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Jul 5, 2014

Chatting About the New Maokai


Many of you are probably wondering about the Maokai move-up

Well in a nutshell...the tree is back!

What first appeared to be a simple tweak has actually brought Maokai a whole new dimension of strength as indicated by his rapidly rising winrate as shown below:

Data from based off ranked solo queue
So what's brought about this change?

Weakness Elimination

Originally, Maokai suffered from the following weaknesses:
  1. Fell off hard when counterjungled early;
  2. Suffered from early mana problems due to high cost of Saplings;
  3. Low damage late game with all support type items;
  4. No damage vs tanks
  5. Power creeped in terms of CC by newer junglers (Vi, Nautilus, etc.); and
  6. Feral Flare offered more utility and scaling vs spirit of the ancient golem.

4.11 Buffs

  1. Quill Coat - Now gives Maokai a very early passive damage item without the need to rely on only saplings and/or attack speed reds. This means that blue is no longer a must (although very handy);
  2. Sapling mana costs reduced;
  3. Twisted Advance now does percentage based damage, Sapling toss movespeed increased;
  4. Twisted Advance now does percentage based damage;
  5. Added slow to Sapling Toss; and
  6. Huge buffs on Spirit of the Ancient Golem, now gives a ward to equalize the wriggle path.

Conclusions (TL;DR)

Come on guys...that was a bulleted list...LAZY.
TL;DR Huge Spirit of the Ancient Golem buff + Percentage based damage on W = OP Maokai is back!

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  1. Dunked By ViJuly 05, 2014

    What about nautilus? I think he's also starting to make a comeback with the new Spirit of the Ancient golem.

  2. Called it three days ago:

    "Maokai Tweaks? I strongly disagree - these are direct buffs. As of 4.11, he has lowered mana costs, lowered cooldowns, and his jungle item Spirit of the Ancient Golemn was buffed. Only his Q and Ulti were tweaks, and the changes in general don't change his playstyle.

    He's works well as an early game ganker that transitions into a strong peeler mid-game."

    I love being right! XD

  3. dragontt16July 05, 2014

    the quill item doesn't proc if he has his shield on, which is his main jungle clearer. I'd say he might be a little bit stronger, but not as strong as maokai.

  4. Dunked By ViJuly 05, 2014

    Do you think he would would middle-high tier 1? Because as a jungler main who lovers support jungler I have seen a lot of hope brought back into nautilus and especially since riot keeps buffing him I think he can be somewhere in that spot.

  5. So, would you guys recommend maokai as an soloQ carry?

  6. SilverDonoJuly 05, 2014

    well I see the biggest buff in his ulti, since its on him he can just keep taking less damage and then use it on who ever he want, I think Maokai is better than before

  7. Roku KaemonJuly 05, 2014

    He has very strong ganks post 6 and even pre 6 with his Q he can do really well. He synergizes really well with sotag due to it boosting bonus health and his W scales off bonus health.

  8. Roku KaemonJuly 07, 2014

    Kinda like how as a support your dependent on your ADC to take kills and deal damg the same applies for sup junglers but if your team mates help then you'll crush.

  9. I mean, I get that he's stronger now. And I get that you think win rate is meaningful.

    But really - two days of statistics? There is no way that can seriously be taken to indicate anything, especially when you're talking about what's essentially a new champion. There is so much absolutely ridiculous crap that you could support with two days of win rate stats.

  10. But, I'm in silver... haha but Maokai looks fun so i might get him, thanks for your insiight of the game :D!

  11. What do you think will be his best build? After the Spirit of the Ancient Golem ofc those are the items i use to buy:

    LvL 3 Boots - will help the move speed scaling of the E and none will escape from your W even during the fight. Other boots are viable tho

    Iceborn Gauntlet - Good sinergy with Mao

    Chalice (the first part of it) - as Maokai you'll be oom the most of the time, and you dont want it! Moreover in end game fights with the Chalice u can keep your R up a really really long time using your other skills too. Btw I suggest to finish this item only in mid/late game IF you dont need to tank more than you're already doing

    Sunfire Cape, Randuin, Thornmail, Frozen Hearth: based on the game and on the preferences

    Spirit Visage: Really good on Mao

    Banshee, Locket and so on: based on game and preferences

    What do you think?

  12. I can no longer kite him all day when he ganks. Meany slow with his saplings, annoying damage, annoying moving ult, annoying ganks...


  13. Roku KaemonJuly 10, 2014

    I went and tested and that is a myth, sapping barbs works even when his shield is up.

  14. Josh ThurlowJuly 13, 2014

    Iceborn can still be used, but anything containing health will make mao unstoppable. I 1v3d and wasn't even full build. Took them so long to kill me. Usually get Golem, boots, Visage, Randuins, and then it is all dependent. If you would like some damage then Gauntlet, rylais, liandrys or if you're really ahead then ROA. If you need defense then Warmogs is insane with the new golem, or just get Banshees or Sunfire.

  15. I agree, I dont build Guntlet since a long time. But i still build Chalice in every game because i can keep my ulti up as much as i want to and more over Im not oom every 3 minutes. in the end game when i close the Grail, its passive makes me able to to do great things in fights.
    I forgot to buy it in one game and i was really in trouble.
    Btw this is basically my only no-tank item!

  16. totally called it too. I thought they overbuffed him


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