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Apr 3, 2015

FOTM Report: Sejuani - Why Is She So Strong?

With her insanely good synergy with Cinderhulk coupled with her percentage based damage, Sejuani is massive force to be reckoned with in solo queue. But what makes her tick and is she really deserving of the title of Queen of Solo Queue? Let's check out the details...


With her insanely good synergy with Cinderhulk coupled with her percentage based damage, Sejuani is massive force to be reckoned with in solo queue. But what makes her tick and is she really deserving of the title of Queen of Solo Queue? Let's check out the details...


  • High base health - With her insanely high base health, she ranks 10th for a naked champion.
  • Percentage Based Damage - Using her Flail of the northern winds, she deals percentage based damage, excellent for beating down enemy tanks.
  • Sticking Power - Her permafrost allows her to chase down enemies while constantly damaging them.
  • Insane Crowd Control - Of course, everyone's favorite, her ultimate is insanely strong as an AOE crowd control device.

Performance Statistics

As you can see from the screenshot above from LoLking, not only does she rank first in Win rate, but also ranks first with an insane 68% ban rate as well.

Alternative Amumu

Now the question here is, what makes Sejuani that much better than Amumu? Also, if Sejuani is banned 68% of the time, and Amumu is banned 0.51% of the time, why isn't Amumu more popular?

Why Sejuani > Amumu

For the simple reason that Sejuani has sticking power where Amumu does not, there is relatively little reason to play Amumu over Sejuani at the moment unless Riot changes the numbers for balance again. Amumu also tends to be easier to outplay since his bandage is thinner, but with longer range.

Note however, that from Bronze through Platinum, Sejuani and Amumu are neck and neck for the #1 and #2 spots.

What are your thoughts on Sejuani and her counterpart Amumu? Comment below!

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  1. Yup. amumueah and sejuanieah are both insane awesome CC Jungle tanks.

    By the way one clear thing about them is that sejuani's ult has a HUGE Range. it's ranged, lets face it. amumu ult just goes AOE around HIM. yeps.

  2. Sejuani was always stronger than Amumu in my opinon just because she was much safer of a pick.

  3. It's not just her sticking power, Sejuani's Q is so much better than Amumu's Bandage.

    It's an escape through wall w/o requiring some monsters on the other side, it's a hard-CC that CAN'T BE BLOCKED BY MINIONS, it's an instant gap closer which can be used to surprise your enemy with a follow up ultimate, it delivers an aoe knock-up (Albeit small) for Yasuo...

    I miss the day when Sejuani is sleeper OP and noone ban her. As a Tank Jungler Main, I always end up stuck with Zac or Gragas nowaday instead.

  4. Luis ChunigaApril 04, 2015

    Wich kind of amumu is better for low elos, Full AP, full tank, or ap bruiser?, (low elos=silver)

  5. Blight Crystal VarusApril 04, 2015

    Why is Sejuani so strong?

    Lets just say she's got an ranged AoE stun...

  6. Enzo Di CapriApril 04, 2015

    Even though sejuani and mumu have always been some of my mains for jungle, the fact more and more people play sejuani makes it easier for counter jungler like leesin, pantheon or khazix. before 6, sejuani will probably gank 1 or 2 times max and is pretty weak. With a leesin, i can give the advantage to all my lanes while also contesting opposite blue and red. it s passivity that makes mumu and sejuani strong but if you play aggressive from the beginning, the game is overbefore sejuani has time to get her potential. at least, that s hohw we play on kr server.

  7. Both fucking op lol

  8. Final Boss VeigarApril 04, 2015

    10th for a naked champion? I would definetly want to see Sejuani naked

  9. William M. BernalApril 04, 2015

    I just love playing amumu, easy to play, naturally tanky and a simply game changing ultimate. Bandage + Ult in the middle of the fight and probably your team will win the fight.

    And I agree that amumu jungle is pretty fragile considering jungle invasion (lee sin, usually). But its a matter of team communication and team work.

  10. yeh and if you are pro you can try to avoid invasion and counter jungling. and in NOT hgih elo you dont get that much

  11. Tank Amumu and u can put liandrys or abyssal getting more damage and still earning those precious defensive stats.

  12. That's why Sejuani is better than Amumu !

  13. So 1st would be like Katarina or Sona?

  14. Sejuani's synergy with cinder hulk is better than Amumu's.

  15. SSJ you should do a fotm on the rise of the illuminati ap shaco top thanks to pink ward

  16. Gragas is the counter part of sejuani imho. Seju‘s q similar to gragas e, both have slows, gragas with his barrels and seju with permafrost,and both have aoe ranged cc ulties and they synergize with cinderhulk. Amumu is different than seju, their only similarities are that they have aoe stun and their dot on w (which is kinda different aswell). Beyond that their win rates are close cuz mumu is the most easy and classic jungler , he is still strong and remains unbanned. Gragas on the other hand can prove rather tricky.

  17. Haven't seen it mentioned yet, so..

    Sejuani's passive is vastly better than Amumu's. It is triggered by any kind of damage and it gives her a buff for her primary role: tanking. Not to mention it gives two effects; durability (armor) and stickiness (snare reduction).

    Amumu's passive is an offensive debuff that only works on a target hit with a basic attack. It's "nice" but doesn't make him a better tank.

  18. Id rather see booty booty irelia or fiora

  19. bturner4559April 05, 2015

    Yah gragas is a really really really crappy version of sej lol

  20. Gragas is a decent alternative for when Sej is banned. He does less damage in long fights though as he's more bursty, whereas Sej does more consistent damage with her W. I build them fairly similar except with Gragas I build Lichbane over Haunting Guise for my offensive item.

  21. Final Boss VeigarApril 08, 2015

    Yeah but Sejuani good enough for me, no need to aim too high.

  22. NotEnglish But Spaghetti :DApril 16, 2015

    in higher elos gragas is the alternative to sejuani rather than amumu simply because amumu struggle a lot in an early skirmish for dragon even at 6 because his damage starts to being good only when cinderhulk is completed and his w ha some points on it,also his only kind of mobility is a tiny-slow skillshot that's only a gapclose and cannot be usde as an escape if not very situational.
    Otherwise gragas can contribute better thanks to his flat damage reduction+strong nuke,good mobility and decent overall damage and cc early game.
    in low elo if they pick/ban sejuani just take amumu and don't worry because there aren't too many early skirmishes at dragon and graggy is very difficult to use properly :P

  23. MarbleWolf GamingApril 19, 2015

    In lower elos, where people play less safe, sejuani is a much better champion, simply because you do not have to hit an enemy to go through a wall with sejuani's q. A good amount of junglers' q's allow the champion to move through a wall, but sejuani's is one of the only ones who doesn't require an enemy/neutral monster to be hit. Also, amumu, with his w, is much more vulnerable to a mana loss situation where amumu can get stuck without an escape. Sejuani, unless staying in the battlefield for a while without recalling or taking blue, rarely runs out of mana.


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