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Mar 31, 2015

New Game Mode: New Ultra Rapid Fire!



For this year's April Fool's, it looks like Riot's planning to switch their super fast URF inspired game into a super slow version instead. I'm not quite sure how this will pan out, but it'll definitely be a good way to showcase the crit animations for champions you've likely never built crit on...

Anybody know what Karma's crit animation looks like?

Unveiling the future of League of Legends

Almost one year ago, we debuted a new way to play League of Legends in a silly, fun game mode that turned competitive balance on its head in celebration of the yearly troll-fest known as April Fools. While we were ultimately kidding, many of our designers saw the opportunity to work on a true evolution of League gameplay inspired by URF. After reviewing player feedback and hammering out brass tacks, we felt confident we created the most refined gameplay experience League has inspired yet, all in time to iterate in preparation of the next competitive season.
What we’re calling New Ultra Rapid Fire raises the stakes by delivering a slow, sophisticated, and stoic strategic showcase that tests teams’ abilities in new and dynamic ways while not restricting the highest tier of play to those with sub-millisecond response times.
Normally, a League match is a fast-paced slugfest that ranges from top to bottom lane and across Summoner’s Rift. We want to broaden the pool of high-level talent to include expert tacticians previously excluded by something so trivial as the necessity of hyper-twitch reflexes.
There’s a lot to talk about, but with the entirely accidental leaks of some New Ultra Rapid Fire assets, we thought it’d be better to just show you. Tomorrow, we’ll release the proverbial kraken known as New Ultra Rapid Fire to live servers.
Here’s a preview of some of the gameplay refinements coming tomorrow night when New Ultra Rapid Fire debuts:
  • +100% mana and energy cost on all abilities
  • +200% cooldown inflation on abilities, items and summoner spells
  • +225 movement speed reduction
  • +200% delay between basic attacks
  • Critical strikes deal 50% of base AD
  • Units critically strike on 150% of attacks
Will the upper limit of the potential for human competition skyrocket with the introduction of New Ultra Rapid Fire? Can you rise to the resulting challenge? Can a mere man defeat a manatee? When it comes to League of Legends, that last answer is indubitably yes, but no matter. The gauntlet is thrown. Hoist it at thine own risk.


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  1. This looks really tedious. I'll play enough for whatever rewards for sure, but I can't see myself playing this too much.

  2. Hi all, at Riot Games we can hear QQ about "OP champs" very often (our forums got like 90 different QQ threads in a week) . As a result, we did a good job nerfing champions to the ground, suppress their viabilities at least 2 years, and don't even care if those champs fade into obvilion.

    And now you guys complain about NERF? We'll show you what a real NERF feel like on your main champ, oh wait, on every champions this April.
    Here comes the NURF mode.

    You'll appreciate the balance team more after experience this NURF.


  3. Steven NadlerMarch 31, 2015

    Critical Strike Bananas from Soraka Incoming.

  4. I'm curious to see who will actually work well in this game mode.

  5. i'm betting on hp spell champions like Mundo, health spells wouldn't have increased cost according to this, also Mundo for example wouldn't have increased cooldown on W
    Also ADC's stacking lifesteal, AD and some attackspeed maybe, I'm already seeing them building Zephyr all the time. Bonus points if they have an autoattack reset. Maybe Ez's q can make him a strong pick but probably isnt enough
    And finally champions with low or fixed cooldowns like Cassio (if you hit poison cooldown on E will be 0.5 always), Riven (even with double the cooldown she will still less hurt than most champions), maybe Ryze with clarity becomes a thing
    Wild guesses anyway

  6. elvis partonMarch 31, 2015

    just bring cc win game

  7. the kill potential will be very low so i think it'll be a matter of who pushes faster

  8. Romao SabandarMarch 31, 2015

    The chases will be real!

  9. Riot is trolling us. There won't be any NURF mode.

  10. #NURF So I assume Irelia will be OP. Also if I'm understanding this correctly Crits do half damage? meaning Yasuo will be terrible...

  11. Units critically strike on 150% of attacks... Uh... they crit 1.5 times for every attack?..

  12. I really hope they turn baron or dragon to urf.

  13. Dazed and DeadMarch 31, 2015

    Every line in the Riot post was dripping with sarcasm and pointed jabs a our vocal minority who constantly have been begging for URF to return.

    I almost hope NURF is real, but with the amount of snark filling their post, I am not sure if I believe NURF is the real game mode.

  14. NotEnglish But Spaghetti :DMarch 31, 2015

    i hated urf with all my hearth,filled with tryharders that played for wins like if they lose they're parents will be executed by isis lol


  16. I hope they release NURF on April 1st and then switch/supplement it with URF the day after, NURF still sounds fun, can't wait to recall and take 3 minutes to get back to lane.

  17. Thuan NguyenMarch 31, 2015


  18. i like it :3

  19. So i tried to log on this morning at 12:15 and finally got logged in at 1:20 in the morning. There was over 20,000 people in front of me in que to log in. Apparently everyone wanted to play Urf so bad that it messed the log in server up. Did this happen to anyone else because i almost thew my computer at the wall because i couldnt log in.

    PS, when i did log in URF mode was completely awesome, OMG its the Hecarimcopter.


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