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Apr 29, 2015

Official Patch 5.8 Notes Released!



BUFFS: Ryze, Bard, Blitzcrank, Dr. Mundo, Kha'Zix, Mordekaiser, Pantheon (Clarity Buff);
NERFS: Ahri, Caitlyn, Graves, Jinx, Nunu, Sion;
TWEAKS: Shen, Yasuo;

Patch 5.8 notes


Greetings, Summoners.

Items. The new frontier.

Not entirely, but we've got one in this patch. Technically you could say the same with champion updates because we have a Ryze update, so maybe we'll say that.

Items and Ryze. The new frontier(s).

Oh, and a pile of changes for Howling Abyss. That's entirely too many frontiers.

Jokes aside, patch 5.8 is looking pretty diverse with the new Black Cleaver, a Ryze gameplay update, and some Howling Abyss upgrades (now everyone gets Lee Syndrome) rolling down the pipe. All three of those are fairly easy to discuss in their respective contexts, so we won't dwell too much here in the foreword. Instead, we just wanted to say that we're once again happy with the upward trend of champion diversity in all tiers of play, and we're very excited to see the experimentation being tried by so many players. Sometimes you really have to get outside of your comfort zone to find the new hotness. For those of you searching for the next support Nautilus, why not round up a group of ranked 5s buddies to experiment? This diversity dirigible (that's right, we're airborne now) isn't going anywhere.
 Chris "Pwyff" Tom &  Patrick "Scarizard" Scarborough


Back in 5.7 we re-wrote how spell inputs worked, which introduced quite a bit of disruption for players who used Quick Cast with Range Indicators. While we've since restored functionality to the old ways, we decided that we could at least make our work available for those who want it. Check out the "Quick Cast with Indicator" label under the hotkeys tab to try out this new behavior!

We're also piggybacking a few new features with this change, including the ability to individually bind abilities as Quick Cast with Indicator, the ability to aim / fire spells through your HUD, and some general minimap aiming cleanup (so when you Riven players accidentally hop back into the enemy team, that's on you).
TOGGLES, TOGGLES EVERYWHEREThere are two toggles at the bottom of the key bind menu - one that enables Quick Cast with Range Indicators on all keys bound by the quickbind UI (that fancy thing at the top of the menu), and one that makes it so that if you're holding down one quick cast key and press a second key, it will immediately fire the first ability.
KEYBINDS, KEYBINDS EVERYWHEREYou can now individually bind keys to be Quick Cast with a Range Indicator, but it requires you to manually bind each that you want (we couldn't get it stuffed into the quickbind hotkey UI without some considerable recombobulations)
NEWWHO AIMS WITH THE EDGE OF THE MAP?Added a new option "Disable HUD Spell Click," where abilities can now be aimed through the HUD unless the ability can normally be aimed through self / ally portraits. Technically this doesn't affect the mini-map but we're rolling out a second change below...
WELL THIS IS AWKWARDFixed a bug where a player would misfire their ability in a different direction if their cursor landed on the minimap. Generally speaking, short-range abilities should no longer be affected by having your cursor on the minimap.



Ryze has been updated! Check out the article if you want the full story, or just below if you want the specifics.


SPELL SWAGRyze's ability visual effects, audio and icons have been updated!

NEWPassive - Arcane Mastery

Casting a spell grants a stack of Arcane Mastery for 12 seconds. At 5 stacks, Ryze becomes supercharged for 3/4/5/6 seconds (increasing with ranks of Desperate Power), gaining a shield that blocks (20 + 5 per level) (+8% of maximum mana) damage and causing his spellcasts to reduce the cooldown of his other spells by Overload's cooldown, to a minimum of 0.25 seconds.

Q - Overload

REMOVEDOVERLOADEDNo longer passively grants cooldown reduction
NEWIT'S A SKILLSHOTIs now a line skillshot that stops at first enemy hits
RANGE625  900
COST60 mana  30/35/40/45/50 mana
DAMAGE55/75/95/115/135  65/90/115/140/165
MANA RATIO6.5% of maximum mana  2/2.5/3/3.5/4% of maximum mana
ABILITY POWER RATIO0.4 ability power  0.55 ability power
COOLDOWN3.5 seconds  4 seconds

W - Rune Prison

BASE DAMAGE60/95/130/165/200  65/95/125/155/185
MANA RATIO4.5% of maximum mana  2.5% of maximum mana
ABILITY POWER RATIO0.6 ability power  0.4 ability power

NEWE - Spell Flux

Unleashes an orb that deals damage and reduces the Magic Resist of targets hit by a percentage, stacking up to 3 times.
After hitting, Spell Flux bounces to nearby enemies and Ryze (up to a total of 6 secondary targets) before returning to the original target.
DAMAGE50/66/82/98/114 (+2% maximum mana) (+0.3 ability power)
RETURN DAMAGE25/33/41/49/57 (+1% maximum mana) (+0.15 ability power)
MAGIC RESISTANCE REDUCTION-12/15/18/21/24 magic resistance -8/9/10/11/12 percent magic resistance

R - Desperate Power

COOLDOWN70/60/50 seconds  80/60/40 seconds
DURATION5/6/7 seconds  4/5/6 seconds
NEWDESPERATE MASTERYIncreases Arcane Mastery's duration to 4/5/6 with rank
NEWDESPERATE COOLDOWNSPassively grants 10/20/30% cooldown reduction

SSJ Says: I think overall this may actually be a buff to Ryze due to the built-in percentage based magic penetration on his E and new burst from his passive.


Never trust nine-tails and a smile.

E - Charm

IRRESISTIBLECharm no longer interrupts 'Unstoppable' effects (such as Malphite's R - Unstoppable Force, Hecarim's R - Onslaught of Shadowsand Vi's R - Assault and Battery)


Chimes spawn in safer locations early-game and grant more experience over game-time.
Patch 5.7 saw Bard's mellifluous meandering trending in a positive direction, so we're adding a few last tune-ups to his passive before we feel comfortable allowing players to embark on the magical journey of learning Bard rather than over-buffing him.

Passive - Traveler's Call

SAFE AND SOUNDChimes will avoid spawning in the enemy jungle before 5 minutes
EXPERIENCE PER CHIME20 flat XP  20 + 1 XP per minute (after 5 minutes)


Overdrive has a minimum speed, and decays more slowly.
Though we liked the direction of Blitz's last changes the numerical values we went with left the ability feeling much more like an Underdrive, so we're beefing up the boost by keeping too much of his speed from leaking too fast.

W - Overdrive

GATHERS NO RUSTMovement speed bonus decays more slowly over 5 seconds
PUTTING THE 'GO' IN 'GOLEM'Overdrive's movement speed bonus cannot decay below 10%


Caitlyn's traps are more visible in brush.
While it's still a good idea to place your traps in brush, you should be ensnaring enemies by exploiting their habits, not their inability to see.

W - Yordle Snap Trap

TRAP CLARITYIncreased visibility when placed in brush.

Dr. Mundo

Q refunds its cost on kill. Passive and R tooltips are cleaner.
Ever a staple among the tanks of toplane, Dr. Mundo's a safe option for those that want to go where they please in teamfights. We're tossing him an infected bone to ease the pain of health costs when behind without pushing his jungling to be just as crazy as he is.

Passive - Adrenaline Rush

DYNAMIC!Added dynamic recovery numbers to the tooltip (no value change)

Q - Infected Cleaver

NEWREFUND ON KILLNow refunds 100% of the health cost on killing blows

R - Sadism

ALSO DYNAMIC!Added dynamic recovery numbers to the tooltip (no value change)

SSJ Says: This seems like a very substantial buff to top lane Mundo's early game.


Buckshot deals less damage at max range and slightly more damage at close range.
Tough as nails and strong like Gromp, Malcolm Graves is the go-to when you need a lane demolished. We want him to keep his signature explosiveness (and all that southern Bilgewater charm), but at a distance he prefers: up close and personal. Simply put, trading at long-range will see Graves getting less bang for his buck-shot but, once he gets in their comfort zone, it's the end of the line.

Q - Buckshot

BASE DAMAGE60/95/130/165/200  60/90/120/150/180
RATIO0.8 bonus attack damage  0.75 bonus attack damage
MAXIMUM DAMAGE (3 HITS)108/171/234/297/360 (+1.44 bonus attack damage)  120/180/240/300/360 (+1.5 bonus attack damage)


Super Mega Death Rocket's close-range damage has been severely reduced.
Jinx nerfs? EVERYBODY PANIC! Jinx is a champion that plays the game fast and loose, manipulating her range and using her toolbox of diverse (and colorful) explosions to control the battlefield. The only real way to stop this swiss-army-machine-gun was to get in her face, at which point she'd Super Mega Execute You At Close Range and gleefully skip away. It's worth highlighting that Super Mega Death Rocket still has that execute, which means Jinx can continue to get those mid to long range snipes but will just need to be more strategic about it, rather than just shotgunning it into the nearest baddie.

R - Super Mega Death Rocket!

MINIMUM DAMAGE125/175/225 (0.5 bonus attack damage)  25/35/45 (+0.1 bonus attack damage)


W heals for more at early ranks.
With potent ganks and snowball potential, Kha'Zix's risks might outweigh some of his reward when it comes to taking him into the jungle. Bumping up the early heal to impact his early clears should see this bug working as intended.

W - Void Spike

HEAL AMOUNT40/70/100/130/160  60/85/110/135/160


W doesn't stop your movement to cast and auto-targets the nearest ally when self-cast.
The last time we visited the Master of Metal, we changed Creeping Death to be all about bringing people together (so you could crush your opponents and command their souls). We're adding some improvements this patch to benefit Mordekaiser and all of his murder-buddies when engaging in their favorite pastime.

W - Creeping Death

CAN'T STOP THE ROCKMordekaiser can now move while casting Creeping Death (previously would be instant when cast on self, but stopped a quarter second to cast on allies)
MISERY LOVES COMPANYNow automatically targets the nearest Allied champion if self-cast


Health per level down. Blood Boil auto-targets the nearest ally when self-cast.
For a champion that has two separate avenues of multiplying his health (thanks to Consume and Cinderhulk), it didn't make as much sense for Nunu to have one of the higher health pools in the game withoutitems, so we're toning it down to make up for his gains later.



W - Blood Boil

LET'S MAKE TRACKSNow automatically targets the nearest Allied champion if self-cast


Like Rek'Sai and Twisted Fate before him, League's battle-baker is exercising his manners and letting his team know where he's landing for easier follow-ups.

R - Grand Skyfall

REAL MEN USE SMART PINGNow issues an 'On My Way' ping after fully committing to casting Grand Skyfall


Shen is a better bodyguard (but still not that great at being a ninja).
Already a potent guardian, Shen's leveled up his teleport game to naturally position himself in the best spot to defend his teammates.

R - Stand United

WHAT A GENTLESHENNow places Shen between his target and the closest visible enemy champion


W's health ratio is lower at early levels and takes longer to reactivate.
The undead hulk that is Sion dies more often to jungle monsters than champions these days, mostly due to the strength of Soul Furnace. While we like that he takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin' (do zombies tick?), Soul Furnace's offensive capability often seals a winning lane for him once he's able to build enough Health, creating a situation for opponents where beefing up makes the shield's damage more effective (as it scales off an enemy's maximum health), while building more damage to pop Soul Furnace opens them up to being crushed by a Decimating Smash. Limiting his shield's flexibility offensively while keeping it sturdy enough to mosh 5v5 should keep him as threatening as ever without being a catch-all solid pick.

W - Soul Furnace

SHIELD DETONATION TIMER2 seconds  3 seconds
RATIO10% maximum health  6/7/8/9/10% maximum health


This was a notorious bug that kept particularly sneaky players from taking full advantage of their ability to ambush unsuspecting base structures. Shout-outs to the community for helping sniff this one out!

R - Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat

SEWER SKEWERS FOR EVERYBODY!Now hits inhibitors and the Nexus


We cleaned up some of Blood Scent's coding behind-the-scenes that was keeping him finishing off his prey.

E - Blood Scent

BLOODY NOSEFixed a bug where it could take Warwick up to 2 seconds to detect low-health enemies with Blood Scent


We tried to fix this with an earlier hotfix but that didn't stick. This should do it.

R - Rite of the Arcane

ARCANE HATFixed a bug where Xerath could accidentally fire his first Arcane Barrage on top of himself if he presses R too fast


Yasuo's flow shield is stronger at every level, but takes more effort to build early-game.
While we're excited to give Ionia's roamin' ronin some love, it'd be a lie to say the task was easy. One of League's most complex and stylish champions, the slightest change can instantly turn this wind-waking warrior into a whirlwind of pain. We're increasing the shield's amount at all levels to soften the blows he's had to his early-game, but at the cost of his early flow generation; we want Yasuo players to have ways to be successful but, as always, he'll have to work for them.

Passive - Way of the Wanderer

SHIELD STRENGTH60 - 470  100 - 510
FLOW CHARGE RATE100% at every level  78/89/100% effectiveness (at levels 1/7/13)

Mass Texture Rebalance (Part 10)

With this last bundle of champions, the "Mass" part of our Texture Rebalancing has been completed. That doesn't mean we'll never update a texture again - we'll continue to do so as opportunities arise - but this is the end of seeing these as a major patch note item. Thank you everyone for your continued feedback!
For those interested in final numbers, these ten installments have rebalanced around 311 skins across 62 champions over 7 months (we started back in patch 4.17)!


  • Base, Commando, Imperial, Sorceress, Spellthief, Steel Legion


  • Ravager (update to a previous rebalance)


  • Base, Battle Regalia, Blacksmith, Lollipoppy, Noxus, Ragdoll, Scarlet Hammer


  • Base, Asylum, Nutcracko, Mad Hatter, Roya, Workshop
  • Base Jack-In-The-Boxes have also been updated for all skins that use them


  • Base, Boneclaw, Darkflame, Ironscale


  • Base, Astronaut, Badger, Cottontail, Happy Elf, Panda, Recon, Super
  • Base mushrooms (for all skins that use them) and custom mushrooms for Astronaut, Panda and Super skins have also been updated



The Black Cleaver

New build path, much more health, much, much more armor shred stacking, but no more flat armor penetration. More cleaver-y, if that makes sense.
We're going to be blunt - when The Black Cleaver's good, it's good at many things: blowing up squishies via flat armor penetration and busting down tanks with its stacking armor shred. Because of this, we've had to tune the item accordingly, making it pretty mediocre at both of its aforementioned jobs.

No longer!

Well, sort of. One of our goals with a revisit to The Black Cleaver was to basically choose one of those paths and go sprinting down it. There are already a bevy of options when it comes to blowing up squishies, so tank busting became the name of the game for the new Black Cleaver. The design here should make sense for anyone who wants sustained, tank busting combat patterns, so we won't dwell too much on that. Go try it out!
NEWRECIPEThe Brutalizer + Ruby Crystal + 1263 gold  Phage + Kindlegem + 825 gold
TOTAL COST3000 gold (unchanged). In case you couldn't do the math.
HEALTH200  400
ARMOR SHRED DURATION4 seconds  6 seconds
NEWUNIQUE PASSIVERage - Dealing physical damage grants 20 movement speed for 2 seconds. Killing any unit or receiving an assist on a champion that has any amount of Black Cleaver armor shred grants 60 movement speed for 2 seconds instead.

Recurve Bow

Now builds out of daggers, costs slightly more, and deals 10 damage on hit.
Can we say build path betterment? Yes.
NEWRECIPEBase item  Dagger + Dagger + 200 gold
TOTAL COST900 gold  1100 gold
NEWUNIQUE PASSIVEDeals 10 physical damage on hit

Blade of the Ruined King

You can now lifesteal the bonus health damage you're dealing!
Itemizing against tanky bros (and sisters) can be pretty difficult for an AD champion, so we're seeing if we can give a bit of love back to Blade of the Ruined King - the present day high-health AD tank demolishing item. Giving lifesteal to the on-hit passive means the more health your enemies stack, the more you'll be able to recover while kiting around. Now everyone gets a sustained combat pattern!
NEWRECIPEBilgewater Cutlass + Dagger + Dagger + 900 gold Bilgewater Cutlass + Recurve Bow + 700 gold
TOTAL COST3200 gold (unchanged)
NEWGIMME THAT HEALTHOn-hit passive now benefits from lifesteal
PASSIVE MINIMUM DAMAGE3  10 (bet you didn't know there was a minimum damage before)

Runaan's Hurricane

When you actually look at the item build in the in-game shop, it looks pretty cool. Seriously, check out that symmetry.
COMBINE COST600 gold  500 gold
TOTAL COST2400 gold  2500 gold (some odd math here with Recurve Bow going up by 200 gold, but we only wanted to make Hurricane slightly more expensive)
NEWUNIQUE PASSIVEDeals 10 physical damage on hit
MORE UNCHANGED THINGSSecondary Bolt damage remains unchanged

Wit's End

Build path betterment.
COMBINE COST750 gold  550 gold
TOTAL COST2600 gold (unchanged)

Enchantment - Devourer

Build path betterment.
NEWRECIPEDagger + Dagger + 500 gold  Recurve Bow + 300 gold
TOTAL COST1400 gold for the enchant, 2250 including jungle item cost (unchanged)

Righteous Glory

We went a liiiiitttle overboard with this last time, so we're tuning back just a tiny bit.
HEALTH650  600

Summoner's Rift

Dragon's Might (Dragon Buff #1)

This is a little complicated, but the short of it is that the Dragon's Might buff was calculating its +6% AD a little weird. First, it didn't multiply with bonus attack damage (so that's no good) and second, it assumed a 1.0 AD ratio for anything that used an AD ratio (even if that ratio was, in reality, much lower). This isn't to say that AD scaling spells were all using 1.0 ratios, just that the +6% AD on Dragon's Might was scaling like that. This also probably exposes a bit of how math works in our game, but that's a confusing bag of goodies in and of itself. The super short of it is expressed below:
COMPLICATED MATHAuto attack damage for champions with Dragon's Might and AD items will now be slightly higher
MORE COMPLICATED MATHPhysical damage spells will now deal slightly less damage when interacting with Dragon's Might (unless the champion has a lot of bonus AD or their abilities scale higher than 1.0 AD)

Howling Abyss

Visual Updates

The update to Summoner's Rift gave us the opportunity for some quick wins on Howling Abyss, which was using many of the same assets as the original Summoner's Rift anyway.
NEWCHILL OUTThe loading screen for Howling Abyss matches now has background art
LONG LIVE PURPLEMinion, inhibitor and nexus models have been replaced with reskinned assets from the updated Summoner's Rift. We've kept the blue-purple color scheme since red doesn't fit Howling Abyss's thematics.
REINFORCED HEALTH BARSStructures now have custom health bars
BRUSH PHYSICSHowling Abyss brush now sways and moves when champions move through it
THE GROUNDFixed various cases of champion ability visual effects disappearing under the ground

Surrender Timer

Since ARAMs tend to be shorter than Summoner's Rift matches, we're scaling down the surrender timer to a proportionately appropriate level.
SURRENDER TIMER20 minutes  15 minutes

Global Gameplay Updates

Modernizing minions to be in line with recent changes we've made on Summoner's Rift.
MINION RESISTANCESMinions no longer gain resistances over time. Cannon minions no longer have base armor.
MINION HEALTHMinion health gain over time has been increased to keep minions roughly as durable as when they had resistances
SUPER MINIONSNow grant nearby allied minions increased damage and resistances
Tower diving is already strong on Howling Abyss as it is, and with the reintroduction of Warmog's Armor (spoilers!!) we're toning up turret damage to make sure turrets stay threatening.

Mark / Dash

One of our takeaways from Legend of the Poro King was that there are a ton of champions who could actually be pretty healthy on Howling Abyss if they had better engagement tools. We're introducing Mark / Dash as a summoner spell option to address that need.
MARKThrow a snowball a long distance, dealing (20 + 10 per level) true damage to the first enemy unit hit. If it hits an enemy, this ability can be recast for 3 seconds to Dash to the tagged unit. Dashing to the target will reduce the cooldown of Mark by 25%. Mark projectiles are not stopped by spell shields or projectile mitigation.
DASHDash to the unit hit by Mark. Casting Dash will reduce the cooldown of Mark by 25%.

The Bloodthirster

It's here!
With last season's rework which removed The Bloodthirster's stacking mechanic, our concerns over snowballing were largely assuaged. We're re-adding it to Howling Abyss as part of this patch's pass on the map.
NEWIS A THINGIs now a thing on Howling Abyss (same stats/effects as Summoner's Rift)

Sanguine Blade

It's gone!
Sanguine Blade offered an early, cost-efficient power spike for marksmen that tapered off as the game progressed (though never really reaching "bad" status). The Bloodthirster is basically Sanguine Blade's bigger, badder brother - it'll take longer to complete but more than compensates with tons of additional lategame power. There isn't a compelling need to have both on the same map, so we're saying goodbye to Sanguine Blade.
REMOVEDIS NOT A THINGIs no longer a thing on Howling Abyss

Warmog's Armor

It's here!
Similar to Mark / Dash, we're looking to give some love to tanks so they can survive poke long enough to initiate at the right time. That said, Warmog's is an HP behemoth and we're keeping a close eye on it to make sure tanks don't become too overpowering.
NEWIS A THINGIs now a thing on Howling Abyss (same stats/effects as Summoner's Rift)

Skin Boosts

Temporary random skins for the random champions played by your (sometimes) random teammates. And some IP.
BOOST ME BROSkin boosts have been permanently enabled on ARAM. They cost 95 RP and grant you and your teammates a one-time random skin for your randomly-selected champion, as well as 100 IP (200 for you).

Howling Abyss, Twisted Treeline & Crystal Scar

Twin Shadows

Had a few items that missed updates and finally knocking those out. Sorry it took so long.
NEWHOWLING ABYSSAdded trap finding functionality to Howling Abyss version!
COMBINE COST630 gold  730 gold
TOTAL COST2300 gold  2400 gold

Twisted Treeline & Crystal Scar

Moonflair Spellblade

Just getting that Negatron Cloak back in there.
Had a few items that missed updates and finally knocking those out. Sorry it took so long.
RECIPESeeker's Armguard + Null-Magic Mantle + 920 gold  Seeker's Armguard + Negatron Cloak + 570 gold
TOTAL COST2620 gold (unchanged)

Lord Van Damm's Pillager

DON'T YOU WORRY CHILDUnchanged. Just in case you were concerned we were going to bring it line with Infinity Edge. Nope.

Crystal Scar

Odyn's Veil

Just getting that Negatron Cloak back in there.
Had a few items that missed updates and finally knocking those out. Sorry it took so long.
RECIPENull-Magic Mantle + Catalyst the Protector + 800 gold Negatron Cloak + Catalyst the Protector + 450 gold
TOTAL COST2500 gold (unchanged)

Friend List

In preparation for the upcoming Add Friends feature, we've made a few improvements to the friend list aimed at reducing the confusion that sometimes occurs when players reach the friend list cap.
8.33% MORE FRIENDSThe friend list cap has been increased from 300  325
TOO MANY FRIENDSPlayers will now see an alert when trying to add friends past the friend list cap
TOO MANY FRIENDS 2Players will now also see an alert when trying to add friends who are themselves at the friend list cap


  • Skin-specific sound effects for Ghost Bride Morgana's R - Soul Shackles and Firefighter Tristana's E - Explosive Charge have been restored
  • Gnar's VO while dancing has been restored

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released at various times during patch 5.8:

First time to Nerfplz.Lol or not sure where to find everything? Try the Site Map


  1. Well, thats a nerf to Cait, if anything

  2. so how soon could we see the ashe rework patched in? like 5.10?
    and how much of a say does the community get in decisions for reworks? because i havent seen anyone excited about the jinx rework and in my opinion she seemed balanced until now. shes almost become the new lucian with the underwhelming ult and what not.


    RIP JINX!!!!!!!!!!!! RIPPERINOEAH IN PEPPERONIEAH! Rest in Peace JINX Ultimate,when min. dmg. I mean, 45 DMG AT MAX RANK? 0.1 AD Ratiouh? LMFAO!!

  4. Will have to snipe with the ultimate from now on. not worth if not sniping

  5. is the change to Ryze really a buff or a nerf? i feel that now he deals a lot less damage...

  6. So Ryze now gets 30% free CDR at level 16, but He'll already be maxed out if he builds Frozen Heart, which is currently a core item on Ryze...

  7. until his passive activates and he spams shit harder than ever

  8. It's a slight nerf, damage will be the same when the rocket reaches zap range (1500).

  9. Dazed and DeadApril 29, 2015

    I played with him a bit on the PBE and he felt stronger to me...

  10. Yeah, this. Feels like he would deal slightly less dmg but with Passive 5 stacks he is strong.

    Just faced a Ryze.

  11. Dazed and DeadApril 29, 2015

    Still might be worth getting considering how early you can get to 40% CDR when building FH...

    Also, it depends on how you do your masteries because with a 9/0/21 (or some variation with at least 4/*/20) build you'll have 40% CDR without any items at level 16.

    I think Tear into RoA is still going to be common but after that you have a bit more wiggle room to experiment.

    i.e. Tear -> RoA -> xxx -> xxx -> Void Staff (boots when possible/needed)

    Those two spaces could easily be filled with any of the following Banshee's, Thornmail, FH (if you don't mind going over the CDR cap), IBG, Luden's, Spirit Visage, Lich Bane, Righteous Glory (haven't tried it but it sounds interesting).

    I am sure there are other viable options that I missed but I do like that he has a bit more flexible build path now.

  12. Dazed and DeadApril 29, 2015

    5.9 is likely when it will be released. (Ryze was only on the PBE for 1 cycle so I'd assume Ashe will be there for 1 cycle as well)

    We get little to no say in the reworks.

    Jinx's change just makes her ulti more for executing enemies (still has the execute damage on it) from a distance instead of just blowing them up from two feet away when they jump on you.

  13. calle perssonApril 29, 2015

    So..... when are they fixing Tristana?

  14. CejastrikeApril 29, 2015

    Maybe because it's not a rework but a nerf? Jinx is one of the few champ who remains strong at every stage of the game, so they just nerfed the I SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE part of her ult. The nerf isn't big at all, but will help balance her a bit.

  15. Cody BromleyApril 29, 2015

    I think the point of giving ryze 30% was so that he wouldnt be able to build frozen heart as effectively, riot wanted him to move away from that item i think

  16. Calling it now, Rab and Ludens might be super strong, but lack of zhonya :/

  17. Woah no he's old build path was more flex cause he could build CDR items, i used to go seraphs ROA Frozen Mercs spirit visage Zhonya, you can onyl build 1 10% cdr item now :/

  18. Dazed and DeadApril 29, 2015

    No it really wasn't... You had only one slot that was flexible. Now you have two.

    Giving him passive CDR essentially doubles the flexibility because you aren't forced to build two items to cap out CDR.

    Yes Rab and Luden's might work well.

  19. Malzahar OPApril 29, 2015

    the chargeup time for usual damage is around the distance of her w, if i recall from a rioter.

  20. Bryce PotterApril 29, 2015

    It's cute how many people cry over the small Jinx nerf. "Oh no, now I can't blow someone up at melee range of they're at half health."
    It still has the execute, and does full damage past your zap range. Less QQ, more pow-pow

  21. wow the new black cleaver is ridiculious on Hecarim

  22. oh its not that long then. thought it would be something like half the map size or somethang like that.

    Interesting... but from point blank, the minimum dmg range, it sucks as hell.

  23. Honestly.. it was an unnecessary change, but you are right that it will have very little effect. Anyone who actually plays Jinx should be fine as you should never be that close to anyone anyway. (positioning and all)

  24. Still does damage relative to the enemy's missing HP as well as hitting full AD ratios at 1500+ range.

    Really, the whole execute aspect of it had to do more with the enemies missing HP. Once someone falls to 1/4 their health its pretty much a guaranteed kill from any distance. That is what her ult is used for.

    Now don't get me wrong, blowing up the enemy sup or ADC that has 0 armor items when they were at 50% HP late in the game was fun, but rarely happened.

    This will just get rid of the bad Jinx players. Anyone who plays her seriously will be fine.

    As an ADC main, the Graves nerf hurts me more.. but it means I get to play Varus more often.

  25. Jinx players that were using her ult like a shotgun are bad players. If anything, this nerf helps to weed them out. Its still a guaranteed kill when the target is at 1/4 HP at every range. (Except for full tanks)

  26. Mighty BadgerApril 29, 2015

    Not sure if its been pointed out but it says caitlyn's name in the buff section at the top. They didn't buff her traps they made them easier for the enemy to see. At best thats a clarity buff to the enemy and at worst its a plain caitlyn nerf. Unless iv misread something?

  27. TerrowinMagikenApril 29, 2015

    I wouldn't call caitlyn's traps being more visible in bush a buff, mistake?

  28. so what are the chances of seeing an annie rework with her q being turned into a skillshot?

  29. The DoctorApril 30, 2015

    Thoughts on the new Ryze?

  30. I just saw a Ryze facetank a darius (both were 6, no kills). The only reason Darius survived was because I ganket him. Now THAT'S a strong champion!

  31. Righteous Glory active is really silly on Ryze. Normally you expect a much tanker champ to be using it, but it's pretty scary when he comes running in casting a dozen spells in 5 seconds. It's kinda awkward building ROA and RG since the catalyst passive is unique, but it's not bad. Luden's also seems like a really strong item on Ryze since it gives him some better AoE damage and wave clear for when his ult is on cooldown.
    They shifted some of his mana scaling over towards AP so an example build might be Sorc's/RoA/Seraph's/Luden's/Zhonya/Deathcap. Abyssal Scepter is also a good defensive option.
    I think it's still best to run 21 masteries in the support column, since the movespeed enhancements really helps in addition to the mana bonus, but a 21/0/9 set-up would definitely be worth testing. I think Ryze might become popular as a mid-laner again, since long range poke mages like Ziggs aren't dominating the meta like they were back in early season 4.

  32. Dazed and DeadApril 30, 2015

    Xerath is still pretty common and Ziggs has been making headway again ever since his Q and Athene's buffs.

    I think he will do better than he was mid and top though. That passive is scary.

  33. Dazed and DeadApril 30, 2015

    Scroll down a bit in the comments.

  34. Duc QuocMay 01, 2015

    hmmm... maybe depending on how much people are crying "Annie OP..."?

  35. Duc QuocMay 01, 2015

    Agreed. Just saw enemy jungler coming for gank, rushing into bush back thinking it was safe, and "wack; dafuq is there a trap? Why didn't I see it?"

  36. Duc QuocMay 01, 2015

    I'm not sure, but at least the Tear stacks can be done faster with his new Q. It can be a point to make him become scary earlier - not just a "AP Nasus" :) .

  37. The DoctorMay 01, 2015

    too lazy mate

  38. i was just thinking with the amount of lcs play she saw riot tend to change things unless they honestly see her as balanced

  39. Dazed and DeadMay 01, 2015

    There is a tentative nerf to her AA range on the PBE. 625 -> 575 if I remember correctly.

    I think Riot likes where she is at. I mean they have been giving her a few QoL buffs even.

  40. Ok that's not flexibility, that's just the "best" build path, which was most commonly his core plus frozen heart. Before, he could go full ap, he could go tanky, he could go hybrid, he could build a lot more than right now. They weren't all necessarily the best build paths bit they were all good

  41. Duc QuocMay 05, 2015

    They should buff her a bit, not only a bit CDR (which is more useful for caster than AA-reliant champions like ADC).

    If you compare 5.8 Tristana numbers to 4.9 Tristana:
    - R: execution tool & disengage tool: range reduced (700 -> 550), damage reduced (150%AP->100%AP), CDR increase (60->100/85/70)
    - Q: steroid: duration reduced (7s->5s)
    - E: poke/harass skill: dmg reduced (110 lv1 -> 80), magic dmg->physical dmg
    - W: slow effect nerf (2.5->1/1.5/2/2.5/3), dmg reduced (80+80%AP->70+50%AP)
    - AS/level: 4%/lv -> 1.5%/lv ; Base health: 552.76 -> 542.76 ; base armor: 24.04 -> 22 ; base dmg: 52.54 -> 54.54

    Therefore, her laning phase is harder, i.e. weaker early game; more depending on support. The hype about late game stronger is not realistic if you already lost laning phase (Tristana is known to be weak mid-game, more about farming then). The nerf to her range scale makes that even worse.

    I think most players don't find Tristana as hyper-carry like before, except when she is fed early game (like easy cheese with Blitz's pull or Leona's stun).


Feel free to comment or leave a message :)