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Apr 2, 2015

Top 10 Most Fun/Interesting URF Champions


In direct connection with the URF Tier List from yesterday, this post is meant to describe in greater detail the Top 10 most fun URF champions. Although in URF mode anyone can be powerful, these champions really go above and beyond to take insanity to a whole new level.


In direct connection with the URF Tier List from yesterday, this post is meant to describe in greater detail the Top 10 most fun/interesting URF champions. Although in URF mode anyone can be powerful, these champions really go above and beyond to take insanity to a whole new level.

While these champions can still be effective on the rift, playing them in Ultra Rapid Fire mode gives them a brand new life, reborn as something far greater than they ever could have been on the rift.

Click here to check out the full listing of URF Champions in Tier List Format!

1. AD Malzahar

With the reduced mana requirements and cooldown on the rift in URF mode, Malzahar can spam voidlings to his heart's content while building pure AD. Additionally, the enhanced cooldown means that he can duel anybody in the game after level 6 with his insane suppression combined with a massive army of voidlings.

Leaving this guy alone for more than a few minutes in a lane easily means a dead turret or two....or three...

2. AP Xin Zhao

Utilizing the insane cooldown reductions available to him on URF mode, AP Xin Zhao is given new life. Sporting decent AP ratios on his battle cry heal and his AOE burst damage on Audacious Charge, AP Xin Zhao can duel almost everyone in the game that's damage or poke based, provided he doesn't get CC'd first.

The low cooldown on his charge also makes him insanely sticky, and allows him to dispatch popular squishy champions like Ezreal.

3. Evelynn

Some of you might be wondering what Evelynn's doing so high up on the regular URF mode tier list, Personally, I would have been a bit skeptical too if I didn't see it in action. With her insane damage and kiting ability, she clears jungle EXTREMELY quickly and has enough sticking power to dismantle enemy champions before they can react, even against highly mobile enemies. 

She also does very well against any slow based champions, as she can easily dodge or remove slows via her Dark Frenzy on short cooldown.

4. Karma

Karma is one of those champions that you play in solo queue and think, "Wow! She has a great kit. If only she was a bit more reliable with her skillshots..."

Well on URF mode, with massively spammable moves, this dream becomes reality. Her kiting ability goes through the roof, and you don't have to be nearly as frugal with your ultimate empowered spells.

5. Shen

With consistent shields, super low cooldown Qs and constant Taunts, Shen is extremely good on URF mode whether as a normal Shen or the infamous full AP Shen.

His ultimate also allows him to get into more fights more often, which definitely adds value on a map where everyone runs teleport.

6. Kha'Zix

URF mode Kha'Zix brings back memories of Kha'Zix in a past life. With his massively spammable nuke, he makes his way back onto the rift as an insanely mobile spellcaster and still a very strong 1v1 duelist that can throw his Q out an absurd number of times in a single battle.

7. AP Tryndamere

Yet another champion that's come back from obscurity is AP Tryndamere - with his ridiculously strong sustain and obnoxious escape/gap close mechanism, Tryndamere can be an absolute terror on URF mode.

He still doesn't do as well against super mobile poke champions with CC, but can still do very well against many team compositions.

8. Bard

With his high mana costs, Bard is somewhat difficult to properly utilize on the normal map. However, in URF mode, he becomes an INSANELY fun champion that epitomizes everything players thought when they first read his kit description.

9. Skarner

With insane sticking power via slows and his passive stun, Skarner is one of the most obnoxious champion in URF mode. Combining his sticking power with his shield means that not only is it almost impossible to escape him, it's also very difficult to hurt him in the first place.

10. Nautilus

Lastly, we have everyone's friendly neighborhood Spidernautilus! With the short cooldown resets on his hook, he can hook from wall to wall in stylish fashion. This combined with his shield and CCs makes him extremely difficult to escape from and extraordinarily difficult to kill.

Got more favorites? Comment below!

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  1. ToontownBoltVids .April 02, 2015


  2. What about AP Ezreal?

  3. Alfred DunnerApril 02, 2015

    LOL, this Bard.

  4. Dr. StrangeloveApril 02, 2015

    i have seen a lot of ap shaco's

  5. NACHOSSHETISApril 02, 2015


  6. Surprised I didn't play him sooner but Maokai is absolutely hilarious. As soon as you root someone down just once they'll never get away. As soon as the root wears off you just root them again and again. And with his other abilities being up every 1-2 seconds and his ult up every 5 along with his passive healing him after every 5 abilities used near him, he can be quite hard to kill without several people focusing him.

  7. Sona destroys nearly everything.

  8. Mac MorrisApril 02, 2015

    You are forgetting AP udyr... look at the ap ratios on his w and r their spamability and then think about luden's echo and no mana restraints... op man

  9. annnd level 15+ xin can destroy the turret without die... due to AS+ AP+healing ;]

    excellent objection and pusher too

  10. Bryce PotterApril 03, 2015

    I'd just like to say, Galio can 3v1 under both nexus towers, and stay full health. Because reasons.

  11. Blight Crystal VarusApril 03, 2015

    Crowd favourite :P

  12. Blight Crystal VarusApril 03, 2015


    Your hands will always be on the keyboard hitting keys no matter what.

    Plus, most good URF champs are AP long ranged pokes...
    Jayce is one of the only AD champs with the same poke potential (other than the fact that it will hit minions)

  13. Wish wukong was listed. 1.5 second stealth clone on a 2 second CD, along with his ridiculous mobile nimbus strikes, leads to both incredibly fun hit and runs, jukes, and escapes. Additionally, it's surprisingly frequent that you chunk people's health while they chase you through clones

  14. lazerproofApril 03, 2015

    ^This. Every game i play with wukong. Everyone on my team and the enemy team's sides are hurting. Like. Wukong is the most fun you can have losing a fight to a broken champion.

  15. Playing against shaco in URF is an absolute nightmare, especĂ­ally if he builds full AP, as the damage on his E is just insane with AP and you also don't have any way of escaping with his puppets everywhere

  16. Is this normal AD Kha or AP Kha

  17. Dazed and DeadApril 03, 2015

    That Video killed me.

  18. Dazed and DeadApril 03, 2015

    Yeah, I love playing Sona. She just gets a bit boring when you can pretty much blow up anyone while healing/shielding constantly.

  19. Dazed and DeadApril 03, 2015

    Play Morgana.

    Max Q.

    Land Q. Repeat. While the are still bound.

    Never again will that champion move... unless they have a cleanse of something similar.

  20. Hendrik HenneApril 03, 2015

    I guess Fizz is strong too

  21. I guess Diana is rly cool here, u just jump like hell:D And with increased aa speed passive is much better and her shield makes her sustain more reliant.

  22. Steve MaddenApril 03, 2015

    Do tank items help in urf ? i mean u have enough Hp and warmongs gives you only" 800" hp

  23. The health and damage shown in game is just everything you would have normally, multiplied by some huge number, so it all works out to being as strong as having them in a normal game, except with 10x more spells being thrown at you. The end game count shows the real totals. The whole goal is to kill before you're killed and what works best for that depends on the champion.

  24. Isaac McMillanApril 03, 2015

    How is Jinx not on this list?? Flip on Q, spam E and W, then rocket every 15 seconds...OP!!! I got a penta first time playing her in URF

  25. I blindly triple Q'd a fiddle in a bush and got a kill at lvl 5.

  26. MasterOfMetalApril 03, 2015

    loved it, just walking through a field of teemo mushrooms and not losing any health, plus that crazy Q spam all day, watch out though, after 10-15 seconds those turrets start draining your health

  27. Michael ThompsonApril 03, 2015

    She's like the sleeper OP at the moment. No one actually gets that you can 1v2 or 1v3 with her spammable shield, CC, and burst.

  28. SotosmojooApril 03, 2015

    Yo seriously, Maokai, Diana and Fizz need to be on this least. Maokai has amazing poke with his saplings and can very easily 1v1 anyone at lv 3. Galio is pretty nasty as well.

  29. Dazed and DeadApril 03, 2015

    Nice lol.

  30. How do you build eve in this? I'm guessing you jungle?

  31. i just won hybrid xin for too many games...

    pro: very strong pusher, laner and duelist against anyone but IRE and CHO and Someone with zhonya... fight and heal at same time is MUST... able to do solo against baron/turrets with just first 4th items!
    con: very squishy if CC or do nothing.... easily get CC against long ranger like syndra, lulu, etc... be careful

    here is hybrid Xin if you interesting... just do and play then you will reason how pure ad or ap didnt work well...,191,183,64,176,53&r=5251,5251,5251,5251,5251,5251,5251,5251,5251,5316,5316,5316,5316,5316,5316,5316,5316,5316,5290,5290,5290,5290,5290,5290,5290,5290,5290,8022,8022,8022&m=4112;4,4113;4,4122;3,4123;3,4131;1,4132;1,4133;1,4134;3,4141;1,4144;1,4152;3,4154;1,4162;1,4312;3&s=6,4&t=0&


    - get dragger first... and wait for 1:50 to buy all 4/5 health potions... depend on the lane... THEN TP there...
    - first main item always must be sheen > TF if available... if die early then get sword or dragger...
    - second item is BOKTR... awesome core with TF on XIN... no matter what....

    [-] ideal order TF > BOKTR > SV > rageblade > nashor's tooth and last AS... just forget about boot... or zephyr... you can use ghost then E to stick everyone...

    - during fight the lane... dont fight until level 3.... well you can try do E then Q if they are too aggressive and or on low health... IMHO level 3 always best to engage and win the lane...

    - always put ward in any bush then you can TP and gank easily by surprise!

    - at level 5, you must tp nearby dragon's pit then steal... nobody will realize...

    - recall if too low health... then decide where you want to go to help... Xin is very good roamer IMHO... DONT do 1vs1 without complete TF unless you are confident... you can do 2v1 or more if you have BOTKR!

    - try to push the lane... even tank against turret... even your team fell... try to TP for teamfight...


    order of skill

    q > e > w [which you can win the lane easily ] > q > q > r > w > q > e > w > r > w > w > last any e....


    well i hope you will have fun with my ideal XIN

  32. tank items is useless... only way to survive by more MR... Win by CC and or burst...

    SV, BV, AS, wit's end

    zhonya for more AP/ AR

  33. RICEx MASTERApril 04, 2015

    full ap with hextex gunblade (lunen's, rabadons, lich bane, you dont really need boots)

  34. RICEx MASTERApril 04, 2015

    then you just kyte and spam q w e all day

  35. RICEx MASTERApril 04, 2015

    jinx sucks in urf

  36. RICEx MASTERApril 04, 2015

    he's considered God-tier here :

  37. Seros WindRunnerApril 05, 2015

    Make it a Top 15, and add the mighty Jumping Jax to it!

  38. thormedtommelenApril 05, 2015

    ap malphite OP

  39. Guarrow AranApril 05, 2015

    Sejuani & Sona are the best.
    Ashe is funny too. Vi is quite angry too.

  40. Try GaliOP, and build Magic Resistance. With the current AP meta you will not die..... Towers will HEAL you. Perma spam W and laugh at the enemy's frusteration

  41. Nathan AllenApril 06, 2015

    Hybrid Xin the hidden op. solo turrets at level 12. 1v4 at level 16. whatever. doesnt even matter. your heal and sticking power are so insane nothing short of a flawlesscc chain can stop you. that or a 30+kill zed/talon/vayne/fiora

  42. i like playing Azir, to be honest. He's got extremely high range, and mobility where other ranged champions are lacking and his ult lets him buy enough time to get many a kill on all the previously mentioned squishy champions. Not without his weaknesses though, he's weak to bursty assassins with blinks like Zed, and to a lesser extent, Talon or Ezreal.

  43. i agreed... thats what i said early...

    triforce+botkr+rageblade... = all what xin needs to win... but more ap like AS/WOTA/SV would be helpful against other stupid mages...

    and xin also has awesome scaling to level 30...

    btw xin cant kill tryn if tryn has 1hp + utlt... have to run away until his ult is down...

  44. I love to play twitch, as far as adc's go hes probablly the most viable besides ez to play in urf, 1v1ing other adcs is anyones game but i find his ult to be more useful than others because he can mow people down while staying far far away, since most champs get to a point where they will ANNIHILATE a squishy adc. Plus he has an urgot style laning and neutral game and can just spam w and e from a good distance. Anyways I main him in ranked so I enjoy that he is still at least viable in urf.

    And activating stealth then tping is always fun

  45. Taylor HustonApril 07, 2015

    URF has too much mobility and nukers. Too many people that can dash in ad one shot her over and over again since they have no CD.

  46. Well, I wouldn't be so brave to call her E a strong CC but she can beat ever malza:D (still his split push is like OMAGAD!)

  47. Why is veigar so low? with high mobility champs becoming the gods of urf constantly spamming veigars e makes it almost impossible to actually getting to him, and on top of this most champions in urf are usually AP champs making his ult great.

  48. Vick Gonzalez MorenoApril 09, 2015

    Counter: Vladimir = Izi

  49. Vlad's not a counter because you can get away from him easily. you just can't fight him because of untargetability.

  50. Draven and Graves are pretty much always better than twitch and Ezreal in a fight.

  51. Can Vi's ultimate go past Azir's wall?

  52. actually you know I have no idea. I've never had that happen to me before, and as an azir submain I'm embarrassed to say it.

  53. I dont see how

  54. DarkPhysixApril 12, 2015

    Jinx is soooooo fun on urf. At level one, her w is on a 2 second cooldown, so you can spam it and poke at insanely long range. Plus you can spam q and have infinite rockets because of no mana costs.

  55. I've learned that if you ult air and his wall is in the way your ult will stop and go on cool down. D:


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