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Apr 18, 2015

FOTM Report: The Rise of Urgod

A long forgotten champion living in the depths of the rift, Urgot was once master of the dominion and on Dominion for those of you that remember the map. However, after being overwhelmingly destructive Seasons 1 and 2, Riot sent Urgot and his anti-fun kit to nerfland, never to be seen again...until now.


A long forgotten champion living in the depths of the rift, Urgot was once master of the dominion and on Dominion for those of you that remember the map.

However, after being overwhelmingly destructive Seasons 1 and 2, Riot sent Urgot and his anti-fun kit to nerfland, never to be seen again...until now.

Season 5 Buffs

During Patch 5.5, Urgot finally got the loving he's been looking for in a very long time by way of a scaling mana shield and cooldown reduction on his ultimate.

Current Meta

At the moment, Urgot fits in surprisingly well with the highly tanky CC junglers, which allow him to almost certainly have a diving buddy for when he uses his ultimate, as well as a larger window to chain CC under.

Top Lane Urgot: Currently, I think Urgot does best top lane. The reason for this is that against melee champions, he's an extremely powerful lane bully that rushes tank items in the form of Glacial Shroud early. This means that he not only snowballs hard, but becomes very difficult to cheese, even at level 6 for most champions.

Mid Lane Urgot: Mid lane Urgot also does fairly well. I think he doesn't do quite as well as top lane Urgot simply because his team poke damage, AOE, and burst isn't as high as other mid laners unless he snowballs early. However, 1v1 he still performs nicely.

ADC Urgot: Against most ADCs Urgot seems to do poorly early on. The reason for this is that once he misses his E, his all-in abilities pales in comparison to a lot of other meta AD carries, especially with his pathetic 425 basic attack range. This also leads to him taking a lot more poke damage from supports as he tries to last hit.

However, once late game comes around his win rate does increase significantly. This is likely a result of most AD carries dying instantly to hard CC, whereas Urgot's survival rate is slightly higher with his shield and bonus damage mitigation from his ultimate.

Thoughts on Urgot

At the moment, he definitely seems to be viable. However, I would largely hesitate to say that he's a priority pick by any means, even for those that know how to play him fairly well. With a 425 base range, he plays very differently from traditional AD carries.

What do you think about Urgot? Comment below!

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  1. I think the buffs were quite small (some guy had made the math and the new shield is barely better than the old one) but they made people pay attention to him and discover he wasn't as bad as the legend said. I really like this champion, really fun to play and love his Crabgot skin :P

  2. I find I actually do better with him Jungle than ADC most of the time. Still much better solo lane of course.

  3. calico jonesApril 19, 2015

    I still don't see his appeal. I don't think he's enjoyable to play, whether he's getting stronger or not. I've never understood his role is team fights

  4. From my understanding it's to focus the same target as the adc and ult anyone who threatens you/the adc. Kind of fits in a protect the carry comp with 3 tanks to front line and you and the adc just focus the same target, your passive reduces armour making the adc do much more damage. I think it's effective against assassins like zed or leblanc because if they find an opening on one of you, you just supress them and they're dead.

  5. At last you noticed the power of urgod l, thx ssj!

  6. Well if u enjoy winning 2v1 bc of ur op shield and having bully hard the enemy mid lanerd lane u would enjoy urgot. As far as teamfights go his role is to interupt ppl like zed or riven for example, by using his ulti, to use their ultimates at full potential, sometimes engage( only if u have certain follow up), shredtanks with passive, destroy the carries with the big range e gives u, and if ur too fed u could even play as a 2nd adc.

  7. I play him mid lane almost exclusively, looking to try him out top shortly though.

    As a mid laner, I find him appealing because with mid lane having all the assassins remaining in the game, his passive reduces that damage, he can bully them around all the time, shove them under turret and crush their farming ability, swap them into awful places, or away from the ones they're doing damage to. He remains one of the strongest counters to any assassin, while providing a bunch of damage to follow his tankiness.

    When you move through into team fighting, I think his role depends on what you have. He can peel very effectively, absorb a good bit of punishment, and put out a bunch of pain all at the same time. He has the added benefit of 75% armor penetration himself, since his typical build includes Last Whisper and Black Cleaver, paired with noxian corrosive charge, he can shred tanks armor for 45% to everyone else so he helps out the ADC tremendously.

    To me, Urgot is basically sustained damage Jayce, with tankiness.

  8. Puddleglum567 .April 20, 2015 least recognize jungle urgot. He clears the camps really easily and takes very little damage especially after they buffed his shield and because of his passive. His ganks are good, he has a mini exhaust with red buff and his slow. Also, he's a pretty good counter jungler because most people don't recognize the damage that he can do.

  9. Warrior enchant or Cinderhulk? Urgot's ganks kinda suck tho. Even after 6 since his ult doesn't have a lot of range at early ranks

  10. Puddleglum567 .April 20, 2015

    I go warrior. His ganks are kinda like Master Yi's; you don't have much CC but you do enough damage that it works (even though you have some good CC with your slow and red)

  11. calico jonesApril 20, 2015

    Maybe I should try him out a few more times then

  12. Don't get me wrong he takes a bit of getting used to because you can easily chew his mana up very quickly trying to harass.

    A fun tip is that Noxian Corrosive charge will apply all 5 stacks of Black Cleaver's armor shred because it deals physical damage 5 times.

  13. Before the Soraka rework, Urgot ADC would be one of my cheese picks for an easy laning phase. Soraka had the sustain Urgot needed, and she could replenish his mana so that he was able to constantly spam E+Q


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