contribution in teamfights compared to other mid laners, so she needs to snowball her lanes hard and get good picks. Also, check how many people play her and her win rate for confirmation. She's a very strong champion with a lot of potential, but she requires good mechanics specific to her.

    71. Aldo TorresMay 03, 2015

      Really fast jungler, good to counter jungle, depends alot of his ulti and his Q to initiate a gank, excellent early-mid, sinergy with teams based in zoning the rival, alot of build options going from full AD to Meat tank/Attack speed.

      Real Cons: really fucking squishy early game, get a randduin's to save yo ass

    72. When did Xerath go down the tier? He is pretty good and I think he can be at least in tier 1

    73. Puddleglum567 .May 03, 2015

      Lol Leblanc balanced

    74. BoltOfSpadesMay 03, 2015

      I heard if your english is terrible enough, people will take you seriously.

    75. Tonight, we Hunt!May 03, 2015

      So does Karma but he doesnt have any escapes

    76. wukong onlyMay 03, 2015

      Not a nerf at all, they made it so much more cost efficient and a nice new passive. And black cleaver wasn't a core 3rd item on wukong, it was outclassed by ghostblade, since ghostblade makes it easier to get to the backline. Only case where black cleaver is better than youmuu's is if your playstyle is peel for the adc and go for the frontline, but I personally think that kind of playstyl isn't nearly as good for climbing divisions as the "sneak up to the backline and oneshot them" playstyle.

    77. Would you still recommend picking up the brutalizer before your Hydra? And would you still get BC after? Id love to see your usual build path as i dabble here and there with wukong mid :)

    78. SSJ How are you feeling about Orianna now? I know alomst everyone of my comments on here has been about Ori but ya know ori mains :P Ive been having a lot more success with her recently because of tank wombos, and just general nerfs. Only hard match up really is ahri. Or i might just be doing better because ive gotten better at her.

    79. wukong onlyMay 03, 2015

      yea brut is still a good item to get after your hydra, and like I said the changes to bc were buffs, that's what riot intended them to be, so it is more viable on wukong than before. But bc is still outclassed by ghostblade if you intend to rush the backline. I even get youmuu's second a lot of the time, but a lot of other wukong mains prefer to go last whipser second.

    80. Tonight, we Hunt!May 03, 2015

      She is predictable but you cant juke annie :) You just get stunned and die. That's why shes so strong, take little skill but a huge results. The risk/reward ratio is unbalanced

    81. The JokerMay 03, 2015

      This is a downside of tier lists: they make you feel that a champion isn't strong just because they are placed low. imo, buy leblanc, she has stupid damage and if you look at top solo que players list: almost every midlaner mains leblanc or zed.

    82. Tonight, we Hunt!May 03, 2015

      I want to try Orianna but I am conflicted whether I should choose her or Vlad for mid lane. I am pretty good at hard to play champs, (i play thresh, rumble and alistar) so I might actually give it a try

    83. YoisuisuMay 03, 2015

      Soooo where is eve in the jungle tiers???

    84. SSJSuntasticMay 03, 2015

      I think she scales really hard into late game, but her mid game tends to be risky because of how important her ultimate becomes.

    85. Sonja YazmínMay 03, 2015

      Where is the mid xerath?

    86. SSJSuntasticMay 03, 2015

      Tier 2 Mid, if you use the search tool or CTRL + F it will highlight the champ for you :)

    87. The next levelMay 03, 2015

      Graves being moved down so low is a bit sudden. His winrate only dropped slightly and his ult still does suprising damage in the lane phase. idk but i still have the same success as I did before the nerfs i barely notice them. I think he should be above kalista in tier 1

    88. The next levelMay 03, 2015

      i have never tried her but i always thought that quinn had a hard time against tanks im assuming u go IE>shiv>LW >bork?

    89. The next levelMay 03, 2015

      he means a strong ASS pick as always

    90. The next levelMay 03, 2015

      gnar shyv trundle hecarim come to mind

    91. you got different levels to a champ, ori is more fun IMO but also a lot more dependant on skill, pick which one that looks the most interesting! Fun is always key to success :3

    92. The next levelMay 03, 2015

      This is just proof that all diamond players aren't from america, because if they were they would know how to speak proper English.

    93. The next levelMay 03, 2015

      but ashe kalista mf are all better? come on now. the nerfs literally took as small amount of damage off of his Q. Still tanky in lane. Still has the buff on his ultimate. Still kites like a boss. I still think he is the most feared adc in lane

    94. Nocturne can be really strong, but you have to have experience with him and you need good gamesense. He's not particularly mechanically complex, but knowing when to go in and when to get out is absolutely vital to playing Noc. There are actually several different ways that he can be played, but most people play him as a semi-tanky fighter because of his insane initiation from his ult, but I like to play him as a straight up attack speed-based damage machine.

      I usually go Devourer first and power farm until I have about 20 stacks on it. I do gank, but not as often as many people do. After devourer I get a BotRK and either a PD or a Hydra depending on the situation. If I'm vs. a bunch of tanks who won't be able to get a ton of damage off, I'll go PD because it allows me to shred them faster with crits and I don't need the extra lifesteal from RH to stay alive. Contrastingly, vs a squishy team, I'll go Hydra so that I can stay alive when I engage. Remember that if you get cc'ed, you're dead, so make sure your spell shields are on point.

      The best things about Noc are his crazy sustained damage with the AD buff from his Q trail, his chasing potential with Q, E, and Ult (and spell shield to block cc), and his initiation potential with his ult, which is something a LOT of people totally overlook. When you ult in, ideally on the enemy adc, the enemy team has absolutely no idea what's going on, and the rest of your team is completely free to wreak havoc for the next 4 seconds, at which point there is a strong chance they will have already lost the fight. The problem with Noc overall is that in SoloQ the lack of communication often results in a lack of followup from your team on your ult, which effectively wastes a 4 second period of free damage. This is a problem. Make sure your teammates are ready and able to follow up before you ult in.

      Noc is also really, REALLY good at pushing waves, particularly if you build plenty of attack speed on him. You'll be proccing his passive constantly and just demolishing minion waves. He also has very fast clear times, which lets you power farm to stack devourer even into the late game. This is actually what makes him somewhat sub-par in lane; he has an annoying tendency to push waves which leaves him vulnerable to getting ganked constantly, and for all the chasing and engage potential he has, he's got almost no escapes aside from a movespeed buff from his Q.

      I recommend picking nocturne when your team has a strong tank but needs an engager (for example Singed, Nasus, or Mundo top), or when your team is fairly squishy with a decent engage and high mobility. Noc provides strong engage potential on his ult, and as long as your team follows up on you, you should almost always win teamfights. This becomes particularly notable when you have a lot of damage but low survivability, because Noc's ult provides strong survivability for 4 seconds. In either of those general team comps, Noc is a really good pick. I usually would advise against picking him in SoloQ unless your team has the latter team comp, because in that case, people are going to be itching to engage anyway. However, the first team comp is an ideal situation in which to pick Noc if you have a premade team. If you're in SoloQ and picking him into the second comp, I actually recommend taking a bit tankier of a build to make up for the lack of durability on your team in general, but ultimately it's your choice.

    95. Tonight, we Hunt!May 03, 2015

      I main velkoz mid, is she on the same skill level to him? I'm pretty good with Vel

    96. The next levelMay 03, 2015

      naw hes a boss all the way to diamond

    97. Xin Zhao: Devourers, warriors or cinderhulk? I don't know what to build ;(

    98. Rei TokidoMay 03, 2015

      What the fuck did i just read

    99. Tonight, we Hunt!May 03, 2015

      I just cant play him.... I farm all game and struggle to do any damage. I've tried him 5 times and same results. Maybe its just me

    100. Mike TaylorMay 03, 2015

      Autism confirmed.

    101. Still no Irelia support?

    102. Nicolas CageMay 03, 2015

      None of the enchantment options (even Magus) are that bad on Xin Zhao, and each one of them can be a situationally valid purchase.

      That being said, overall Warrior is probably your best bet, and will be your best choice in most circumstances.

    103. Alex RaduMay 03, 2015

      As AP Kog, Zed, Katarina, Talon & Yasuo all give me more trouble than Ahri. Champions with high sustain (to mitigate Kog's poke) and bully potential like Vlad and Karma are pretty annoying as well. It's also quite hard to deal with Tryndamere, Fiora, Yi and Shaco due to their split-push and assassination potential.

      In fact, I think once Kog is level 16, the best strategy against his team is often to split-push hard and rotate constantly. Kog is fairly slow making his way to defend and has no hard CC to catch someone either. Moreover, due to his lack of escape, he depends on excellent vision coverage.

      It's much harder for his team to achieve this if the enemy team is constantly rotating and taking over the JG (getting his Blue is huge) while split pushing. By comparison, he excels in clumped teamfights (especially if he isn't flanked from multiple sides). Strangely enough, most of my opponents default to grouping and team-fighting in a clumped manner when I play AP Kog.

      BTW: AP Kog is one of the reasons to save the mid-lane for last pick. If Kog faces no assassins or hard engage champions, he can be an unanswerable poke monster just due to the other team's composition being unbalanced. It will still take about 20 minutes for him to hit level 11 and really become relevant but it's smooth sailing from there vs compositions without those properties.

    104. Nicolas CageMay 03, 2015

      Orianna's a pretty significant margin harder than Vel'Koz is.

      Being good at Orianna has to do a lot with good use of your passive and E during laning phase, being competent with all of your skillshots at all stages of the game, and positioning yourself and your ball properly, especially in the context of using your speed boost and R.

      Orianna's a great champion, though, and I quite like playing her. She's easy to recommend in that sense. Just know that it'll take a while before you're as good with her as you are with your typical mid-laner.

    105. Jon Marco CaporasoMay 03, 2015

      Tier 2 middle of the list. There is a search bar above that will highlight any champ you put in

    106. SSJSuntasticMay 03, 2015

      I have been bested

    107. SSJSuntasticMay 03, 2015

      Confirmed that my grammar is incorrect, TIL

    108. Tonight, we Hunt!May 03, 2015

      Awesome, I'll get her then :) I love challenging myself and I am learning positioning actually. I play jinx adc quite well so I guess orianna is the next step. thanks for that advice though.

    109. Sc VirdianMay 03, 2015

      I am surprised that Ezreal isnt't tier 3 with his 46% win rate and tank meta

    110. The next levelMay 04, 2015

      i understand ur point about lucian ssj but i think his winrate is dropping because of all the noobs playing him. I swear like 80% of lucians dont play him right. his lane phase is very OK (midroad) its not good but its also not bad. the problem is people think his lane phase is godlike so they try to trade early and then get killed. once ur behind on lucian... its like getting behind on graves u just have to hope to get carried lol. as long as u dont throw ur lead hes very strong. dont abuse his passive early game he runs out of mana very fast if u constantly spam for poke and stuff

    111. Josh ThurlowMay 04, 2015

      Why was he dropped? He's been in high T1

    112. Josh ThurlowMay 04, 2015

      For Bronze-Gold, the likelihood of the team planning against Kog like that is really slim to none. That's what this list aims at, is lower elos.

    113. Fishbones the DragonMay 04, 2015

      The tier list is made by a diamond player so I find that unlikely

    114. I think support Cho'Gath should be added to the list. He fits the tanky meta, his Q isn't that hard to hit (especially when playing Bronze/Silver as most people don't know how to dodge properly) and his scream will do some decent damage + silence. The spikes are quite useless I have to admit, but nonetheless they can deal some poke (I think 1 point at level 3/4 should be ok). So he basically plays like Nautilus (a bigger one, especially late, when he got some R's off). Main problem seems to be his Mana, but with Ancient Coin into Talisman + maybe Frozen Heart this should be manageable. Ofc he isn't God or T1 but low T2/upper T3 seems legit imho.

    115. Miguel Angel Venancio RomeroMay 04, 2015

      Irelia's not god anymore? Better nerf her.

    116. Josh ThurlowMay 04, 2015

      Just because the creator is high elo doesn't automatically mean the list is for high elo. SSJ even states that most of the data is provided from the first 3 divisions, and that the list is to provide a starting point for champion selection. Finally, it's for climbing which is what lower Elo ranked players are concerned with

    117. My OpinionMay 04, 2015

    118. TenobaalMay 04, 2015

      The Riven cancer is rising again... Rito plz trash this epitome of a noob champ.

    119. Dont JudgeMay 04, 2015

      vi should be higher, it even get played at LCS!!! she's super easy and has a lot of power and abilities

    120. Tonight, we Hunt!May 04, 2015

      Good news everyone, bought Ori and tried her out. Aaaaand I got a Quadra. (almost penta but my team stole it). Hecarim charged into their team, I ball him and ult. The combined damage enough got me an instant triple kill. I see their Shaco is low, One QWE is enough to end him. theres my Quad. I'm about to get the penta but OFC the corki turns on me trying desperately to stop. He could of easily gotten a double kill as our vayne and cass had like 50 health but no, he turns on me. sick bastard kills me. I cried

    121. James HargreavesMay 04, 2015

      why riot why did you have to nerf Graves :(

    122. Michael OhMay 04, 2015

      Roa, Seraphs, then Athenes (the 15% you get back in teamfights is amazing, especially when your jg doesnt give blue), Zhonyas, Void Staff. I find Ryze's ap ratios to be not that good (i think .6 is his best?) so Rabadons is meh for me

    123. Riven is a snowbally but mechanically demanding champ. You need to take advantage of early power spikes to capitalise on her. What exactly about her do you find makes her a "noob"champ?

    124. Totally agree.
      For damages and skin.

    125. thecheezelMay 04, 2015

      I agree that vi is still very strong right now but I'm not a fan of cinderhulk on her and that item is the king of the jungle.

    126. LlorencioMay 04, 2015

      I don't really like athenes. You have like 15% cdr that you dont use, and the mana regen is totally fine with seraphs (imo). The rabadon is just because you have more damage on ap ratio than in mana ratios now, but you can switch it for a mpen item since you can apply damages a lot with your passive

    127. LlorencioMay 04, 2015

      The damage comes from the passive, when you can spam your abilities a lot. You can W someone like 3 times lmao

    128. thecheezelMay 04, 2015

      I think comparing Cho to nautilus is just disrespectful to nautysauce. Assuming you are actually going support build on both of them neither will do much damage but nautilus has much more utility. Cho has his knock up (you are right in what you said but it is still unreliable) and a silence that is borderline op. Nautilus has arguably the easiest hook in the game, AA stun that can be rotated across the entire enemy team, spammable slow and one of if not the strongest point and click CC in the game.

    129. thecheezelMay 04, 2015

      I think his mobility keeps him strong. I'm a simple minded jg main though so I could be wrong

    130. Think I didn't made this point clean enough: you'er totally right that Cho cannot ne compared to Nauti in terms of utility. I was referring to the general playstyle: both are resp. could/should be played as a tank. Each will be build one way or another: Nauti will build more tanky and utility-support (e.g. Right. Glory) while Cho will be build more aggressiv (e.g. Liandry's). Therefore ofc Nauti is way more "Support" than Cho (whos Damage will be noticable higher than Nautis i think), but with supports like Lee and GP in the list, Cho deserves a spot, too. For sure not the same tier as Nauti, but as suggested T2/T3.

    131. Ah, my bad. The E change is currently on the PBE and wasn't included in patch 5.8. Regardless, his win rate did jump about 3-4% after the patch for whatever reason and is now sitting around 50%. My argument that he should be moved up stands.

    132. Actually in terms of ganking, what you should be doing with your ult isn't initiating it. Initiate like any other gank, walk in and Q them. Use your ult as a gap closer after they've flashed or used an escape. I'd actually argue that he's more relevant mid-late, primarily due to his ult engage. I don't like his early game that much simply because he doesn't have a strong gap closer pre-6.

    133. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      because he was able to win any single lane without even trying

    134. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      she survives only as a tank with cinderhulk but she isn't really a tank and people like sejuani or amumu outperform her at this role.
      I think low tier 1/high tier 2 is reasonable since her late game is pretty lackluster and a full team of tanks can stall the game pretty easily

    135. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      cinderhulk is viable because cinderhulk is op on everyone (even master yi lol) but xin zhao isn't really a tank so you should focus on damage early on unless your team is feeding very hard but in this case as a tank xin zhao cannot mitigate damage well so he still falls off
      Warrior is probably the best but it doesn't provide you any atk spd which xin like so be sure to run some atk spd on runes and masteries.Also since you're maxing E as xin jungler you won't benefit from the stats at all
      Devourer i think is the best,it let's you knock up faster and synergizes better with the E max and scale much better than warrior but it got nerfed and is lackluster as an item itself.
      So there isn't really a good enchantment on xin zhao,cinderhulk isn't really suiting his playstile,warrior falls off late game and devourer is too weak early game so just choose depending on how the game is going

    136. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      i think because his q and ult are bugged

    137. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      imho orianna got no hard losing matchups,the only one who can gave her trouble are assassins who can juke her ultimate but in low elo who can?
      I wouldn't main her asap cause she's quite difficult but if you are a midlane main you should definitely try her

    138. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      well that's true but riven got a too high powerspike post-6 that even if she is losing lane she can roam and do triple killes facerolling the keyboard.
      I agree that she needs some skill but now facerolling the keyboard is not as punishing as it used to be post-nerfs

    139. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      tier 3,only one hard cc that's hard to connect(yeah in bronze no one knows how to dodge but neither how to aim),feral scream is not so useful in the bot lane and since he's a support he will die a lot and always lose stacks of feast meaning he's unreliable as a tank.
      Also passive and spikes almost totally wasted,there's no reason to play cho support over other supports if not for fun.
      Also nautilus got 3 hard cc which 2 are point and click and is far more reliable as a tank thanks to his shield

    140. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      wait for hecarim nerfs,she's not a god cause hecarim outperform her but after his nerfs you should see a coming back

    141. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      look my username,everytime i got an ezreal bot in my team i cry because of how useless and g*y he is,he just jump everywhere and shot his things that barely scratches the frontline,in lane you stay behind minions and he can't touch you anymore,maybe a bit better with graves nerfs but still not good.
      Imho he's tier 3 bot and tier 2 mid both AD and AP(unsure about AP)

    142. Two points a) all they did to riven was fix her q so it worked as expected no actual stats buff b) if she roams its likely mid the mid laner should have a pink ward i the bush near blue buff and a green or trinket in the same side river entrance bush. Then hug that side. So proper warding should stop riven getting those kills.

      She hasnt got a big gap closer unlike say vi without wasting most of her q in dashing. So i think the issue is the mid laner not playing smart and not riven being op. The jungler should be the one looking at lanes the most so should really be aware.of when she roams and know to watch out.

    143. disisdeathwingMay 04, 2015

      say hello to yoloqueue, where wards dont exist.

    144. disisdeathwingMay 04, 2015

      master yi cinderhulk?

    145. disisdeathwingMay 04, 2015

      i pretty much now play udyr in jungle only, so nunu isnt that big of a problem.
      fast clear and high dueling power plus mobility helps against a nunu.
      then again like i know anything, platinum is still bronze.

    146. I love Diana mid because she does so well against a lot of the current FotM champs (zed, kat, ahri, leb, liss, akali, etc.). Plus she isn't played very much which i like. Only downfall with Diana is her lack of an escape and mana problems. I think she's perfect where she is.

    147. Dazed and DeadMay 04, 2015

      If no one has started stacking armor yet, I go Youmuu's seeing as the flat armor pen is stronger versus low armor targets.

      LW and BC are much better once the frontline has started to get into the hundred(s) range of armor.

    148. Dazed and DeadMay 04, 2015

      I think with his bug fixes that just went through that we should be seeing a rise in his win rate.

      The bugs were hurting him quite a bit it seems.

    149. Marc-Maurice KruseMay 04, 2015

      oh yes plz guys start playing vayne against me i want some freelo *-*

    150. Dazed and DeadMay 04, 2015

      Both the bugs were fixed.

      The ulti fix is in the patch notes and I believe the Q bug was fixed as well but not documented.

    151. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      cinderhulk+frozen mallet is very viable and a popular person tried him but i don't remember who(it wasn't cowsep)

    152. Dazed and DeadMay 04, 2015

      Akali is no where near FotM right now. Just saying her pick rate is in the bottom 20 over all in ranked.

      Other than that I agree wholeheartedly. Diana versus Kat is just funny.

    153. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      a)riven did get nerfed in the past and she dropped from first place in tier 2 to lower places in tier 2(i remember it like it was yesterday,top lane used to be unplayable).
      b)"mid laner should have pink ward"..i don't think you'll ever see a midlaner buying a pink ward in low elo (i don't know your league so i suppose you're at least gold.)
      also wards doesn't help since a lot of mid laners got cc,ahri can ult+charm or tf can flash+gold card,in this case is a guaranteed kill because of riven burst even when not played properly and because the mid laner is following up.
      not a big gap close?4 dashes no cost with low cd is pretty huge and i don't think we should call riven a "low mobile champion".
      Also riven can perfectly go bot and get a double with just ult, q is just 40-50% of her potential dps

    154. but if you play her as a tank buster with BotRK with possible BC she can be a very good tank buster, as shown by Nightblue (yes nightblue what of it) she can easy take on ful hp tanks and still survive with 1/2 - full hp

    155. calle perssonMay 04, 2015

      He's still just as good. I'm a graves main and I didn't notice any significant difference anyways.

    156. Yeah you're probably right, I forgot her pick rate dropped the past few months. But yes, Diana bullies champs like Kat. Diana laughs in Kat's face if she jumps on her, especially if Kat ults.

    157. The DoctorMay 04, 2015

      Jax or Garen?

    158. Garen IMHO ATM. Jax is kewl but just really not so good at the current LoL situation. Meta, shall I say.

    159. because everytime graves dashes and explode someone , I'm like "wow we have a leblanc in team?, o wait its good old graves nvm..."
      assassin adc , was kinda ridiculous

    160. Thoughts about an offmetapick please. Have never seen someone mention this on this side before, read about it in a guide, tried it and am irritated.

      I am talking about Tank-Karthus.



      Congratulations! If you havent stopped yet, you decided to read more of this insanity. Karthus as an offtank works with the high basedamage on his defile (mini-fiddle-ult) combined with his 1 sec cooldown q. Exhaust works well with this singedlike playstyle, though it is very manaintense because of the permatoggled aura.

      An examplebuild would be

      1. tear (later archangel's)

      2.righteous glory

      3. sorcerer shoes (alacrity could work)

      - tankitems (rylais is a good choice but can leave him squishy)
      Are there opinions on the matter? On first glance it's a mess and on secondglance still a good amount of stupidity. However i have seen it working so i'd like to hear if this could be viable.

    161. UltimutedMay 04, 2015

      Hi guys, I was wondering who I should buy, Ziggs or Xerath?

    162. Nicolas CageMay 04, 2015

      I had a friend get carried by a Diamond 1 Master Yi player who built full tank aside from a Blade of the Ruined King. He was so impossible to kill with his Q and W that he could run into the enemy team 1v5, get the enemy team to burn all of their important cooldowns on him, and then have his team funnel in and clean up.

      It was ridiculous to watch, simply put.

    163. Phil GarskeMay 04, 2015

      Why did Graves drop so hard? Did I miss something?

    164. Nicolas CageMay 04, 2015

      He got nerfed, though it wasn't a huge nerf.

      The main reason is meta shifts. With tanks all over the place, Graves doesn't do too well. His kit is more oriented around bursting down squishies than dealing with tanks. If Cinderhulk had never happened he'd still be very strong, but right now there are ADCs that can cut through tank comps much better, like Jinx.

    165. Nicolas CageMay 04, 2015

      Xerath's stronger overall right now in my opinion, but I think Ziggs is more fun to play.

      Xerath does a little bit better in actual teamfighting than Ziggs does (more burst damage that's easier to hit with), but Ziggs has higher sustained damage and better poke than Xerath, as well as more flexible CC and a debatably better R. Ziggs is harder to play than Xerath is by quite a bit.

    166. I agree so much with this. Really agree. I agree....

    167. Nicolas CageMay 04, 2015

      If you were looking to play a tankier Karthus, I'd probably emphasize magic penetration a bit more.

      Tear -> Haunting Guise -> Sorcerer's Shoes -> Righteous Glory -> Randuin's Omen/Banshee's Veil/Locket of the Iron Solari -> Warmog's Armor. Finish the Seraph's and Liandry's sometime after you finish the Righteous Glory.

      I don't really like the idea though, personally. Karthus is strong because he doesn't have to worry about dying at all, and can build squishy items as a result. He can run right into the enemy team, die, and still do more damage than anyone else in a teamfight. That's why building damage items is so good on him, because his survivability has little to do with his strength.

      I'll probably stick to standard squishy AP Karthus.

    168. Nicolas CageMay 04, 2015

      Jax does incredibly well later into the game right now, and the meta actually favors him a bit. He's seen a little bit of competitive usage, but not much, lately.

      Garen's got a much stronger laning phase and does very well with the new Black Cleaver, so it's hard not to recommend him either.

      Both champions are very cheap; I would try both out for 5 games each and see who you prefer.

    169. Phil GarskeMay 04, 2015

      Ahh okay, that makes sense.
      Thanks for your answer mate!

    170. How do I build cho gath mid? Do I build tanky mage or just tank with some AP?

    171. Xerath > Ziggs

    172. Nicolas CageMay 04, 2015

      Tanky mage. It's not uncommon to rush a Rod of Ages.

    173. TLDR: you are specifying conditions with bad play getting riven fed which is not the same as OP kit she gets fed regardless

      a) please name the patch you are talking about with that nerf

      b) actually I am just recently gone up to silver. so pretty much the whole time i was buying pinks i was in bronze. The nice thing is ppl very often just ignore it for half the game, leaving you some vision near baron too. Heres the point you spoke of a riven having trouble in lane roaming and getting kills. If she uses her dash plus two fo those q hops to gap close she has one q left plus the W, thats not much dmg even less on a riven who was denied ( as was stated in your example.

      Also the pink ward i mentioned means you see her coming with enough time to get back to safety. Those stuns charms are under 2 seconds at those points and riven will take more than 2 seconds to get to you from that far out. You should not be up that far unless you are heavily out trading your opponent, in which case they might not want to try going in on you with riven still that far out.

      We are talking about ppl playing correctly and the champ still rofl stomping, but you are specifiying conditions where the player is doing something stupid. Anyways i think the riven stomps you see are down to bad players and not down to the champ being faceroll strong right now.

      When she roams you shove lane deny farm and xp and take tower if you can. If your team plays properly she should not get a kill and loses gold and xp for the roam.

      If riven goes bot that means tp riven which is unlikely as she wants to snowball but your bot will see the tp coming in, should not be that far fwd without warding and should get pinged if she walks to bot. Again if not its bad play making her 'faceroll strong' not her kit.

    174. Nicolas CageMay 04, 2015

      Let's get some discussion going on the Tier 3 mid-lane. I'm not extremely familiar with a lot of these champions, so in this comment I'm more of asking questions than providing opinions.

      Zilean: Seems to be quite a bit stronger than he used to be after the buffs. His winrate has climbed up to 47% on LolKing as well. Probably fine where he is, but it'd be interesting to hear from someone who plays Zilean often.

      Gragas: Is his AP-dominated build still viable? Is it potentially better to build him as a tankier mid-laner with a Rod of Ages and more tank-oriented items? Is it even worth playing Gragas in the mid-lane given his strength as a jungler and top-laner?

      Kha'Zix: Not even sure he works in lane any more. Though, with his new buff to his W, maybe if he maxes it he can sustain okay in-lane?

      Tristana: Since AD Tristana mid is viable, it would probably be worth listing both AD and AP Tristana as mid-laners. Speaking of which, is her AP build still viable? To my knowledge, both would be worth putting in Tier 3.

      Azir: I'm really tempted to say that his 44% winrate isn't indicative of his strength, but it probably is. Still, I feel like his kit might warrant that he be moved up in Tier 3 a bit.

      Elise: Not sure how functional of a mid-laner she is, since almost no one plays her even in the jungle. Can't help but feel that building her as a squishier champion is probably a poor idea. She does have the second lowest winrate in the game (2% ahead of Ryze) as of my writing of this post.


      Suggestion: Corki mid should be put in either Tier 2 or Tier 3. He sees competitive play for a reason, and is in my opinion one of the better options for a poke champion as a mid-laner. He has a very strong mid-game, flexible build paths, has an escape (not many champions with poke have this), and good laning overall. The build I've seen on him competitively is Trinity Force into Luden's Echo and Liandry's Torment, getting Sorcerer's Shoes after the Triforce. It's a mostly AP build, but competitively people tend to start without any AP in runes + masteries, opting for AD instead.

    175. The DoctorMay 04, 2015

      I can help a bit; i think
      about Zil try this build : Rush Ludens. RoA. Rabadons Zhonyas Sreaphs embrace and Sorcs shoes

      Dont play grag. (I dont, not that you shouldnt)
      Nope for Kha

      Maybe trist

      i agree on the azir

      Elise smite+tp top laneis adtually better than herself jungling.

      Notsure about corki tho

    176. SpongebobDouchepantsMay 04, 2015

      Really don't understand the ADC rankings on this website. I agree Jinx and Sivir are two of the strongest, but the tier 1 and tier 2 lists make very little sense. Draven, while strong, is probably the hardest ADC to play (mechanically), so it would make sense for him to be in tier 2 or 3. Ashe is also really difficult to play well with her lack of escapes and pretty meh damage, again tier 2 or 3. Lucian, Corki, and Caitlyn are very strong in solo queue and should be in tier 1. Also, Miss Fortune is easily the worst ADC aside from random picks like Kennen and TF. Her damage output, scalings, and passive are so weak, especially in this meta.

    177. thecheezelMay 04, 2015

      That's great if you can find a way to turn a solo q game into 1v1 but you can't. The popular cinderhulk tanks all provide more utility than her and are nearly unkillable. Also neither of us are night blue so I don't care what he did with a champ.

    178. The DoctorMay 04, 2015


    179. The DoctorMay 04, 2015

      Would you play him mid or top or jungle?

    180. KingoftheSocksMay 04, 2015

      I like to run botrk to ghostblade for her atm, the early life steal is great for her when she's making harrier trades and the slow provided by cutlass/botrk is really good, alongside the ghostblades' movespeed bonus you have a roaming nightmare. Afterwards buy T2 Boots, (T1 can go whenevs) and a last whisper, finish with I Edge and either BT or a merc scimitar.

      Maxing order is generally dependant, if you get outraded then max q for extra harass/aoe damage, if you have the better trades max e so you can trade more often and have more impact in all ins, W is always maxed last.

      Despite all this I don't often play her ADC, more often looking into mid lane Quinn who works superbly as an assassin with her ult, she roams as quickly and as effectively as TF does

    181. KingoftheSocksMay 04, 2015

      I've been playing a lot of AP Corki mid and have had decent success in solo Que. Once you hit your Luden's first item you do a lot of damage.

      In a way he becomes like an adc expect his AAs are his rockets

    182. MullegirlMay 04, 2015

      I think she's really strong considering how popular strong engage frontliners are atm. She has an even better "ball delivery system" with them around and her late game is devastating. As long as she doesn't feed in lane I find her a very good champ to carry with.

    183. Popstar Ahri xDMay 04, 2015

      Really hate how my favorite champ is always contested...Bright side, after her nerfs I get to play her all the time ^^. But yea, most mid laners are garbage after the nerfs QQ. Rest in peace Syndra, Kayle, Kassadin, Zed, Fizz, Katarina, Akali. Well, Zed, Fizz and Kassadin are still really powerful. Syndra and Kayle on the other hand, you will surely be missed :/ I even wanted to buy the legendary Kayle skin and Judicator Syndra too QQQQQQQQQQQ

    184. I played him mid, i am afraid i would run oom against some toplanematchups. Karthusjungle is working but i see it more as a gimmic like my beloved admalz jungle.

    185. Popstar Ahri xDMay 04, 2015

      No, both are hard to play because of their entire kit being skillshot orientated. But, Xerath is still much harder. Xerath charges up his q and his movement speed is slowed, which provides time to react and dodge his q. Whereas, Zigg's q is instantaneous. Same issue Xerath's ult, he has three charges on his ult, and each has a small area of effect, so hitting all three charges is really difficult. But to maximize damage output, it is what it is. Zigg's ult not only has mega range, but mega area of effect too. Plus, Zigg's can easily peel for himself with his satchel and his minefield, Xerath, not so much o-O

    186. Popstar Ahri xDMay 04, 2015

      Fuking broken........ single target and aoe burst, tankiness, attack speed steroid, mobility and self peel through quick screen -_-

    187. Popstar Ahri xDMay 04, 2015

      Assassin Vi is actually pretty op o-O. Aside from mid lane, she can murder adcs QQ. And in yolo queue, where everyone is trolling or letting their adcs 1v3.... Vi works well ^^

    188. Karthus has one of the best passives for a carry indeed. This ,,new'' build and gameplay was the fist offmetapick for a long time which is kinda working and i didnt know of.

      About survivability and strength... He doesnt need it but through his high sustained basedamage he becomes an annoying sticky threat. It's like playing another champion.

      Thanks for your insight, post wrapps it up fairly well.

    189. Popstar Ahri xDMay 04, 2015

      Ezreal would be good if only his w wasn't so useless -_- Like it's not terribly bad, but I still think it needs a minor buff.

    190. Popstar Ahri xDMay 04, 2015

      The dumb horse got nerfed recently and sill 70 percent ban rate... and pig has 80 percent.... Bright side that frosty booty skin looks good.

    191. ProfessorDemonMay 04, 2015

      Top lane smite garen is too strong for him to be only tier 2

    192. Popstar Ahri xDMay 04, 2015

      I agree with Jinx and Sivir's position (shocker huh). But, putting aside Draven's difficultly, if you can play him well, you can probably snowball and single handedly carry games. His burst from his q is monster and with cri built to o-O. Plus, he has an aoe ult, so he can snipe and snowball from that too if he is ever behind (not as good as Jinx's ult though). He also gets extra gold when he kills an enemy, who doesn't like more gold ;D. I love Caitlyn, 2nd/3rd favorite champ, but aside from lane she kind of sucks donkey balls. Other adcs outdmg her aoe and single target and while her late game is good , many other adcs outscale her. Her kit sadly falls off too..... the traps -__- the delay on her q and ult. She also lacks the snowballing ability like Graves and Jinx, trust me you need to snowball in yolo queue. I had a Leona die ten times in lane, still won, Ashe ults op :p. Ashe, love her too, I know she has lack of escapes, but man, that ult, no idea how easy it is to pick someone off in yolo queue and snowball the game. Plus her e makes it hard for your team to be out of position and caught of guard. She can also perma slow enemies and snowball other teamates. Lucian and Corki nerfs have made them kind of shitty.

    193. Popstar Ahri xDMay 04, 2015

      I personally think Kog mid sucks, like his early game is not that spectacular and he needs time to scale. Plus he is easy to gank too with his low mobility and lack of escapes, basically shutting him down is super, super, super easy. That's why I feel he is much stronger bottom lane because when paired with a support like Janna he will have the time to evolve into the scary bug he was meant to be. In high elos, your lane will become a massive tent for the enemy team. I am in g4 (haven't played much), even in lower elos he still sucks. People will camp your lane just because your free gold brotha.

    194. Dazed and DeadMay 04, 2015

      AD Fizz is pretty dead from what I can tell. So I would assume AP Fizz is what the list is talking about.

    195. Dazed and DeadMay 04, 2015

      While true, many of the builds out there are going straight AP.
      i.e. Morello -> Luden's -> Rabadon's -> Void -> Zhonya's -> Sorc's.

    196. Dazed and DeadMay 04, 2015

      One thing I would add is about their passives.

      Xerath's is better early, while Ziggs' is good (great in my opinion) the longer the game lasts.

      Personally, I think Ziggs = Xerath, but not many would agree with me.

    197. dreamsweptMay 04, 2015

      Riven is the definition of extremely low risk extremely high reward. It has nothing to do with low or high play skill and everything to do with poor design.

    198. I Hate EzrealMay 04, 2015

      yeah totally agree his E feels like an useless spell,i mean at least gives it a little ad ratio,its only purpose is to gives you a sheen proc and atk spd for your teammates unless you're ap ez


    Feel free to comment or leave a message :)