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Feb 25, 2015

Weird Picks #1: Support Cassiopeia

Starting off the new series of Weird Picks is support Cassiopeia! With her strong poke and all-in abilities coupled with her passive benefiting from being in a 2v2 lane, Cassiopeia has the potential to do surprisingly well in a support role. Check out the full scoop below!


Howdy ya'll and welcome to Weird Pick Wednesday, where we round up some awkwardly placed champions that can potentially against all odds, actually do surprisingly well!

Today's weird pick is one that was actually mentioned on the solo queue tier list this week:

Support Cassiopeia!

How it Works

Cassiopeia naturally has very high base damage and scales well into late game. Additionally, her level 2 all-in is one of the strongest in the game, and works very well with champions like Lucian, who has the second best level 2 power spike on the rift.

She also functions well as a classical "poke" type champion, similar to Vel'koz.

Lastly, her passive reads as follows, and allows her to benefit in a lane with two enemy champions:
Cassiopeia builds a stack of Aspect of the Serpent once every 6 seconds (10 times per minute) and for every second that an enemy champion is poisoned, up to a max of 500 stacks.
With twice as many targets, this allows her a higher chance to keep them poisoned. As a support, she also has the ability to hide in the side bush and concentrate on only harassing.


Support Cassiopeia has no sustain, limited CC, and is quite squishy. She also tends to "steal" kills from your marksmen. Note that I put "steal" in quotes, as I believe you should never reduce your damage output to try and "give" anybody a kill. Saving burst damage until the very end is one thing, but Cassiopeia doesn't really have that option as a sustained caster.

Build Path

Classically, I like to build the blue gold item followed by either Tear + Rylai or Rod of Ages depending on the amount of gold you have. Classically, Cassiopeia is always better played tanky since she does have to get somewhat up close and personal to deal damage. Later on, Liandries works very well to scale her into late game once you have the gold for it.

She also does suffer from some mana issues, hence the tear or rod of ages suggestion.

Note that Nerfplz.LoL nor its author are responsible for any Elo loss or reports you receive in game for playing this champion in this role. GOOD LUCK!

Have thoughts on how to better play this champion? Have another specific role/champion you want me to highlight next week? Comment below!

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  1. LaraVermillionFebruary 25, 2015

    I dont know if my comment on your changes post was successfully posted because I havent seen it there afterwards, but if it was, I am very proud :3 as I just suggested this. And in my opinion Cassi Supp works pretty awesome :D

  2. SSJSuntasticFebruary 25, 2015

    I don't believe so, I don't see any other comments from you stuck in the spam or deleted folder either. It may have been lost in cyberspace :x Was it on a different username?

  3. David Cervera vivancosFebruary 25, 2015

    I want to see your opinion on Leona Jungle next time!

  4. Eduardo Fortino Velderrain ValFebruary 25, 2015

    I'll try it once I have enough PI

  5. I've trie this a couple of times but my friend (who mains ADC) hates me when I play any "carry supports" or just any supports that do more damage than CC :'(

  6. I definitely agree with this. Lissandra can be played in bot lane aswell and there is less chance of being useless if you arent snowballing.

    Other off-meta picks:
    hecarim top/mid
    veigar supp
    nautilus or sejuani top

  7. Veigar support is off-meta for a very good reason. The only reason to use him as support is for his heavy damage once level six and his stun (E). However, taking him support forces you to not farm your Q... might as well just take Vel'koz, who also has heavy damage plus a slow and a knockup, instead.

  8. MyFatherBuyMyMomFebruary 25, 2015


  9. I played with a cassio supp with Jinx, and it worked pertty well ! Lots of poke and AoE

  10. I met one in ranked after you published this article, and she fed. I hate you SSJ! (jk, I still love you :P )

  11. My pick for next Wednesday is AD Malz. I simply adore AD Malz jungle and top. While his damage against champs isn't great in late game, his splitpushing is insane and he still has fantastic CC.

  12. Best Combo is Twitch Cassio bot ^^
    I usually get a fb at around 2:10

  13. Josh ThurlowFebruary 26, 2015


  14. SSJSuntasticFebruary 26, 2015

    Messed up

  15. Pedro SoaresFebruary 26, 2015

    You know, for me this kind of supports have a little influence of Sona with the ability to make an AP build and hurt a lot the adc and force them out of lane if they play passive.

    Another thing that I tried only once and carried from there that game was Swain support. Has CC and slow, with Nevermore and laser Bird + Exhaust, good poke with torment. I don't remember the adc champion but it was probably Jinx or Sivir.

    Other thing that should work well is Ziggs, very long poke and slow, little cc with satchel and ulti - all have aoe effect.

    I also tried Teemo supp but while it's very good in lane, I feel a little useless after the opponent tower drops and in team fights.

  16. Hecarim top isnt offmeta, Sickmotion and Vizicachi do it alot

  17. Why not both like Maokai

  18. Ziggs is better solo lane because he doesnt have much catch potential or lockdown which a support should have as his slow is as drastic as say Thresh's box and Swain isnt really bursty and his Nevermove isnt that good because it isnt instant like Tarics Dazzle he is better top because he cant really handle a duo lane because he doesnt have enough utility for his ADC

  19. Under "Cons" I think it should say 'in quotes' instead of 'in parentheses.' Idk that is just bothering me haha

  20. I would absolutely love to see you guys do an article on Jungle Zyra :3

  21. SSJ please check out Sona Top next. She has poke to harass most meta top laners and he heal to sustain against most tops (minus rumble or wu). I normally build her bruiser and go for assists with easy jungle kills (sona's ult, slow, heal, etc). Plus her tp allows for awesome double kill plays if used correctly. She isn't a top tier pick at all but she is an extremely easy champ to play and fits well into the current meta!!

  22. Update: Veigar has been pick/ban in all LCS games today.

  23. Rondall Engle IIMarch 02, 2015

    This is a pretty interesting idea, probably would never endorse a support to do it, but hey this looks fun. Something I wanted to point out though, its nothing about the article, but you should put a short cut to these articles on the side, on Wednesday I was wondering where this was, until I decided to look on the home page and see it.

  24. SSJSuntasticMarch 02, 2015

    Good idea, I'm likely going to rework the navigation once I get a few more articles going :)

  25. Thirdrail1March 29, 2015

    Support is the least rigorous position in terms of champion selection, and I think it would do people a lot of good to get outside the classics. A good support player can do the job with almost any champion. In fact, when I'm playing ADC, the best thing that can happen is for the other team to pick a predictable support, because there's nothing they do that's ever surprising, at all. If I show up and the opposing support is someone crazy, like, say, Rumble, I have to think about Rumble all the time. It's distracting, and far more effective, in most cases, than just sending in yet another Janna/Blitz/Soraka/etc.

  26. Mister DirtyJune 12, 2015

    Just to let you know... Mister Dirty perfected this build and made a couple videos for it... Legendary Support Cass - and... One full game of support Cass -

  27. Mister DirtyJune 12, 2015

    Just to let you know... Mister Dirty perfected this build and made a couple videos for it... Legendary Support Cass - and... One full game of support Cass -


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